VIDEO Kieffer Delp confirmed for The Ex Files Teen Mom 2 special

Jenelle Evans EX Files special will include Kieffer Delp

Hey MTV, I seen ya wif Kieffuh! That’s right, fan favorite Teen Mom 2 hoodie bro Kieffer Delp is making his return to MTV!

No, Jenelle Eason has not left husband David to reignite her love flame with the Delper, but it appears that MTV has managed to track him down and convince him to participate in their Jenelle Eason relationship ex-posé special The Ex Files.

The confirmation comes via Teen Mom 2 producer Kendra MacLeod, who posted a brief Oscar-worthy clip of the man, the myth, the legend in a residential Pittsburgh back alley:

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“He’s baaack…” Kendra excitedly captioned the video, adding the hash tags #keiffah #teenmom2 #exfiles and #staytuned.

Kieffer will join a slate of Jenelle exes participating in the special that reportedly includes Jace’s dad Andrew Lewis, ex-fiancé Gary Head, ex-husband Courtland Rogers, and Kaiser’s dad Nathan Griffith. If any of those names are unfamiliar, or if you want to brush up on your History of Jenelle knowledge, be sure to check out our timeline of her relationships with all of the gentlemen featured on The Ex Files — I can GUARANTEE it will blow your mind! (I’ve been writing about Jenelle for nearly a decade and put the timeline together — and it blew my mind!)

We still don’t have a premiere date (or month or season) for The Ex Files, but as Kendra said, stay tuned!

In honor of Kieffer Delp’s return to MTV, I’ve compiled some of our favorite Kieffer Delp images from over the years — just click on the photos for the original posts:

Kieffer Delp Being a felon ain't illegal Yoda Kieffer Delp Barbara Evans

Original Yoda ‘n’ Kieffer image source

Kieffer Delp Where Am I Now book Kieffer Delp Buddhist monk Teen Mom's Kieffer Delp wearing some poker shorts with card suits Kieffer Delp as Hamburglar Delper Kieffer Delp childhood photo Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans and boyfriend Kieffer Delp by a Photoshopped church sign Jenelle Evans uploads video of Kieffer Delp singing naked in the shower Emperor Palpatine in Kieffer Delp's hoodie

We are soooooooo excited!

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  • Ayayayyy

    BEST teen mom news ive heard in a while.

    • Baby Hooker

      I honestly hope he’s doing well and stays away from her. She seems to run back to him whenever her other relationships are on the skids

    • It’s me

      Pray for a reunion type segment where all of the past soulmates meet Lurch

      • PerfectingPaula


  • barbinop

    I really hope Babs is featured on this too. She’s the reason we all love “Keefa”. Should be very interesting…lol . MTV could also do a special for Kail too. She’s right up there with Jenelle in the whose your baby daddy contest. Both are 3 for 3

    • theStevieJBus

      Don’t leave Leah out. She had Corey, Jeremy, the dude she cheated on Corey with and there was the black guy she dated that we never saw.

  • Chewy

    Is Keefah going to talk about all the nudies and roast beef?

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    MTV has officially run out of ideas. Why do we need to know what some D-lister’s ex druggy douche bag boyfriend is up to? Who gives a flying F about this loser.

  • cali

    I hope you have fun livin’ in the streets w ya boooooyfreiinnnd….

  • Shannon

    Does anyone really care what happened to any of these scumbags? The only difference between them and Jenelle is what’s between their legs.

  • If people give Jenelle 6,000 chances to straighten up, why not give Keffa a chance too lol.