90 DAY FIANCE Molly Hopkins mug shots, details from DUI arrests

90 Day Fiance Molly Hopkins arrests

As we previously reported, 90 Day Fiance star Molly Hopkins is not stranger to the reality show cameras, as she was the co-star of the Lifetime reality series Double Divas for two seasons. But, it appears that Molly is also no stranger to another kind of camera — the police booking camera! The 42-year-old mother of two has no less than three different mug shots that can be found online, and that doesn’t even include the one from her most recent DUI arrest last year.

90 Day Fiance Molly Hopkins mugshot 2008

The first Molly Hopkins mug shot photo (above) stems from a January, 2008 arrest in which Molly was charged with possession of marijuana. According to online records, it was a misdemeanor charge with less than one ounce of pot involved.

Molly Hopkins Arrest mug shot May 2012

The second mug shot is from what appears to be a prior DUI arrest in May of 2012. In addition to the DUI charge, Molly was also accused of an improper lane change and speeding.

90 Day Fiance Molly Hopkins arrested 2012

The last mug shot is from November of 2012, with very little information available about the circumstances that caused Molly to pose in front of the booking camera yet again. Online records indicate that she was arrested in a courtroom, so it may be that this was an appearance for the DUI arrest and she was sentenced and booked. That is pure speculation, however.

We do not have a mug shot photo for Molly’s most recent arrest (that I could find) in June of 2016. According to court records, Molly was pulled over for speeding on Towne Lake Pkwy in Woodstock, Georgia at roughly 2:30AM on the morning of June 17. The officer must have had cause to believe that Molly was driving under the influence because he administered a breathalyzer test. The results indicated that Molly had a .139 blood alcohol level, well above the .08 limit in Georgia.

Here is a copy of the citation, which includes the breathalyzer results:

90 Day Fiance Molly Hopkins DUI arrest ticket citation 2016

Molly pleaded guilty to the DUI and was sentenced to 72 hours in jail, two years of probation, and 240 hours of community service on January 26, 2017. In addition, Molly was ordered to pay $1511 in fines and court costs and required to attend anger management and other courses:

90 Day Fiance Molly Hopkins DUI arrest sentencing

Because Molly had at least two DUI convictions within five years, she was ordered to surrender her vehicle tags — which she did by mid-April. If you have watched the show, you have probably noticed that Molly doesn’t drive, including the scene in which her daughter had to drive her to the airport to meet Luis. As we stated in our previous post, it appears as though Luis flew to Atlanta in May, so that all lines up.

On July 24th, an attorney for Molly submitted a motion to end her probation early. The motion didn’t provide much in the way of reasoning, merely that it was up to the court to decided whether or not to terminate the probation early, and that Molly had so far been adhering to the terms.

A judge approved Molly’s motion on August 18, but the early termination did not eliminate the special condition mandating alcohol and drug testing, which read: “You must not possess or consume any alcohol or illegal drugs nor occupy any residence or vehicle where such is present and you will be subject to random testing at your own expense.” It’s unclear if that will remain in effect for 24 months. Also unclear is how the ruling on the early termination of her probation affects Molly’s ability to drive legally. (Apparently multiple DUIs do not affect K-1 visa eligibility?)

I should mention that prior to her most recent DUI arrest, Molly had at least four other speeding tickets since 2007. Let’s all hope Luis is able to get his US driver’s license soon!

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    Maybe background checks need to be done on everyone BEFORE signing them up to be on tv.

    • Renee L

      Why? It’s not like those on TV follow some sort of moral compass or teach children.

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      For sure. What about her man, i am a grown woman and he scares me if my mom brought him home when I was a kid I think I’d be moving to my grandpa’s at either one of those 2girls age.. and if Molly doesn’t have a lience why she drive to the river the day her toy boy proposed. Not to rat her out, but she looked pretty messed up when she got there, she drinking there than drive home. Sorry but I seen to many pictures I f babies that have died d ue to (oui) Molly you may care about your life or your playboy monkey man but no one wants to lose their love ones because you can’t grow up and get your shit together. Get some help before you marry a per adult bartender.

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    molly stop chasing d and get yourself to a fat farm and AA.

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    i wish Molly thought of her kids for Once. She really needs to get her life Together for her Daughters.

  • Cmiller415

    So let me get this straight. After at least 2 previous DUI’s, Molly was sentenced to 2yrs probation, and after serving just 6 months of that probation she was granted an early release?! Really?!? No wonder she continues to drive drunk. If there are no real consequences then why not go for broke and continue driving drunk until you kill yourself or someone else and then have no choice but to stop because youre either dead or in prison? Its a no brainer, right? Duh!
    Apparently whatever sentence she was given the first two times she was convicted didn’t have much impact. I bet if she’d been given a year in prison after her second conviction (and been made to serve every minute of it), and been told she’d get an additional year for every subsequent DUI, she wouldn’t have gotten a 3rd.
    As for that weird situation where she was arrested in the courtroom. The only time I’ve ever heard of that happening at a hearing for something like a DUI is when the person appearing before the judge pi$$ed him (or her) off by coming to court under the influence or something. I’m just sayin’.
    Anyway, something tells me that their relationship isnt going to last long.
    1. Louis is already getting bored & feeling lonely, plus he is used to living in a large touristy city, so I dont think it’ll be long before he goes looking for some trouble to pass the time.
    2. It doesnt look like he’s big into the idea of being a step Dad either. Beyond the little 5 minute sidewalk chalk play date thing, I mean. And any guy who takes the responsibility of being a step parent seriously is NOT going to have a conversation w/his 17 year old future step daughter that includes lines like “its your body, do what you want with it!”.
    It’s kind of ironic that Molly and Louis are 15 years apart in age because as far as mentality goes, 15 seems to be right about where they both peaked!

  • tohellinahandbasket

    So, one of the conditions is, she can’t be in a vehicle or residence where alcohol is present. Anybody that watches the show can see that her brother and Luis started drinking in her house from the moment Luis arrived. And it’s on camera, on national TV. If I were an American, I would have reported this to the authorities. This woman doesn’t deserve her driver’s licence. It’s going to be too late when she kills someone.

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