RHBH Adrienne Maloof-Nassif plastic surgery list

Real Hosuewives of Beverly Hills' Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne Maloof-Nassif is one of the most powerful housewives to ever hit the franchise, both in the business world, and on the wrestling mat. She’s a partner in her Maloof family dynasty (which includes the Sacramento Kings, The Palms Las Vegas, a partnership with Interscope Records and other various things), but she can also take down a man twice her size in 2 seconds flat.

Maloof is also no stranger to plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, and neither is her husband Paul Nassif, who is a successful plastic surgeon who also featured on E!’s Dr. 90210. (Ed note: the original version of this paragraph speculated that she received plastic surgeries, from her husband, but she has stated multiple times (as the commenter below points out) that Paul has never performed surgery on her because they don’t want to risk their relationship if something goes wrong.)

She has admitted to nose job, botox, cheek filler, lip filler, and a boob job. So far Adrienne’s coming off a tough, sane, and she owns her plastic.

It’s impossible to find a pic of Adrienne prior to any work, but here’s a photo her looking a little less worked-on that she does now:


    Does anyone else think her husband looks a little like her brother?? I love her tho!!!

    • sadie

      I enjoyed watching Beverly hills house wives. Adrienne and Paul were fantastic. She was the only well behaved house wife. Their noses were definitely created by same surgeon. Makes them look likes camels!

  • Dawn X

    OMG!! I thought I was the only one who thought she looked like her husband in drag! love Adrienne though sorry girl but you guys look a little too much a like!

  • MaryG

    I used to like Adrienne and still like her although I do not like the plasticsurgery on her face. I read that Paul Nassif, her husband, is jealous of her when she speaks to male models. I hope that Paul did not do her plasticsurgeries. In my opinion she was more pretty before. Furthermore, I think Paul Nassif does not match with Adrienne Maloof Nassif. She is pretty, slim and looks beautify nice while her husband in my opinion is the opposite, he is overweight, not beautiful and not suitable for her looks.

    • tellitlikeitis

      You are obviously a VERY shallow person!!!! There is a lot more to a person than looks. They seem to get along well on the show… and have fun together.

  • Sandra

    What is a “cheek filler”?
    She looks like a cat. She’s had more done than just that stuff, right?

    • Carol R.

      I agree, while watching the reunion episodes, her eyes did look different (cat like). I do think she’s lovely.

  • Inza

    Shelby yeah her husband looks just like all of her brothers. I thought I was the only one who thought that lol

  • I like Adrienne the most. She is real.

  • jensen

    don’t know what they have done to themselves but they now look so unreal it is hard to look at them. So sad. Of all the BH housewives, adrian seems to be the most genuine … its just too bad that she looks like a man in drag. her husband looks kind of slimy with his pinched nose that is just way to small for his face.

    both are examples of becoming blind to what you really look like..they get delusional and think they look good, sort of like what has happened to joan rivers who looks so utterly ridiculous..more like a puppet than a human being

  • keybuck7

    Never watch the show…never heard the name….but damn, i’d do her

    • Doubtful-liz

      are you sure you would do “her”??

  • A.M. Fan

    You are wrong by saying that her husband has performed her surgeries. She has said on air that her husband, Paul Nassif, has NOT performed any of her work as it’s a conflict of interest. Which makes sense. A lot of surgeons will not perform work on family memebers or close friends.

  • MayD

    When I see Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul Nassif, I see a couple that respect and enjoy each other immensely. Dr. Paul appears to drool over HIS own wife, Adrienne. There seems to be sparks flying when they are in the same room with each other. Adrienne exudes class and grace, which Dr. Paul seems to be in awe of and totally captivated by HIS wife, which is refreshing to see ANYWHERE ! ! ! Lets all try and remember, these are sombodys parents. Adrienne, with all her wealth and standing, appears to go to great lengths to be kind, considerate and to stand up for others in a place of vulnerability which, makes her fabulously beautiful. That’s what I SEE when I look at Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul Nassif. What a power couple!!!

  • Basma

    she looks better in her before photo… she looks so fake now, she cant smile well and her lips looks big in a boyish way.. she looked more girlie before…

    as she looks like her husband, both maloof’s and nassif’s are lebanese families..

  • beacuz

    I like Adrianne Maloof and Dr. Nassif on the show. I know they had work done, but she is still very pretty and he looks OK for a man. AND they do appear to genuinely like each other.

  • Chandra

    I see that they have twins 4 years old and a 7 year old and she is near 50 (according to wiki she was born in September of 1961) so did she have these children naturally herself or what because that would make her 46 when pregnant, is this possible? I just can’t find any info on her children and how they came into this world.?!

    • Doubtful-liz


  • Lyra

    Is it possible? Why not? I’m 50 and get my period every month.

  • Kourtney

    Im impressed that Adrienne, seems so approachable and down to earth, from what i see on RHOBH. She is in fact the wealthiest of all the girls. Im sure her husband Paul comes in handy for a few shots of botox, but hey, thats her choice. I do find her voice to be quite “whiskey” sounding. Her voice is unattractive for sure. No one is perfect though.. It is nice to see someone who is incredibly wealthy present themselves in a classy, non stuck up way. Your awesome Adrienne!

  • Doubtful-liz

    based on how he/she is standing, my money is on the fact that Adrienne is a tranny…