VIDEO: Shia LaBeouf throws hot coffee on photographer!

The following is one of the best random acts of celebrity vigilante justice I’ve ever seen!

Shia LaBeouf is currently in Washington D.C. filming Transformers 3.  During a break in the action Shia decided he would hang out on a street corner, catch up on a little reading and enjoy a cup of coffee.  He didn’t do too well at blending in despite some shades and a regular guy t-shirt and the paparazzi was on hand to take photos of the young star.  Apparently LaBeouf was none too pleased and he goes full bore renegade in a mad caffeinated counter attack!

Oh man that’s hilarious!  After the fact, you realize that Shia is planning out the whole move in his head.  And then the portly photog actually attempts to get away but he isn’t fast enough for Usain LaBeouf.  Part of me was hesitant to believe this was legit but I was able to find photos of the star via Popsugar from that very same coffee break that lends credence to the whole wacky scene.

The big boy paparazzi man actually turned to the person who took the video and asked, “Did you see that?”  Yes we all did sir and thank you very much!