Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin are officially dating


#Javiana is official! Kailyn Lowry’s ex Javi Marroquin has just confirmed that he is now dating Kail’s Teen Mom 2 co-star Briana DeJesus!

The confirmation comes via People. Javi spoke with the magazine and flatly stated “We are dating.” The two reunited over the weekend in Los Angeles for the Reunion taping and apparently decided to finally take things to the next level — after teasing fans for months. “We’ve been friends for a while and we weren’t in a rush,” Javi adds.

People says they reached out to Briana and MTV for comment, but have gotten no response.

Javi and Briana shared numerous photos together over the weekend, and I have to admit they do make a great looking couple. Here’s an album of photos posted by Javi which he captioned by writing “I have a 6 pack from laughing so hard these last couple of days.” He also included #BAE in his string of hash tags:

Briana also shared a couple photos with Javi (below) and simply captioned them “Daddy Javi ?” and “Daddy Javi p2.”

Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin together Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin dating

Fans may recall that Javi seemed extra fond of the DeJesus family when the cast last got together in California. Briana was still pregnant at the time, and Javi revealed that her mother had actually tried to get them together. “Your mom tried hooking me and Briana up,” Javi told Brittany, “but she’s pregnant now, so that’s kind of out the window.”

Well, Briana’s not pregnant any more, and it looks like Javi jumped right back through that open window!

The dating rumors really heated up this summer when Javi and the DeJesus sisters met up in New York City — especially after Javi posted this photo looking as though he had slid past the friend zone:

Javi Marroquin Briana DeJesus and sister Brittany in NYC

Less than a week after posting that photo, Javi took his son Lincoln and Kail’s son Isaac down to Florida and met up with Briana and the DeJesus gals for some slightly more family-oriented fun:

So how will this relationship work given that Briana is in Florida and Javi is in Delaware? Briana may have answered that question on Twitter during a conversation with Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra:

The reactions to Briana’s tweet was a pretty even mix of animated gifs showing shock, and animated gifs of people doing eye rolls. I suppose we will know which animated gif was more accurate over the next few months! (The whole dynamic of Teen Mom 2 would certainly change if two of the cast members lived near each other with one dating the other’s ex!)

So what do you think? Are Javi and Briana REALLY REALLY dating? And if so, do you give their relationship a swipe left or swipe right?

UPDATE – Judging from Briana’s tweets the day after Javi’s announcement, it appears that she may not have known about his plan to go public. “Lmao I woke up to some nonsense this morning omggggggg,” she tweeted first thing Wednesday. In a series of deleted tweets, she responded to a lot of the reactions to drama between her and her Teen Mom 2 co-stars — especially Leah Messer — but didn’t go too much into #Javiana. She did clarify their intimacy level however: “I’m not even f**king javi so how is he being passed around? Get real and ppl gotta stop geing so sensitive.”

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  • Alisson Leech

    Briana looked really good in that red outfit.

  • Liz

    Good for them. Someone tell her she needs to use birthcontrol though.

  • Nicole

    Nooooo javi!

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Javi needs to watch her segments and see how these “women” treat men. If he thought kail was bad he hasn’t seen anything yet!


    No these girls are horrible! can he not find someone that isn’t working for MTV to date. She has two young kids, and just is looking for someone to take care of her so she doesn’t have to live with mommy anymore. Not that either of those dead beats of fathers will fight to keep her in the state, but she is going to hurry to try to make a trap baby with javi. Javi, run run run!!!

  • theStevieJBus

    Kaylin was no walk in the park but I’m surprised Javi would want to deal with Brianna’s crazy man hating mother. That woman is pure evil and hates on all men cuz she has no eggplant in her life. Javi you jumped from the frying pan straight into the fire.

  • TA

    I have to wonder if Javi REALLY wants a legitimate relationship. He keeps trying to date these girls that live states away.
    But on another note, Briana’s Mom is actually crazy. If I were Javi (or any other man), I’d stay as far away as possible from her family. ??‍♂️

  • LA79

    idk this kinda lowers my opinion of Javi. Yeah she’s pretty when she tries and maybe they have a connection we don’t see, but can’t you find a decent mother for your children and not a busted up girl with two kids and two different absent fathers? I’m not even getting INTO her momma drama. I just don’t get it…he unloaded train wreck Kail to now try to pick up train wreck Briana? Does he have a hero complex to try to “save” these women? Why not find someone normal that’s a good influence on the kids and will provide a stable loving environment like Vee for Jo?

    • Scarlett

      Capt Save a Ho strikes again!

      • Squirrel22


  • Kat

    Ugh Javi… Really? I’m disappointed. On the other hand however, can’t wait to see how Kail Kong handles all of this nonsense… ?

    • TA


      • Mads2707

        But she has no room to say anything, or care considering how fast she moved on to her next boyfriend I mean, victim, I mean, baby daddy. Lol

  • DeeDeDee

    This is a girl who believes Jenelle is genuine. Way to go Kail, you broke the dumdum.

  • Ayayay

    This isn’t going to end well. But I can’t wait to see hulklyns reaction!!

  • Oh No…

    With Briana’s super trashy behavior and Javi’s over the top possessiveness… this won’t end well. Hopefully Javi wraps it because we all know what Briana’s family does to her baby daddies.

  • Jessica

    Two things why in hell did Javi take Isaac to Florida, he is not even his kid, it’s not like Jo abandoned him, Jo is probably on of the better fathers in the teen mom franchise.
    And second is didn’t briana attend Kail’s and Javi’s wedding, that is so weird that they are dating now

    • Lauren

      Isaac is still in his life & has visitation with him. Both Kail & Jo agreed it wouldn’t be fair to rip Javi out of his life considering how long he’s been in it & how close they are.

    • Squirrel22

      Kail must be mad at Jo or something to let him take Issac. Im wondering how the whole 50/50 custody thing is playing out. Besides I’m sure she needs all the help she can get now with the newest baby daddy being such a hands on helper… NOT. Issac loves Javi and they were very close anyways so it doesn’t pose a problem if they do vacation together sometimes. I think it’s nice that the brothers can be together even if the parents are not any longer. ??‍♀️

    • Mads2707

      Anyone who watches the show can tell how much Isaac loves Javi. It doesn’t matter he isn’t a biological father, he was a major part of the boys life for a long time, those feelings and strong bond doesn’t go away with a piece of paper. Good for javi, he’s always been a great coparent to Isaac and it shows he truly loves and cares for the child. Jo should be happy that Isaac has many people in his life who care about him and love him regardless of whatever situation….. jos been a good dad, I’m sure he’s not threatened by javi being good to Isaac but is relieved javi didn’t disappear from isaacs life and hurt isaacs feelings when he obviously adores javi and javi is good to him. A strong and confident father wouldn’t be upset about another man,who was married to his baby mama and in the boys life, to still continue to be good to his child and show he truly loves Isaac and has best intentions to still be in his life and always a friend to him no matter if he’s not with the mother. #grownupmenaction

  • Lauren

    He went from divorcing one hot mess into dating another. Good luck Javi. You & especially Lincoln are going to need it.

  • Erica

    I think it’s great!! Somewhere Kail is all KAILSMASH!!!

  • Aussie cathie

    Good luck with that flock of sqwaking vultures ???

  • Baby Hooker

    It’s gonna get weird when Javi finally marries someone and has more kids with his wife. Personally I think it should be time to slowly transition Isaac from Javi. I blame both Kail and Javi. Kail basically made Javi Isaac’s dad even though Jo is very much alive and in the picture and Javi went along with it. Now Isaac will have to deal with the repercussions.

  • Baby Hooker

    Only an attention seeking wh0re would wear ill fitted suit jacket as a dress. Nova and Stella, this is your role model

    • Mads2707

      She had shorts/skirt with a top on under the jacket….
      #jealousy is never a good look on anyone btw.

  • Meh..

    Haha, CANNOT wait for the reunion show.

  • Squirrel22

    Javi thinks Kail is bad. She’s a walk in the park compared to theses three witches. And I say three because let’s be real folks they come as a set. RUN…… ???????

  • DanaD

    Part of this feels like a dig at Kail. But Javi always wanted a big family. He seems like the kind of guy who will treat baby Stella like his own. Plus, she’s crazy insecure and he’s possessive. Perfect match! ?

  • Julianne Potter

    What’s wrong with finding and dating a woman who literally didn’t just give birth and has two baby daddies? Jesus Christ did the baby even get his first full month’s check up? Or even 6 months?

  • Michael✌️

    Sad thing is I bet she’ll get pregnant AGAIN before any of us can say, “child support payments” Lol

  • RBrownII

    Oh he’s definitely going to have demand child support from Kail now. He’ll be moving the mom, the sister/wannabe baby daddy, the two kids into his house…probably Devon as well. And they’ll just be squatting in the living room eating takeout all day complaining and yelling and throwing things at each other. That gets expensive.

  • joaniepoo

    she looks like she had major face stuff done. she looks nothing like she does on tv