RHOA Phaedra Parks’ husband Apollo Nida has a criminal record for racketeering and theft

Apollo Nida

The first episode of Season 3 of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta hasn’t even aired and new addition Phaedra Parks is already stirring up tons of controversy! The powerhouse entertainment lawyer from the ATL, who has worked with celebrities like Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris, Bobby Brown and Michael Jackson, got married late last year to Apollo Nida and it has since come to light that Nida is an ex-convict who had recently been paroled after serving nearly 5 years in prison!

According to public records, Apollo Nida was convicted for racketeering and began serving his sentence July 28, 2004. He served nearly 5 years of his 18-year sentence before being paroled on May 27, 2009.

MediaTakeout.com has a screen capture that also indicates he served close to 5 months from December 29, 1998 to May 14, 1999 for theft by receiving stolen goods. Both crimes were committed in March of 1997 so I assume they were connected. The racketeering evidence must not have surfaced until years later.

Here is Apollo Nida’s most recent parolee photo from the Georgia Department of Corrections:

Apollo Nida parole photo

Nida lost no time re-acclimating to society because within 6 months he was married to Phaedra Parks and the couple was expecting a baby in July, 2010 – which if you do the math means that the baby was conceived right around the time of their wedding on the weekend of November 1, 2009. (It should be noted that in an interview with HerDailyFix.com Phaedra says she met her husband in 1995, so perhaps the romance wasn’t as whirlwindy as it appears.)


As far as the details from his conviction, you can read most of it in his appeal documents HERE. The highlights are:

A Newton County grand jury indicted Eddie James Lee Graham, Apollo Nida, and four other individuals on a 20 count indictment alleging violation of the Georgia Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and multiple counts of theft by receiving stolen property, forgery in the first degree, sale or possession of a vehicle from which the vehicle identification number (VIN) had been removed, and possession of counterfeit insurance identification. Graham and Nida were tried together with co-defendant Melvin Thomas, Sr. Graham was convicted on the RICO count as well as one count of theft by receiving and three counts of the VIN offense. Nida was convicted on the RICO count.

Apollo Nida mug shot

Here, the evidence showed that Graham sold four stolen vehicles to residents of Newton County and provided false Ohio certificates of title to the purchasers. After the titles were registered in Newton County, the certificates were recognized as forgeries by an employee of the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety (GDMVS). A GDMVS investigator who specialized in auto crime title fraud testified that the forged certificates of title were manufactured from copies of a single valid Ohio certificate of title in the name of William Spearman. Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle records showed a Virginia driver’s license issued in the name of William W. Spearman, but with Nida’s photograph on it.

Defendant Gerald Rillie, who testified at trial under an agreement with the State, testified that he researched “clean” VINs and provided the numbers to Nida for attachment to stolen vehicles. Rillie testified that Nida provided the forged VIN decal that was found in the Tahoe sold in Newton County. Rillie also identified a handwritten list or chart that he gave to the police, showing the organization of the car theft ring and Nida’s place in it as the man “to get the numbers done.” This evidence amply demonstrates that Graham and Nida committed predicate acts of theft by receiving, forgery, and possession of vehicles with false VINs, several of which occurred in Newton County.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

So Apollo Nidra was the “numbers” guy in the operation – a non-violent, “white collar” crime – which should help his case as viewing audiences and fellow cast members start their own trials of Phaedra’s choice of spouse when Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta kicks off!

Here are the details from his arrest including a listing of his aliases Brandon Phillips, William Spearman, and Corey Lamont Thomas:

Apollo Nida conviction report from the Georgia Department of Corrections

Phaedra Parks issued this statement about her husband Apollo Nida’s criminal past:

As Malcolm X so eloquently put it: “Stumbling is not falling.” Yes, my husband is a convicted non-violent offender but I did not marry him because of his past, I married him because I love him. I married him because I am a Christian and I know that a person’s past does not dictate his or her future. Be you a Christian, ordinary citizen or just identify yourself as an American – this country and the justice system, however flawed it may be, was built on the power of redemption.

Charles Dutton was a convicted violent offender before he was the beloved actor, playwright and director we know him as now. Don King, Michael Vick and even Martha Stewart are convicted felons who served time and still make a difference. Prison did not stop Malcolm X, it enlightened him and gave him the perseverance to fight for others.

I believe in my husband, I trust my husband, I love my husband, and I know he loves and adores me. That is a blessing, and each day I am filled with an even stronger sense of gratitude for it.

It should be another wild season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

UPDATE 1/25/2014 – Apollo Nida has been arrested and charged with bank fraud and identity theft in a Secret Service sting. Click for more info, including the full criminal complaint detailing Apollo’s alleged schemes.

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  • Stormyboo

    And so it starts……………

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  • Pat

    A so-called “Southern Belle” and lawyer could not get a good man. She had to settle for a convict. what a shame…

    • cj

      Stromyboo exactly of all the men she couldn’t find one that never went to prison. I think she was desperate and wanted a man beneath her.

  • Hahaha, no way!



  • We are so quick to pass judgement, as if our lives are perfect. Be happy for those who are happy.

    • Dyamond


      It is apparent that you do not watch the show. It is not passing judgment. It is merely stating what we see on the show. She exhibits herself to be the bitch of all bitches. It is not becoming of a “Southern Belle” especially when she wants to attach Christian to it. She doesn’t treat her husband the way he should be treated. Quick to defend him in public but dogs him as if he has no idea how to be a husband, friend, confidant, lover, or father for that matter. He needs to put her ass in check. Real Talk!

    • Amen

  • Sanntay2

    My initial impression of Phaedra is that she’s full of herself and not very likeable. She stated that her husband signed a prenup, so she knows he doesn’t want her money, he wants her!! Whatever! I believe his true colors will be revealed soon enough.

  • Skeptic

    My wife and I were watched the show last night. We both commented on how he looks at her like he detests her. She seems like the emasculating type…

  • Sheena

    She is soooooooo ugly… Way to ugly to act the way she does.. How can you be ugly and act ugly??? Clearly she also has low self-esteem.. SMH!

  • Sheena

    Wow! She stated “I trust my husband”.. LoL!! The prenup screams TRUST.. Is it just me or does she look like the female troll off gremlins??? Let us pray for the child.. I probably wouldn’t go in on her but I can’t stand fake Christians.. She proclaims to be one with Christ but all you see her do is gossip and put people down.. Shame on her ugly self!!

    • Sheena, baby girl I don’t know if you are a Christian or not but being a Christian I have to agree 100%. There is a perception about Christians in society and she fits the stereotype of the “modern day Christian.” They preach one thing and practice another, they lie without a conscience and gossip better than the best of them.

      I will admit that I see this show and The Bad Girl’s club as my “guilty pleasures” because they are about drama and “unChristian” like scenarios but I feel like that’s the full extent of my religion goes ‘out of line.’ For so many people to be able to read Phaedra as the fake Christian you KNOW there is some truth to it.

      On another note, I used to be that uncultured girl who thought black people where totally different from white people by the stereotypes we hear. I’m just 23 and I got enough sense to know that white people don’t just eat can food products and processed meats, I went and ate some viennas with hot sauce and crackers when I heard her say that mess. Lastly, the poor poor baby from this couple. I hate to judge someones relationship but does anyone else get a feeling that they don’t seem to know alot about each other to be married for what was ‘6 months’ at the time. I have NEVER seen a couple that I wanted to put some money on, at the office poll for which month I thought the marriage would end.

  • Just Thinking

    As a Sherlock Holmes fan, I’m trying to figure this out. My best guess is that this is a business deal. She is 38, and wants two things more than anything else…a child, and to be a character (not a visitor) on a popular show. So here he comes, with the baggage (story line!)and the fertility. He needs a nice lifestyle, she needs a baby and the fame, match made in heaven. Her priority is not love, so don’t feel sorry for her. Once this sham of a marriage is over, trust me she’ll be more patient about finding real love because she’s already known now and she has a child.

  • Forch Fabalon

    Did yall ever think she just might like Thugz, its plenty of yall out there, yall frontin now but you know who you are Thug ni88a’s is what ya luv!!!!!!


    Forch Fabalon

  • Jayson

    Am I the only one here thats not understanding how and why he knows LAWRENCE… ! WTF. Did anyone notice how nervous he looked when Larence waved at him last week. I know that if i had just got out from doing five years the first group of people that i meet up with wouldnt be a pack of punks.. I’m just saying.

  • TheStorms

    Wow! I am not surprised by the comments here concerning Mrs. “So-called Southern Bell” Phaedra Parks. There were basically no African American woman on this show that made/worked for thier own money…..they are all woman whose husband had/made/worked for the money and then they became someone..Khandi was the only one who actually worked for her money. Now here comes Phaedra Parks, ghetto fabulous and upity all in the same breathe. PLEASE. I am in total agreement with Sheena “she stated she trusts her husband” Prenup screams trust. Child please. she didn’t believe that when she said it. Another good point….she is so upity, Mrs well to do plenty of money and power and fame, and run in the best circle, girl what ghetto circle were you running in when you came across your husband. Did you defend him or meet him in the courtroom? Stop trying to be something you are not “Classy” Take it down a notch!

  • The ATL truth


    • Well said, I agree with you 100%

    • Real recognizez Real

      U went hard on that comment…..everything u said is so true…she is a hot mess a clown…..with her clowwnnn ass gear!

  • ShiningStar

    Phaedra is a trip, to say the least. She has this uppity, holier than thou attitude, but ghettoish at the same time. You can tell that she is demanding and can be a bitch. She is not a likeable person. She is going around making statements about Black women “contributing to genocide” when they won’t be with a Black man with a criminal past. The girl is crazy and evidently has low self esteem. She just need to own up to the fact that either she likes the “thug” type of men and/or she is with Apollo because of his looks. And she definitely is his meal ticket. And she says she trust him, but yet she made him sign a pre-nup. “Sounds like trust to me”. She might be smart in her business endeavours but she is a fool.

  • explosion

    Fakedra and Appolonia make me not want to watch this show. She is disgusting, and he’s a male prostitute. Of course he’s the one that wanted this baby. I just hope the lil one doesn’t have her fugly big lips!

  • Epiphany

    Phaedra is such a snob. She emphasizes that he was convicted of “white-collar crime,” as if it doesn’t cause hurt, just as violent crime. It isn’t just guns and knives that hurt people. Still, I do believe in redemption and forgiveness. I just hope that he’ll eventually realize that being a trophy husband isn’t worth the lavish lifestyle. Apollo was released from one prison, and has entered another type of prison. Of course, he thought he had it good at first: fresh out of prison, and less than a year later, he is married to a wealthy attorney, his meal ticket. Now, he’s probably seeing that she’s an emasculating, condescending, insecure woman. Look at how she patronizes and puts him down every chance she gets, practically calling him a heathen when talking about how he ate canned food because he “grew up in a White household.” Seriously?? What I find interesting is how much she says she trusts him, but made sure that a prenuptial agreement was signed. It is apparent that Phaedra is an ignorant woman. Her comments are so bigoted and really just plain stupid. The sad part is that it is so transparent: people can see through the sham!

  • anotherlovely1

    All these posts are HILARIOUS! But so true. Her attitude is ugly just like her face. That Bitch is Shaba UUUGGGLLLYYY! FAKE ASS CHRISTIAN.

  • Reverand George Lincoln Jefferson

    Her name is actually spelled Fedra and it means “I am better than you, BITCH”.

    She has to be the least classy housewife, not just of Atlanta, but of all the different series. What a pig.

    • I do not agree, at least she has a real job, unlike the other fake ATL.


    Yall stop it, let the girl make it. She’s on TV how do you expect for her to act knowing everybody is talking about her and the choices she has made. If she want to front let her. Everybody on the show has issues, including us.. this world is so cruel!!

  • AllieD

    Phakdra is fronted out herself and actin’ a fool. She best be steppin’ off makin’ fun of her husband for being biracial, because hunny, that’s what he is and you married him for better or worse! Why a guy like him knows Lawrence is beyond me, and makes me suspect he’s on the down low and missin’ some of that prison sex! I think they have an arrangement anyway, and when the cameras stop rolling he will rackateer her ass too. I just hope she’s cool with it and don’t take it out on the child, smackin’ him upside the head likes she’s promised to do!

  • cj

    What kills me is she kept defending his crimes as “white collar” well white or not they convicted his black azz and wait he was altering and stealing cars……smh she was desperate like most women and my mom no matter how old I am will think I was nuts and she married him 6 months after he paroled so you dated him in prison. smh again.

  • Tonya

    Just to clarify. I conceived my baby in Nov and my due date was August of the following year. A full term pregnancy is 40 wks, not 9 months. Plus Phaedra delivered in May, and I didn’t read anywhere that the baby was premature…so, you do the math! Not that it really matters, but since she makes such a big deal of being a Christian and not living with Apollo before they were married. I guess in Phaedra’s mind, fornicating is OK as long as you don’t cohabitate?

    • Tina

      I am a Labor & Delivery Nurse. You said “A full term pregnancy is 40 wks, not 9 months.” Actually, once you hit 36 weeks, you are considered full term and can deliver safely at that time. 40 weeks just means an extra month of development. A baby can be born between 34 and 40 weeks very healthy. We only consider a birth truly premature if the baby’s development is premature. Phaedra was actually 40 weeks pregnant, so yes, you’re right. She did get pregnant before they were married.

  • Sunny

    Also she wants to quote Malcolm X…uh he went to jail for a cause…our civil rights…this…fool went to jail for his own self pleasures..Phaedra needs to get off the bullshit.

    • Rich

      @Sunny, check your the history of Malcon X, he went to prison for crimes of theft and pleasure. However Malcon is a great role model because he was a self made men who educated his own self and came to relize that all people deserve respect even if they don’t like you. When he came to his highten level of knowledge about the world we live in, that’s when either the FBI, CIA or the Nation took him out. You see, knowledge is powerful. Please read the book X which is the autobiography of Malcon X written by Alex Haley who also wrote the book Roots.

    • ecw

      Sunny Check your history @Rich thank you for setting him straight.
      Furthermore if Phaedra is happy why should we care we are not the ones who have to live with him. The only thing that does bother me is for her to be so intelligent she comes off as a nitwit(but I suppose like everyone else she will blame it on editing). And if she is so real there is no need to spin a tale about your romance. Not that anyone should care, however the more you speak about something and allow people to poke holes in your story you just look ridiculous.

    • Eloquent

      No. Your statement is incorrect. Malcolm X sold drugs, and was a pimp, to name but a few of the crimes he committed. He became a Muslim in prison. Please go read his autobiography. Please read, spell-check and grammar check before making statements of fact.

  • She married him cuz he sexy, light skin, and do what she say.
    TIS ALL!

  • Calypso

    I’m not buying Phaedra’s rationalization regarding Apollo’s time in prison. Charles Dutton was a young adult when he got put in jail. He was 17 years old! This guy is at least in his 30’s, which means old enough to know darn well better. Don King is and will always be a crook. I wouldn’t compare Michael Vick’s fighting dogs to car theft. Martha Stewart’s crime was definitely white collar, dealing with financial transactions and such. Since when did car theft become white collar crime? What Apollo did is no different than the average Joe who steals a car off the street. Puleease! He just tried to do it in a real slick way….and she definitely got knocked up BEFORE she was married. A real Christian woman, in her walk with God, would have saved it for the wedding night. She’s trying to fool everybody and NOBODY believes her. Her lying is only drawing more attention to the fact. Silly girl.

    • Lissa

      Not defending what he did, but it did say the crime occurred or he was convicted or something, I can’t remember exactly, in 1997, which would have made him around 19. I’m not sure why he didn’t go to prison until 2004 for a crime committed in 1997, but I’m just sayin… he was young. And people can change.

  • dayday

    Whatever the case may be with Phaedra. Why are people worried or making such a big deal about her marrying someone that has been in prison. She’s not the first and definitely won’t be the last person to do so. And if she’s not worried about it why should others. He seems to be more decent than some of these men that hasn’t been in prison. Anyway he’s her man so no one should worry about him but her.

  • slaw

    Y’all should get some real job. Americans just enjoy talking about stupid things.

    • Phaedra is the most ghetto lawyer i’ve seen in my life from the ways she talks they way she moves her hands everything about her is ghetto….she needs to get a job at underground atlanta she fits right in and yes SHE HAD SEXXXXX AND GOT PREGNANT BEFORE SHE WAS MARRIED….THANK YOU!!!!

  • mystikal

    first i want to say is lots of gay men write to men in prison…so how is that two gay men know apollo better then anyone else huh. second he is fine as hell i know someone had him in prison if he did 5 years ok .when men come out of prison theygo ack stright beleive it!!!!! sharay gay friend said his friend know apollo hint..hint!!!!

  • que2sexy03

    Dis chick is a trip! She married him b/c he is cute n is perfect eye candy cuz she is def not ez on the eyes. He married her b/c she will take care of him n keep his broke azz outta da pen! Perfect biz partners n my opinion. She acts lk she is perfect… Girl STOP! She’s jus as ghetto as can be.

    • Jay

      I’ll drank to that.. she needs someone else on her team help her lie, cheat and steal her way to the top!

      • Olivia

        In my opinion, Phaedrs needs speech/linguistic classes. Please stop wearing the lip gloss because your lips are all I see on your face. Please, be mindful when eating your expensive food and your facial expression are not very “Southern Belle nor Lady-Like.

    • Linda Lewis

      I 100% agree. Phadrea appears to have strong self-esteem but without the makeup, hair and clothes she would probably not have attracted the pretty boy toy. That’s why she doesn’t like Kenya because I believe Apollo wanted to get with Kenya. A college educated woman who marries a former client shortly after he got out of jail is showing desperation. That’s why she gets so mad at Kenya

      • ICON MOM

        you cannot help who you fall in love with.After prison he needs to find JESUS I pray for Phadrea and her sons. GOD BLESS!

    • ravon

      I don’t know why she chose to marry Apollo but as a women I can understand that sometimes we don’t make the best decision when you are in love want to be in love and wish to believe your man has changed I hope that she has learned her lesson and makes a better chose going forward with any many that she brings in her and her kids life going forward… Stay strong and keep that man out of your life he lost his freedom why should she loose hers because of his bad decisions? making a mistake like dating and marrying a jailbird dose not mean has to stay with one if he cannot following the basic rules of life.

  • Truth

    Pheadra is an idiot. Number one please do not compare your purchase to Malcom X. She is so dumb! You say in an interview that you have known him since 1995. But never say when you began dating. Then later in another interview you say you had medical issues with infertility. If that’s true then within 2 months of his release you were tested and or treated for infertility. Conceived within 13 weeks of his release and got married 13 weeks after conception. So why not get married before trying to conceive? Because you had to lock in Apollo and pay for him too. You spin all these lies and expect to have a legal career after all this foolishness. Ugh

  • workinatl

    Love is and always will continue to be blind (and deaf and dumb sometimes)…I guess. Everybody needs somebody sometimes…. Just giving her the benefit of the doubt

  • Carol

    I’ve never thought RICO was white collar crime – especially a stolen car ring.

    • I believe that Apollo is just kept window dressing, they seem to be kind of fake and not a real loving couple. Hey I could be wrong but thats my opinion.

  • Initialspark

    I am shocked that so many people on here have so much negative thigs to say. Show me one person who did not have pre-marital sex and i will call you a liar. if they r happy even if they r surrounded by lies, then let them be. For those who have so much negative things to say, worry about your own life. If you have nothing good to say, then dont say it at all. Who is without sin cast the first stone. So please, STOP the madness and move on!!!! UGH!!!!

  • notadummy

    After watching the show, I like Apollo. He seems to really be in to his son and wife. which is rare in the black community.

  • MS. Phaeders needs to stop making excuses for her life and hubby. Be happy and take care of your beauiful family. People are jealous keep your head up and be a great mom

  • Keeping it real

    Apollo is a kept man. Why would you not do everything possible to be in good graces of your new rich wife? I think Phaedra is right. Everyone deserves a second chance, but what is he bringing to the table for real? Big muscles, good looks, and endowment. When does he go to work? I really think he will be the house husband beyond speculation. He really is the one changing diapers and taking care of baby while mom is out working. That is how it is done in the ’11.

  • trip

    So what the dude did some time, alot of people do. That dont make him gay or a bad guy……………Now phaedra, huh, that girl is a compulsive liar and is freaking retarded. Just hearing her talk aggervates me. But hey as long as their cool with the arrangements thats all that matters …..

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  • Yarr

    It is Okay!

  • Yarr

    You deserve at second chance with your goreguous bride.

  • ummhmmm

    Down low Apollo – ummmhmmm … that is why that pickle looks so natural in his mouth!!! Snookie has made it very public what pickles are best for this last year, so his dumb ass had no business complying with that photo shoot. But, they say the LIPS DON’T LIE!

    • tina

      You do anything when you are in love.

    • Ummhmmm you need to you ummhmmm salvation!!! There is your ummmhmmm!!! And if you don’t like that then here you some more ummhmmmm thank you now go to bed on that!!!

  • Patricia

    She stated a person’s past doesn’t define them yet she attempts to define others by their pasts and their actions. Phadera is a total fake. I can’t stand her. She claims she is an attorney to the stars, stars of what the 80’s? Her ego is as big as her forehead!

    • andrea

      Phaedra EARNED her way to the top. There is absolutely nothing fake about getting a law degree sweetheart. It takes blood,tears,sweat,hardwork,and patience. Clearly a lot of people need to perform better research on what acoomplishing your goals and reaching your dreams is all about. This accomplished black woman should be a moving and touching story to stop bringing down other blacks and DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF!!!!!! BE A PRODUCTIVE CITIZEN OF THIS SOCIETY!!! When people can’t accomplish something for themselves, they want to bring YOU down! They want to tell you that YOU can’t do it! Get some business about yourselves.

      • Mashelle Tillman

        haha…I love your response to that idiot. Phaedra is pre-RHOA she does not need this show to make her..the show needs Phaedra to make it happen. Boop!

        • Linda Lewis

          Don’t agree. I have not found any evidence of her being that successful. After all these seasons she is just moving into a bigger house. I think she only did that because Kandi bought that mansion and she knew Kim was building a huge mansion. Phaedra is taking care of her husband and kids. He has the nerve to say on the show he throws away $5-$8 grand on strippers.

      • Linda Lewis

        I agree with your most of your comments but this accomplished black woman did set high standards for herself in choosing a mate. She got pregnant and then married her former client shortly after he was released on probation, lied to her Mom and others to make it appear that all was legit. She brings herself down with her snotty attitude and never owning up to her lies. For example:the confrontation about the cell phone voice recording about Cynthia. But after-all she does possess the traits of an attorney. She was on a show I saw recently bragging that she is the only college educated on the show and the only professional on all talk of the reality shows. Great!, but she is not as successful as Kandi and her net worth is not on par with Kandi or NeNe.

  • shimieka

    Phaedra has it going on. And everybody that has some negative things to say about her including nene leaks are hating on phaedra . So she must be doing something right.

  • keith

    leave the guy alone. he seems to be a very humble guy on the right track now. may god bless him.

  • svlad

    Holy crap! “Malcolm X” That’s some funny stuff! Car thief. That’s what we’re talking about, not white collar crime. Hell, I’ve stolen a few cars, here and there, does that make me a peer of Bernie Madoff?

  • dani

    I just don’t know how the poor thing graduated from law school. She has such a hard time putting thoughts or even words together, it’s sad. She can’t do math and she lies like she’s talking to people who don’t know better. Six aliases, an auto theft ring, her little boyfriend is a regular old car thief!

    • tina

      He is her husband now

  • dani

    BTW: Racketeering=mob/gang activity. Malcolm X would probably not be too pleased to see that trashy little snit associate Apollo with a civil rights leader. (probably kick the crap out that little giggolo)

  • Lisa

    I LOVE Phaedra! She is articulate and she defends and represents AA’s in and out of the court of law.

    Most of you making negative comments here also have a loved one who is either in jail or prison or have at one time or another been incarcerated.

    Phaedra is an example of a real woman! She carries herself like a lady, she is smart, and loves and takes care of her family, all while being an upstanding and contributing member of our Atlanta society.

    • Repect

      So, if Phaedra is a christian and such an outstanding and contributing member to Atlanta society why would she contribute an undesirable, immoral and disgusting male stripper for people to openly see at a birthday party? Why does she INSIST that she has a DONK? Does she know what a DERRIERE is? She should be a PROFESSIONAL at all times.

      • Kaios

        I can’t believe how many people have judged this man and cannot believe that he cannot redeem himself. Let the first man without sin cast the first stone. It appears to me there are a lot of people that have forgotten that we are all sinners and are filthy rags before God! Get a life and hope your dirty laundry is not revealed to soon so that you are not judged so harshly!

        • Christyle

          Well said…….

  • Armani

    First off after reading this blog I’ve come to realize people are more IGNORANT than it seems America…. These reality shows for starters only show what’s going to make GOOD TV.. We as people can’t judge them because we don’t know them as people we only know them AS WHAT TV MAKE THEM OUT TO BE!!!Phaedra is a very Intelligent BLACK woman, who IS VERY ACCOMPLISHED in that’s what we should embrace. The fact that she has looked over Apollo’s past shows the geniune size of her heart. Yes she has faults as does all PEOPLE.. Does anyone take the value from these shows or just the Drama..? This is the reason why people are so caught up today cause you so busy worried about each others flaws and not what you can learn from each other….

    • peace of mind

      Armani, you are not alone in what you just said and I really wish more people would embrace this so thank you again Peace to you

  • jshon

    Everyone deserves a second chance…look how good God has been to us who slander his name and live persistently evil lives, and yet he loves us. This is the true picture of love, when you can love and accept a person for who they are, not for what they have done….it is the power of love that breeds the notion that in return that flawed person will have no choice but to love you back out of gratitude and respect for the love you showed them. My boyfriend has a criminal record (no jail time) but he was convicted for selling drugs at one point in his young life. He has since been on the up trying to make up for the past mistakes, and if it wasn’t for a few persons willing to see beyond the criminal record and give him a job, he would not be where he is today…I myself am a very successful female college graduate and pastry chef, and Phaedra reminds me of myself in terms of her accomplishments. So I dare anyone to say, I shouldn’t love this man of mine. He’s a great father to his daughter(from a previous relationship), and he has great ambitions…..sometimes it takes a strong headed determined and successful woman to spark the fire of success and making good choices in a man’s life.

  • tk

    He was probably flippen VIN’s, and resaling cars. dat wet it sound like.

  • diana

    Simply said…, Phaedra should not be judged by the man in her life, who she loves, or who she has chosen to marry. She is a very accomplished woman, and should not need to defend her choices in her life. We should be so lucky. Bravo Phaedra for following your heart. h Yeah…, Apollo is FINE, Just Saying.

    • Karla

      Now what do people have to say about the néw information about Phaedra and apollo. I knew she was a fake. Using Christianity as a cover, that’s the reason she lied about how many months she were when she was pregnant. They already knew each other , I believe Angela Stanton story but it together and u will find the real Mrs. Parks. She is so fake.

  • Lana

    I love Phaedra, she worked hard for what she has. Everyone makes mistakes in their pasts and deserves second chances. I am a ex-con felon committed 1999 – theft (no jail time probation). When you are convicted of a crime you face a life sentence, always being judged and gossiped about. Apollo and Phaedra give me hope that one day my life will change for the better and I still have a chance for a wonderful future.

  • sharon lovely

    Phadrea and Apollo is a cute, sexy, ass couple who got it going on!!!!! keep yall game going, and f*** what society has to say…real talking…yall the best on this show any damn way, besides keshia…

  • Tony

    The only thing Appolo has going for himself is that he is good looking.

  • Stacy

    So Phaedra met him in 1995? That would make him 17 and her 22 when they met. Hmmm, interesting. What’s really going on?

  • Jermaine Benson

    Apollo is so damn fine, flat the f*** out, so Phadrea can look past all of that. Im sure hes packin too. His sex is probably enough to ouweigh everything.

  • Randall

    People are crazy. Yous guys ALL watch too much TV. And btw, stop calling ths dude a car thief, did you even read the article? He was the NUMBERS guy, the book keeper. He couldn’t steal a car if you left the keys in it.

  • tina n, mitchell

    Hi Phaedra

    I just wanted to say I found a new level of respect for you. I always saw the Hot Shot Attorney. That trip to Africa, I saw a real woman. You accepted the trip to Africa in your heart. You absorbed it. You know exactly what to say and what to do. You felt Africa. It was so nice to see all of you ladies give to the children and their families. Thank you so much for being a real black woman. We love you a lot in the Big Apple. I wish you and Apollo all the best.

  • Phaedra is a real southern bell and I don’t care what nobody says about her and her family her and her family can eat with anytime. You know it takes a real woman to be a southern bell and not just a lawyer or as madea says not a lieayer.

  • Henry

    So many haters, mostly hyocrites. Only God can truly Judge. Phaedra and Apollo are a very good looking couple. She does have the right idea about how to love, your past has nothing to do with who you are now. They really love and adore each other. I wish them all the best!

    • KEdwards

      Phaedra is a smart woman she knows what she got her self into,Cause he been to prison that dont mak him abad person they love eachother that is the only thing that matters! And they boys are beautiful,stop hatting

  • flby

    As a lawyer she must be aware that Society will always judge her. But in love there’s nothing rational. Hope everything will be fine for her mariage.

  • gurl

    Ballhead 175148 look good and is no harm to people now and doing time now. And im having a baby and marrying him when he get home. Let the past be the past.


    I think he did it because he wants to go back to jail. Something may have happened to him in jail that changed his life forever. His mind is F—-d up. He can function better in jail where it all began than in society. So, he did something stupid to go back to jail. He will NEVER to any good for a woman. The best he can do when he gets out is to be alone or on the down low.

    • Sara James

      He does not exhibit any mental illness on the show. He is just looking for easy money and doesn’t want to work.

  • Sara James

    Phaedra should have been smarter to pick a man for his character rather then his looks. He never thought of his children while he was breaking the law. Shame on this dumb criminal!

    • ICON MOM

      THE TRUTH !

  • lisa morrow

    good luck in the penn pretty boy. karma is a bit(h. greed, lies, stealing it all comes back to you!

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  • Dolomite

    Bill Cosby fukked my mammy y’all ! Gave the heffer the crabs, lice, aids, and ripped the old ho out so much that she walk funnie!

  • Frankie

    Who did Phaedra think she was competing with Kenya on a WORKOUT VIDEO !!!!! Lmfao

  • Frankie

    Seems like Nenes doors are closing up. Greg as her assistant. PLEASE CHILD!!!!!!

  • Chizzy Peace

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  • Chizzy Peace

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