Real Housewives Weave-pulling 2.0: New Jersey Style

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Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey (a.k.a. the Sopranos and the prostitution-wh0re-turned-born-again-virgin), debuts tonight, and so far the biggest drama they’ve been advertising is a weave-pulling incident. Yawn. If you’re a Bravo fanatic, you know that  Real Housewives of Atlanta already pulled this mess when Sheree Whitfield tugged Kim Zolciak’s weave. Kim’s weave should’ve gotten an Emmy for it’s performance in that episode, but I Glenn Close stole that sucker right out from under her.

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The New Jersey drama went down in November 2009  at a fashion show while Bravo’s cameras were rolling when cast-member Jacqueline Laurita’s 19-year-old daughter Ashely Holmes yanked at Danielle Staub’s weave. Also at the scene was Theresa Guidice, the notorious table-flipper who now sports C-cups.

Danielle put her own spin on the  weave-pull-by-Bravo when she slapped every one of them with a lawsuit. She eventually dropped charges on Laurita and Guidice, but stuck to her guns with Holmes. When the verdict came in, 19-year-old Ashely was found guilty of assault and fined a total of $189, including $33 court costs, so that leaves only $156  for Danielle’s new weave! The tragedy!

Oh well, at least the law was there for Danielle when she needed it. Back when she was around Ashley’s age she was getting slapped with kidnapping, cocaine possession, extortion, and narcotics conspiracy charges! Click here to read more about Danielle’s walk on the wild side back when she went by the alias Beverly Merrill. And Click Here to read more about Cop Without a Badge, the book that flipped millions of tables on television sets around the world with it’s allegations of Danielle Staub as a cocaine addicted prostitute.

Click here to see Danielle’s mug shot.

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  • MissMakin

    Danielle sued her Ex BFF’s daughter, and won like nothing, so then it was just the justification of getting the last word in that makes Danielle happy?

    If I was Ashley I would have yanked that weave off too

    I can’t wait for tonight!

  • Gwen

    I dont care HOW much she didnt like Danielle she had NO right to touch her . Same with the death threats recently , call your lawyer Danielle .

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  • Danielle is looking so weird lately. In the beginning of last season she was more attractive. I don’t know if it’s because she lost too much weight or what. On the other hand, Ashley should know better than to assault someone. She definitely is a misguided girl who looks for trouble. Why isn’t she in college where she could spend her time studying instead of threatening Danielle? This girl is only a teenager, Jacqueline should take her under her wind and steer her in the right direction.

  • MHH

    This is dumb, she deserved what was coming to her. She needs to learn to keep her mouth shut

  • Lmao!!!

    Lmao! Omg! Danielle is beepin BANANAS!!! Too bad Ashley didn’t leave her completly bald. Danielle got what she asked for, she stirs that BS up and then wants to pretend she’s the victim so people will feel sorry for her, cause she’s got no one else to give an honest flying leap about her, cuz she’s NUTS!!! She makes herself look stupid hanging with her ugly bodyguard straight outta prison. Gimme a Break, she’s obviously off her rocker. Lol!!! And I love Teresa to pieces, she is too funny. Too bad she didn’t push Danielle on her a$$, for making comments about her home, which had nothin to do with anything.

  • Heather

    As pointed out, at the age Ashley is now, D was involved with drugs, prostitution and kidnapping. Hhhhmmm, and all Ashley did was pull her hair. Deep down Danielle knows she is a skank and wants so much to be included in the Manzo family. Like Dina said, seems like she wants to skin me and wear me like last years versace!!!!

  • MLH

    I accidentally pushed the button that said I “liked” the hair=pulling incident, I DID NOT LIKE IT!!!

    Ashley is out of control, extremely immature and foolish in her actions and talk. She needs to be dealt with in court, it may be the only thing that gets her attention. Even when her parents talk with her she sits there staring into space, picking her finger nails, her zits, playing with her hair, acting bored. She has no remorse for what she did and tries to defend her actions. You cannot place your hands on another and not face the possibility of reprocussions.

    She doesn’t try to grasp the gravity of what she did and doesn’t try to, just ignores all responsibility. If her parents put her out because she will not try at any level, so be it. She needs a wake up call, that will actually wake her up!!

    I do not agree with Danielle’s actions and I don’t understand why she is still on the show, she is 50 yrs old and SHOULD know and act better, but she doesn’t. She is psychotic and dangerous like Kelly in RHNY. Why are they still characters on the shows? But Danielle was not in the wrong in this incident. Theresa & Ashley were wrong, and knew it. They couldn’t wait to do something inappropriate.

    Jacqueline is trying to direct Ashley and Ashley only turns herself around into a wall by not listening.

    Danielle went through some very tough times 25 years ago, but she is the book-carrying member of the club that keeps bringing it up, she is the one who says she is being stalked when she isn’t and she deliberately starts trouble where ever she goes because she wants the attention.

    Danielle, you have two beautiful daughters and you are not being a roll model for them, they will have a lot to overcome because of your actions. Also, because your daughter has walked the runway a time or two does not make her a professional, that leap is yet to come, a long way away in the future. Ashley is not a professional either. They are at the same level–two teens who have been on a runway. A good accomplishment, but not professional.

  • Jaya-B

    Dina was the only sane, level-headed, mature “star” of this show. It was a shame she left (allegedly–according to Wikipedia–because Danielle tried to make Dina lose custody of her kid?). Everyone else on that show is totally spoiled and has NO IDEA what they have…I’m 100% disabled and lost everything to a car accident 13 years ago. If I had the money these people have (excepting Theresa/Joe and Danielle, who apparently don’t have any), I would be helping others and do major charity work…rather than getting boob jobs and face lifts, and living in palaces. It’s sad. ‘Glad I only watched 2 1/2 episodes.

    FYI–These people represent New Jersey about as much as The Jersey Shore cast. As in NOT.