Catelynn Baltierra heads back to rehab for 6 more weeks, says ‘third times a charm’

Catelynn Baltierra headed back to rehab

Less than a month after a six-week stint in rehab, Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Baltierra is headed back for six more weeks of rehabilitation.

“Well they say third times a charm…” Catelynn began her announcement, which she posted on all of her social media accounts. “I’m going back to treatment people for 6 weeks to work on my trauma and getting on different meds.”

Catelynn then expressed her gratitude for husband Tyler’s continued support: “THANK YOU @TylerBaltierra I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! You are my light!! And nova you are my sunshine #KeepTalkingMH”

The announcement was certainly less startling than her previous one from November of 2017. “Well today I thought of every way to kill myself…so I’m going to treatment,” Catelynn tweeted, before heading off to a rehab facility in Arizona for six weeks.

Prior to her most recent stay, Catelynn spent time in rehab for anxiety and depression in March of 2016.

One Twitter follower was concerned by Catelynn referencing “trauma” in her announcement. “Trauma? Carly? Or did Butch or someone else do something to her?” the follower asked Catelynn. “I’d be concerned about that girl hanging around.”

Catelynn responded by clarifying: “My childhood trauma!!!”

Another follower tweeted “Something is going on here,” to which Catelynn responded, “Yeah my childhood sh!t that’s what’s going on.”

Catelynn also responded to a tweet by her co-star, and fellow depression sufferer, Amber Portwood:

Catelynn Lowell Amber Portwood depression tweets

That Amber tweet was part of her recent Twitter meltdown and came just before she referenced Catelynn seeking help for her depression:

Amber Portwood Catelynn Baltierra depression tweet

Catelynn’s struggles with depression and anxiety have been featured prominently on the show over the last few seasons. MTV actually promoted this week’s episode with a video clip of Catelynn talking about her post-postpartum depression along with the slogan “It’s OK to not be OK:”

Catelynn’s husband Tyler shared the promo clip and offered up his support and admiration for Catelynn:

We wish Catelynn all the best and certainly hope that she is able to get the help she needs to return home and be able to find joy in the amazing life and people waiting for her there.

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  • TA

    You’re right, Catelynn. It is ok to not be ok.
    What isn’t ok is leaving your child and husband for weeks at a time to go hang out at a swanky rehab facility for the second time in a month.
    Grow up, and deal with this the way the rest of us with mental health issues who aren’t on MTV’s payroll do. During our day-to-day lives so we are forced to learn coping skills.

    • Chewy

      SO TRUE

    • freaksof nature


  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    I think Cate likes the attention and positive praise she gets from the people at the rehab. She doesn’t get that from her family back at home and I would bet you that once she comes home she starts to miss that attention. There is no other reason why she needs to go back after just getting out. 6 weeks of more rehab? Come on Cate, pull your sh- together. I’m sure your daughter is wondering why her mommy is never around.

  • kiki

    J3su$ get real girl. I don’t understand how a loving parent and spouse could stand to be away from their family this much. Plenty of people have trauma and deal with it day to day while maintaining their lives. Maybe she needs to sit down with some vets and learn what real trauma is. At some point you are responsible for the decisions and life you lead; stop blaming everything on your childhood.

    • jackie

      yassssss, what does she have to be depressed about? She is happily married, ,has her own child now, tonssss of money.. shit.. why arent i seriously depressed??? shes got it better than me!!

      • Baby Hooker

        I don’t believe she has dealt with the abuse she received from April

  • Caty P. :)

    Damn. I’ve been hospitalized twice for acute depression, but only for a week each time, and they truly were emergencies. It sucked for my family, but I honestly didn’t know what else to do (there were also no kids in the picture). That being said — at a certain point you have to rely on outpatient treatment. You really can’t be away from a small child for so long :(:( Sad.

  • Whateves

    I Hope she heads for the beauty salon after 6 weeks and gets rid of that pink hair!

    • Yep

      I’m so tired of seeing her and amber dye their hair pink. pick a natural color or just stop it all together. You arent 10 anymore so quit coloring your hair like you are.

  • DramaLlama

    She looks so stoned and out of it sometimes and a few of those times have been behind the steering wheel. And don’t even get me started on a “grown woman” removing her birth control without telling her husband. These girls make it hard to ever really take them seriously.

    • Why is this happening to us?

      I hate to say it, but smoking pot can cause anxiety, depression, paranoia, psychosis, etc. in some people. I’m surprised they haven’t told her to cut it out and stop smoking it. She might be doing more harm to herself than good with weed. If she really feels she she needs it, she should go to a legit medical marijuana facility where they can give her the proper strain to treat her specific medical conditions. It’s better to do it that way than to buy it off the street. Who knows what you are really buying out in the streets?

  • MiniBoden

    What trauma is she reffering too?

  • Bebe

    I’m glad I’m not the only one giving this some serious side eye. Come on now… I think at some point she needs to get serious about taking care of herself, in her own environment, applying skills she’s already learned twice. I see a break up coming sooner than later. Tyler’s had too much time to see how well he manages without her help/guidance from the couch.

    • Kel2707

      I think he likes the attention too🤔

  • twelfthnight

    I would think for someone who has trauma issues that consistent and regular therapy would help a lot more than a 6 week immersive program.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      and since she was in “rehab” twice already, they haven’t begun to help w/her trauma? Why doesn’t her weekly talk/congitive therapy work on that topic? oh wait..she isn’t doing the work at home to help herself..this

    • kiki

      They can do intensive outpatient therapy where you go two, three, five times a week then they start scaling back. She needs to find a good therapist not another rehab center.

      • Norma&Normanspoonington

        Yeah but then she has a kid hanging around and who needs that. At least this way she gets time to herself 🙄

        • Baby Hooker

          Right. I swear they had no business having Nova. She was not ready to be a mom or capable of being a mom. She isn’t attached to this kid at all, if she was she wouldn’t be so eager to leave her for 6 weeks at a time


    of course my comment wouldnt be posted. starcasm svck a d!ck ! you people are rude & insensitive. hope you all never have to deal with depression or anxiety – its real & debilitating to control sometimes. HAVE A FVCKING HEART PEOPLE!

  • Priscilla

    I’m proud of Cate! It’s her life so no one else can decide for her. Would you rather her stay home & potentially kill herself? Or her to go get the help she needs & can afford so she can enjoy her life with her family & daughter? I pick option B. Everybody is being so judgemental & hateful about her life. Get out of hers & live your own life. Oh that’s right, lol, you keyboard warriors are on welfare living in mommy & daddy’s basement with you 3 kids by 2 different baby daddies while you chug Mt Dew & chainsmoke cigs all day having no life. Poor excuses for humans.

    • joaniepoo

      sorry honey but this “keyboard warror” worked all my life and am now retired and living on 2 pensions, i own my house, my kids belong to my husband and i dont smoke or drink

    • DaisyMae2011

      People like you crack me up .. you throw a tantrum about people being hateful, but then you post the most hateful comment of all. And I would love to hear your “logic” around why all the commenters here are on welfare, living in a basement.

  • Sam


  • Jenn

    I do think she is suffering from mental illness, but I don’t think rehab is working. I’ve heard from many depression sufferers that one of the things that helped them pull through was setting goals for themselves, both life and mental illness goals. Cait needs to get off TV and do something with her life. MTV is allowing her to sit on her butt all day and wallow. Ideally, she’d set some goals like regular outpatient treatment, going back to school or getting a job, and finding a healthy diet and exercise program that works for her.

    I also think inpatient treatment has become a crutch for her. Can’t deal with everyday life back home? Off to rehab she goes. She’s not learning how to cope with being depressed and stressed in everyday situations. I’d imagine she probably leaves rehab with instructions to find a therapist close to home to continue her treatment and she never does it.

    • kiki

      She doesn’t necessarily need to quit imo but she definitely needs to set some goals. Even if it’s going for a walk every day. She needs to buddy up with Chelsea instead of Amber and actually do something with her life and that MTV paycheck. Chelsea bought a house. These girls are going to be hurting so bad when they’re left with nothing.

      • Manchester

        Catelynn does need to buddy up with someone who isn’t in denial about being a mess. You’re right, Chelsea would be one thousand times better than Amber. The downside to that is Cate would probably see what’s going on in Chelsea’s life, compare it to hers and spiral once again.
        She’ll be dead from suicide if she doesn’t take this thing seriously.

        • Baby Hooker

          She needs friends right there who won’t be afraid to call bullshit. That’s a lot of her problem, no one wants to tell her the truth

          • Manchester

            I don’t think she has any. On the show, I’ve only seen Chelsea and I think Macie hang out with their (good) friends but yeah you’re right.

      • Baby Hooker

        But Chelsea isn’t doing shit either. Her whole existence is wrapped in Cole. She went from one obsession (Adam) to another (Cole). Cate needs to learn coping skills. Ive suffered from depression and anxiety my entire life. Everyday I wake up depressed knowing my life will suck just like it did the day before and the week before that and the year before that, but guess what? My son needs a mom, bills gotta get paid. She’s full of chit

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Amber & Catelynn shariing their mental illness for ratings & $$$. How about this..get the f**k off MTV & get your sh*t together!!

  • sysmjp

    I wish I could be miserable with all that MTV money

  • Your Mom

    Childhood trauma is affecting your happy marriage, financial stability, new house, horses, MTV money, and clothing line? Oooookay? Go to a therapist and not on a 6-week vacation, you ungrateful cow. “Treatment” I’m sure.

  • DoogieHowser

    I don’t mean this in a mean way but Cate is fragile. She had too much pain from all over she needs to process but she is in a terrible enviroment for her to healthily do that. Tyler is an jerk that does whatever he wants even if that puts her relationship with Carly, B & T at risk, he doesn’t want to be with her, and he isn’t supportive like she needs. Extended family and her family don’t help either. The show is horrible for her and she cannot move past and let go of the past and issues to make that crucial step in healing but she can’t quit the show because she doesn’t have any financial safety net because they chose not to take the time to do that. She made herself stuck with the show and Tyler who help keep her trapped in the cycle of pain and no room for healing.

    If she didn’t have Nova, her best get for healing would be to move out if state and focus on herself with a real therapist, some yoga, and brisk walks for health and mental vitality. That isn’t going to happen and no one at home is going to change themselves to create an enviroment ideal for her to heal and move on bc why would they? The show pays to keep the people that help build the dynamic around and passive lazy money is hard to pass when your depressed and can’t even figure out how to be dependent. Tyler and Cate should not be together but cemented this strange co-dependence with each other that serves neither. They would have, and should have, seperated long ago if it wasn’t for the show.

  • LA79

    I really hope Cate gets better. I do like her as a person and I think she has a good heart and good intentions.

    What I think is starting to bother me about the extended rehab stays is that it seems like maybe it is creating a scenario where she feels like she has to be away from her real life in order to feel better. That’s not good. She has to find a way to cope while taking care of her child.

    I feel like the “healing childhood trauma” falls a little flat also because it’s like…well if you’re so traumatized why are you and Tyler leaving Nova with your mom sometimes while you’re leaving for weeks at a time? If her childhood is so traumatic, she would want her daughter to be protected from experiencing the same things and she wouldn’t let her mom watch her. But that’s not the case. She lets her mom watch her for LONG periods of time but then claims she needs weeks in rehab to recover from a terrible childhood? Sounds fishy.

    • Guest

      Exactly! If April messed her up so badly that she needs to go to rehab several times to deal with her childhood trauma then why the hell is she leaving her daughter in her mother’s care? It doesn’t make sense.

  • joaniepoo

    how old was that picture with the article. ive never seen her that thin. unless it photoshopped. i mean we see her every week on tv and she dont look like that at all

    • bree7702

      I was thinking that too!

  • bree7702

    Catelynn and Amber seem to never have any issues with depression and anxiety when they’re traveling. Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Hawaii….It’s amazing how these girls are able to put their mental issues to the side when they aren’t at home where their children are.

    • Why is this happening to us?

      Curious indeed!

    • PrincessShay1986

      Right?? Amber is so depressed and can’t be bothered to see Leah and is behind $9000 in child support but she can afford to vacation in Hawaii??

  • Reallythough

    Granted her daughter is young enough where she won’t remember her being gone, but if she keeps this up she certainly will. Going away for 6 weeks to deal with childhood trauma is ridic. Going on a med holiday to have them weaned off and adjusted is more reasonable. Shes going to give her dtr trauma running to rehab with her depression so frequently.

  • jackie

    Maybe if she stopped turning into a heffer, she wouldn’t be so depressed….

  • FYO

    So I guess the therapy horse she `really needed`, which costs thousands of dollars, got boring.