MUG SHOTS That one about K-Y Jelly and a Walmart in Kansas

Julian Call Tina Gianakon Mugshots

People of Walmart has consistently been one of my favorite sites. It features candid photos of the types of people you bump into during an outing to your local Wally-World, often with hilarious and sometimes frightening results. And hey, I ain’t judging, I’m sure there were a couple of 3am diaper runs in which I would have made the front page with a bullet if someone had snapped me with their cell.

Speaking of baby-making and the random things one might see at Walmart…

Julian Call, 22, and Tina Gianakon, 35, seen above, were arrested after they decided to get their freak on at a Walmart in Hutchinson, Kansas. Not only were they busted for lewd conduct but the couple was popped for lube conduct as well as they “borrowed” some K-Y Jelly that was then used in their discount foray.

Here are the players in this crime and their individual mugs:

Man arrested for K-Y Jelly sex in Walmart mug shot
Julian Call Mug Shot

Tina Gianakon K-Y Jelly sex in Walmart mugshot
Tina Gianakon Mug Shot

K-Y Jelly Mug Shot

Witnesses (man do I feel bad for whoever those unfortunate souls were) informed the police that the always-low-prices lovers were fondling each other in plain and clear view of other shoppers.

I’ll let the Chotchkie’s waiter from Office Space express my thoughts on all of this: