EXCLUSIVE Danielle Jbali’s makeover show is off after ‘parting ways’ with GR Media over social media control

Danielle Jbali quits GR Media

It was announced back in July that 90 Day Fiance star Danielle Jbali had signed on with management firm GR Media, and that Danielle was in talks to follow in the forklift footsteps of GR Media client Mama June Shannon with her own makeover reality show. But, just like with Mohamed, Danielle’s relationship with GR Media was short lived.

The announcement was posted (twice) on Danielle’s Facebook fan page, the control of which was part of her biggest issue with the company. “I would like to let my fans and supporters know I am parting ways with manager Gina Rodriguez and Brandilyn Snail,” wrote Danielle in a post that was later deleted — and not by her. Danielle returned to give it another go:

Ok let me try this again. I posted this statement an hour ago but it got deleted. I would like to let my fans and supporters know I am parting ways with manager Gina Rodriguez and Brandilyn Snail. I am sorry to my fans for posting all the click bait that was not my idea. I love talking, sharing photos and giving updates on my life and I was being prevented from doing that.

UPDATE – We spoke with Gina Rodriguez of GR Media, and her side of the story is dramatically different from Danielle’s. Gina says it was her decision to terminate their relationship after Danielle exhibited “extremely unstable behavior.” Things got so bad that Gina and her business partners were considering a restraining order! Click here for more details.

Danielle Jbali quote about GR Media

After her announcement, we reached out to a source close to the situation for the inside scoop. “They did not want her posting, commenting, or answering questions,” the source says of GR Media’s reaction to Danielle’s recent social media postings. [UPDATE – I wanted to clarify that it was Danielle’s responses to negative comments that were the biggest point of contention, and that the social media blackout was also due in part to her potential makeover show.] “Danielle was answering tweets last weekend and Gina b!tched at her for doing it,” our source reveals, adding that Danielle was also instructed to stop posting photos of her family on Instagram and to halt her 90 Day Fiance episode reaction videos with Periscoper John Yates.

The source says that the clickbait articles were a complete surprise to Danielle. “She did not start those, they did.” I was curious to know just how much money Danielle was walking away from, but our source says flatly: “She has received nothing from the click bait posts.” (I have to admit I’m a bit shocked by this!)

So what about the makeover show? Our source says that it was moving along, and that Danielle was set to work with Mama June’s trainer Natasha Fett, who was also on From Not To Hot. “Danielle had already lost six pounds in preparation,” says the source.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the show is now off. “Danielle’s makeover show is not possible unless another network or entertainment outlet picks it up,” our source says. “Danielle is very disappointed. She really wanted to do it.”

We feel the same as Danielle! Given what a HUGE success From Not To Hot was for WEtv I simply CANNOT IMAGINE that another production company won’t be contacting Danielle soon after this post is published about working together on a similar project. To be honest, I’d be surprised if Sharp Entertainment, the company behind 90 Day Fiance, isn’t looking into doing it themselves.

In VERY related news, GR Media recently announced on their Instagram page that they had signed Danielle’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After co-stars Anfisa and Jorge Nava as clients, but only days later Anfisa laughed off the post and revealed that she and Jorge had elected to go another route. “Great news!” Anfisa posted on Instagram late last month, “Jorge and I have signed with David Weintraub & DWE talent for management & representation!” DWE’s roster of talent is very similar to that of GR Media, and includes recognizable names such as Courtney Stodden, Scott Disick, Ray J, Gretchen Rossi and Vinny Guadagnino.

We were wondering if Anfisa’s decision was affected by input from Danielle after her experience with GR Media, but our source says that is not the case, and that Danielle and Anfisa never talked about it.

Although it is unclear if we will ever get to see Danielle on her own makeover reality series, it is VERY clear that we can all see her on the final segment of the EPIC three-part 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After: The Couples Tell All special airing this Sunday night at 8/7c on TLC!

UPDATE – Gina Rodriguez has since responded on Twitter and confirms that Danielle has quit GR Media, but Gina says she was the one who made the decision to end her company’s partnership with Danielle because of Danielle’s “unstable behavior.” Gina says that things had escalated to the point that “we almost had to get a restraining order.”

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  • Michael

    The reason Danielle “really wanted to do it.” is because it would be a check in the bank. If she really wanted to do it, she would do it with or without the cameras.

    • Patricia E. Caris Campbell

      Do you know her in person? Did you get that scoop directly from her? I don’t think you do or have so unless you know true facts there is no meaning to you comment. Move on now and leave her alone. You all think they made loads of money off of the 90 Day Fiance Show and she is living the easy life, far from it. She is supporting herself and putting herself through school. She is supporting her household and paying her own bills without the help of you or anyone else.

      • FYO

        If your grammar had been worse I would’ve questioned whether or not you’re Dinyell.

        • blksnakemoan

          Your spelling and grammar is just as bad..moron.

          • FYO

            My grammar is fine and “Dinyell” is a joke that apparently went way over your head. You lose.

      • 2loo

        Danielle didn’t even had the sense to negotiate for the click bait ads!! Someboy is not representing her or doing a horrible job. And anybody that has any sense can tell you .,,Danielle could never not retaliate on social media especially when it comes to Mo and stalking his Instagram and going after post about other women. She will retaliate on anything that involves Mohamed or any negativity said about her… She’s completely clueless to who she is as a person. That lady could’ve made serious money it but if she is completely clueless and so is her family.

        • Tina

          Do you personally know Danielle Jbali to say thzt about her and her family. How cruel

          • Monross

            don’t you watch the show? she has stalked him constantly, don’t have to know her personally to see what kind of a mental case she is, it is not cruel, she has put herself out there by being on the show #1 and by constantly posting on social media #2

          • 2loo

            Cruel??! I said that lady doesn’t know herself and doesn’t know herself work… Somebody’s not doing her any favors by being her representative…

          • Jimmy Ray Mays

            Jbali The Hut…

        • tina

          why is it always someone other then her? She is a grown woman do your research lord knows she is on the computer long enough. She isn’t over him, she clearly has some issues beyond her ability to not stay off social media even when it comes to a job. But she will sit on her ass and play the victim

      • Vangelina Hamm-Woodhams

        May I ask…How is Danielle getting a nursing career (if she even completes) when she has a criminal back ground. I work in nursing and its very unlikely that she will. Also based on her “unstable behavior” will also be a big factor…

        • Monross

          there is no way she will ever even get into Nursing school you and I are Nurses and you know how rigorous the entrance exams are and how stressful, she has severe mental problems and is living in a dream world

          • Zeltutu

            I am also a RN, she will never even get accepted to a nursing program. There are many prerequisites before the nursing program even starts.

            Maybe she is going for a nurses aide certificate.

            • Monross

              she wouldn’t even get a Nurses aid cert as she doesn’t use any common sense

        • Bagheeratwins

          She’s so unstable! If she were to be someone’s nurse and they pissed her off she’d probably shoot them up with succs!

        • tina

          she is in remedial classes not even college level and not nursing program also having a record is usually a no for nursing just ask her friend

        • sahali735

          She needs to go back to grade 3 and start to learn English.


        • jayanna

          Sorry but she is not smart enough to become a nurse. It is a hard profession that requires a lot of intelligence and she doesn’t have it. That and the emotional instability will tank any medical career she thinks she will have.

      • Michael

        Although she lives less than 35 miles from me, no I don’t know her but I know her kind. You see it on reality tv all the time. Once they get a little bit of the limelight, almost none of them want to go back to working a 9-5 job and will do anything to stay in the biz, both men and women.

      • Monross

        what planet are you from, Danielle sets herself up by constantly being on social media, she has no life and she does not support herself or her household, try welfare checks, as for her bills, you really think she pays them? that is part of her problem that and her mentality

      • Maria J Flores

        Ok Daniella, who cares. She has proven over and over She is unstable. She does not need a show, she needs a mental evaluation. I am so sick of the oh poor me act. Get over it. Grow up and take responsibility for your stupid actions.. You are the only one to blame for those actions

        • tina

          so much for she is over him and social media. She couldn’t let go of social media for this job and sorry not buying she quit

      • SammyG

        Why do you care soo much?

      • Jan Johnson

        Doing what she doesn’t work must be welfare?

      • Melahi Briggs

        I just don’t understand you Patricia. How can you say to Michael not to comment when you’re doing the same thing. You’re making comments yourself. How do you know that she’s paying her bills and taking care of her house herself? Do you know her personally? you’re being a hypocrite Patricia.

      • Jimmy Ray Mays

        She’s a con. Trolling the web for her next victim to pay her overdue cable bill. She’s delusional.

  • Alisson Leech

    I would have watched that. Danielle is… Interesting. Lol

  • Victoria

    Afisna and Jorge have talent?

  • Tina

    Yes, Daniele Jbali did drop her GR people that were going to do a show for her about weight loss. But that’s off too. I don’t know any of the other particulars about why Danielle isn’t doing it.

    • Janette Whittemore

      All you had to do was read the article above and you’d know why she isn’t doing it !?!?!?!

    • debbiehm

      Actually, THEY dropped her- due to her instablility- they said they almost had to get a restraining order against her- not so hard to believe is it now?

  • barbinop

    Mohammed is probably thinking that she’s the nightmare that he can’t wake up from. Who wants to be with a blubbering idiot? I believe him when he said she cries for attention to divert the issue. If she has a boyfriend (?) Why is she still stalking Mohammed? Gosh woman move the hell on!!!!!!!

    • Nancy Calvert

      I agree with you 100%. She is the worst person I’ve ever seen and heard(unfortunately)! If I had to listen to her screeching, whining voice much longer, I’d have to shoot myself. She is like the pot calling the kettle black! She’s stalking Mohammed and doing her best to get him deported and she’s already screwing around with someone else! The only reason she kept his last name is for publicity and to make money! Come on woman, I’m almost 64 and I have enough sense to know that no 24 year old guy that looks that good is gonna want me when he can have anyone he wants. She has no one but herself to blame. And, who in their right mind would watch a show about her and Momma June?? Are we that desperate to be tortured?

      • Monross

        right Nancy agree with you 100% and another thing is if he crooked his little finger to her and asked her to come to him she would break her neck getting to him. She is needy, whiny and a wreck of a human being and a Mother

        • Bagheeratwins

          She’s a nutcase. Then again, he’s a terrorist.

        • tina

          yep which is exactly why she didn’t want to give up social media she couldn’t have her fans stalk him

    • Tessa

      I could be wrong, but I have never heard Danielle say she wants the money back that she spent to bring Mo to the US. Now, during the tell-all sessions she mentions the money, yet another way to stay in poor Mo’s life. I feel very sorry for her and would love to tell her to move on and cut her losses. But she has very low self-eseem.thrives on drama and doesn’t use her noggin for logical thinking.

  • Joanne Cheryl

    Why is she using Mohamed’s family name? They are divorced. They were barely married lol. She really is something else!!

    • tina

      because she bought and paid for him. Her excuse its too much money but when pointed out it could be done in court it changed to she has no time. She has time to stalk but no time to change it. then it was I need it for my fb id proven wrong again the excuses just coming

  • Roberta Lipman

    Danielle is the worst of America s archetype..fat unstable illiterate manipulative white tr……you get the pic

    • tina

      well now you can get a picture autographed lol sorry I couldn’t resist

  • sw10397

    I honestly think she’s a little retarded.

    • Jo

      I totally agree she has got to be be the dumbest person ever on TV.. Poor thing is so homely and unattractive anyone could see why a man like Mohammed would not be attracted to her.

  • Johnny Sack

    If you watch these shows, put a bullet through your brain.

  • Colleen Fortin

    I almost puke in my mouth every time I look at her. Whiney illiterate trailer trash

  • patty

    She needs to grow up! So immature and irresponsible and unstable! She should of bought a nice car or helped her kids then buy a husband!!

  • Batshelmalek

    Danielle just cannot stop picking the scab. She has to move on with her life but dredges up the past with Muhammed. Let’s get real. Her neediness is enough to scare any man away. I don’t think she will be free from the past until she stops playing the victim card. Let it go!

  • Verdie McCann

    Here’s a tip, Danielle, stay off social media, put yourself on a diet and exercise program, and then you would probably be a lot happier without anyone’s opinions. Leave the ex alone too. He played you–game, set, match!

  • Rice

    Well a tv show and makeover (assuming losing weight, plastic surgery, nip, tuck inject, lift, Botox and fix her eyeglasses and see if her eyes will go the same way, dental, tattoo removal, wardrobe, hair cut and color.)
    And stay off social media!

  • Lane Martin

    There are people in Houston, TX that either lost their lives or are living a TRUE nightmare and devastation beyond words. There are people in the ENTIRE state of Florida that are bracing themselves for an unknown that is for most certain going to change their lives forever. And here is this idiot Danielle that, for some reason, has people hypnotysized into wasting their energy on wondering what is going on in her pitiful life. Here’s a thought: who gives a shi-??? I vote for all of us to go on some websites & donate to relief aide & let’s quit giving this goof any more air time ?.

  • ZombieVoodooQueen

    Danielle is a simpleton and pure white trash… She’s so friggin nasty why would anyone in there right mind watch a show just about her and that other piece of nasty white trash mama June!!! I don’t like Moho but I feel bad that he got stuck with her, is there not anyone else he could have suckered into a green card scam!

  • tina

    but she is over him and social media right? She couldn’t have handled those surgeries or pain and it wouldn’t help can’t fix stupid. No way she quit they fired her

  • HorseLover

    Who would watch any train wreck show with this chick, let alone a makeover show? She needs to go back to remedial school to learn how to speak before even trying to look better. Have no idea why anyone would want to participate in these low-life reality shows. Desperate people only need to apply.

  • Melahi Briggs

    Hold on Patricia, your commenting too. Do you know her personally? Do you know that she is paying her bills? You can’t say to Michael not to comment when you’re making comments yourself. you’re being a hypocrite Patricia I’m sorry but you are

  • Jimmy Ray Mays

    Danielle is a stalker. That creepy half smile on her ugly greasy face makes me want to vomit. She’s psychotic. Those poor daughters of hers are victims of her sick narcissism. Does she EVER shower? Does she own a mirror? Danielle needs to meet s nice Nigerian man to send all of her money to. She’s disgusting.