Did Hazel E quit LHHH? Star claims she’ll ‘see her way out’ in Twitter tirade

Did Hazel E quit LHHH 5

Hazel E’s drama-packed return to the main cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood may have just come to a premature end. The reality TV star, who infamously quit the show after Season 2 after suffering a broken nose and a drink thrown in her face, returned to full-time status this year–but, if her own words are any indication, Season 4 may have actually, really, honestly been her last.

Hazel got right back into the swing of the show’s drama well before the first episode of Season 4 aired, accusing Masika Kalysha of child neglect following rumors that Masika’s daughter Khari accidentally ate a stray Xanax tablet from the purse of one of Masika’s friends. This led to–what else?–a rekindling of the feud between the two, during which Hazel shared receipts allegedly proving that Masika had worked as a prostitute. Then the two got into what on-set extras called a “hella fake and planned” brawl, which pretty much brings us up to speed.

If you recall that Hazel’s parting shot after LHHH Season 2 was that the show was a “freak show,” her most recent comments won’t sound too far removed. Shortly after last week’s episode aired, Hazel tweeted out the following string–culminating with “Most of the cast is really homeless, carless, criminals, dead beat mothers, prostitues [sic] or criminals. I don’t fit in so I’ll see my way out”:

Did Hazel E quit LHHH 4

That declaration was the one that triggered the most recent wave of Hazel E quitting rumors–but it was hardly all she had to say about the cast and her most recent go-round on the show:

Did Hazel E quit LHHH 3

Less than 48 hours later, Hazel was back at it, sniping at the show’s “hormonal chicks” with nothing better to do than “worry about what [she does] in Hollywood:

Did Hazel E quit LHHH 2

Finally, over the weekend, Hazel took another shot–at either her fellow LHHH cast members or their Twitter defenders (or both; it’s hard to say)–who act as petty as they do because they have “nothing to [lose]”:

Did Hazel E quit LHHH 1

Finally, it’s worth pointing out some more of the sweet LHHH Season 4 reunion tea that @LHHTEA has been spilling. According to their insiders, Hazel and Moniece got into it at the reunion taping, but, when Hazel was blocked off by security, she simply left the set altogether and didn’t come back:

So, did Hazel E quit LHHH? We may find out when the two-part Season 4 reunion special airs back-to-back on Monday, October 16th at 8 PM on VH1.

(Photo credits: Did Hazel E quit LHHH via Instagram, Twitter)

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  • Cassandra Dreme

    I hope she quit. She is so full of it coming on this season trying to convince everyone she is a ‘big deal’. Not buying it.

  • Yup, I said it

    Hazel must have “broke” photoshop trying to edit this picture.

    • Lisa Tate

      I thought that it was Nikki at first glance.

  • the underground train

    I haven’t really watched or felt the same way as I used to about this show since I read that the women butts leak from their implants.

    • Whydid Youblockme

      OMG now THAT was DISGUSTING. I read about that. And whats worse is THESE BROADS ACT LIKE THAT SHTT IS NORMAL!!! Like its NOTHING for an ASS to START LEAKING WILLY NILLY – and the REASON its “leaking” – IT’S A MANUFACTURED ASS !!!! These broads are supposed to be STARS – CELEBRITIES – with LEAKING ASSES – c’mon now …. And jus bcz the FAT injected into your ASS came from your own BODY does not mean its “real” – tha shtt is STILL FAKE – its LEAKING!!! REAL ASSES DO NOT “LEAK”!!! That shtt is crazy as HELL man, seriously – and its really NASTY. I bet that shtt STINKS too smh

  • SnarkySassyandLilHalfAssy

    Was that Hazel in the top picture? Good grief. Anywho, my fav has and always will be Moniece. There isn’t too many people that I wouldn’t square off with but Moniece is definitely one of them. Her new chillaxed presentation of psycho scares the shit out of me. She will murder you Hazel, keep that one on your side.