90 DAY FIANCE Anfisa says Jorge guilty of domestic violence for controlling money

Anfisa hitting Jorge on 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Anfisa Arkhipchenko continues to be the completely honest gold digging Russian brat that everyone came to love and/or hate on the original series, but some fans think she is taking things too far this season after repeated incidents in which she is seen hitting her husband Jorge while cameras are rolling. Anfisa took to Instagram this week to defend herself against the backlash by pointing out that Jorge is also guilty of domestic violence because he insists on maintaining control of the couple’s finances.

“Did you guys know that neglecting your spouse and having total control of money (financial abuse) in a relationship is considered domestic violence?” Anfisa asks in a caption to a photo of her and Jorge in the lawyer’s office where both of the violent scenes occurred. “Why aren’t people talking about this?” she asks. “Do Americans have more rights than foreigners when it comes to DV? That’s a serious matter that is being completely ignored. Maybe I need to bring more awareness to this.” She concluded her speech with the hash tags #90DayFiance and #LetsBeReal.

As you might imagine, Anfisa’s comments sparked quite the debate, with more than a few rather irate counterpoints. Anfisa responded to those with a message that needed no translation because the eyeroll is universal:

(Anfisa’s argument may strike a chord with Teen Mom OG viewers because on the most recent season we witnessed Amber Portwood’s fiance Matt Baier taking control of their finances as a method of controlling Amber.)

For reference, here is one of the violent scenes in which Anfisa completely snaps and slaps Jorge right around the 1:43 mark:

Meanwhile, Anfisa’s violent on-screen actions have inspired an online petition asking TLC to at least stop casually airing the violent scenes. From the petition:

When Anfisa and Jorge first hit our screens in 2016 as the volatile couple on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance people were shocked at Anfisa’s behavior towards her then fiance Jorge. She destroyed his property (car, phones, etc.) and was verbally abusive.

In season 5 of 90 Day Fiance Anfisa and Jorge tied the knot. But unfortunately their relationship has now become violent. In episodes 3 and 4, viewers of the show witnessed Anfisa physically attacking Jorge. Jorge admitted on film that he is scared of Anfisa. People who are familiar with domestic violence will recognize her actions as signs of an abusive and dangerous partner.

An estimated 10 million Americans are the victims of domestic violence each year. TLC needs to take a stand against domestic violence and stop normalizing it by airing it every Sunday on its popular tv show 90 Day Fiance.

The Anfisa domestic violence issue did not slip by her cast mate Paola Mayfield either, as the 90 Day Fiance OG used it to throw a bit of shade Anfisa’s way!

Paola Russ Instagram

The Colombian born Paolo shared the photo above with husband Russ Mayfield on Instagram, and in the caption she apologized for a scene in which her friends from back home were very critical of Russ, and she didn’t do or say much to defend her husband.

“I’m sorry I didn’t back you up with @juan_a_palacio,” Pao wrote, “but you know I would never strike you ?”

It sounds like we will have quite the dramatic reunion show!

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  • BreeMorey

    Are they putting it on? She isn’t that hot to deal with the stuff she did when they were engaged? Imagine if she controlled the money lol They would have food or a roof over their head but they would have some pretty sweet Chanel handbags 🙂

  • Stacy

    She’s insane.

    • Deborah Miller

      Anfisa is just a spoiled brat that think she could trick an American man into treating her like a princess…she is totally insane with the screaming and tantrums…she needs to be under control with his money and go get a job. ??

      • Angelett


  • kiki

    If he wasn’t allowing her to access her money or not providing her normal needs, then yes I would agree with that being domestic violence. But not allowing her to spend all his money on dumb stuff is just smart.

    • Anne Ladouceur


    • BarbiAnne

      how is Jorge not providing her normal needs?? since day one that she has entered this country Jorge has provided Anfisa with a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath high rise apartment (which was the only one she would accept), food, 2 iPhones, 2 laptops, all kinds of jewelry (Diamonds, Sapphires, Platinum and 24kt Gold), plus she has access to all his credit cards on a daily basis to get whatever she wants … Not to mention all the plastic surgery, jewelry, money and clothes he sent to her BEFORE she had gotten to the USA … She has done nothing but been mean, abusive and kicked him out of an apartment that HE PAYS FOR!!! If he was smart, the last time she threw me out would have been the last, I would have cut off her phone, I would have filed to have her evicted from the apartment that I pay for and has MY name on it and I would have taken all the footage from the show and brought it to the lawyer as evidence and filed for a divorce and left her to her own devices. … Let her go live with that friend that has so much advice for her… the only one she knows, who knows nothing and needs to keep her mouth shut!

      • Angelett

        Yesssss honey yes your comment hits the nail on the head

  • melinehclassy

    Pao you’re trash too. You may not have “striked” him but you’re emotionally abusive to “Ross” and your ugly Hair is visually abusive to us viewers.

    • Jenbob1252

      Amen. I agree 100%

  • Trash TV

    This is fake or she is a sociopath.

  • Teri Anne Green

    She is a spoiled brat and clearly he can’t see nor does he want to admit that she’s here for a green card. Get out Jorge while you can. She should love the ring if it costs $1.00, I think Jorge has a huge heart and he is not confident in himself. There are American women that would love him for who he is, no one should take that abuse.

  • Marina Karina

    OK, I will never be a fan of Anfisa, BUT she has always been very honest about her monetary requirements with Jorge

    Meanwhile Jorge has:
    1) consistently lied (aka scammed!) to her about having money, when he’s in serious debt;
    2) is withholding money as a means to control her;
    2) needs to put together a monthly budget and give her an allowance to manage on her own;
    3) acts like the downtrodden nut-less victim all the time;
    4) passive-aggressive: tries to put together a post-wedding post-nup, then tries to meet with the lawyers without her;
    5) allows family members to treat her badly & doesn’t come to her defense.

    Let’s face it. If you were a 19 year old woman who had emigrated to a country where she had no means of supporting herself and no friends, and you find that the man who lured you here with false promises is full of lies, wouldn’t you be a bit p!$$ed off? She’s trapped in that apartment – can’t drive, can’t work. He acts the perpetual victim on TV, further vilifying her (so she gets slammed on social media) – instead of admitting his mistakes & lies, and holding himself accountable for them. On top of that, he doesn’t even defend her to his family, and allows his sister to treat her like dirt.

    I don’t condone violence, but under these circumstances, I’d probably want to hit him, too.

    • E Peeples

      Then she should return home immediately. Wouldn’t you do that if you were being treated badly(which she isn’t)?

    • disqus_0H6wJhbptR

      I totally agree!!!

    • FYO

      Anfisa is lame as f… but you make some solid points.

    • 90andi

      Being honest about monetary requirements and physically and/or verbally attacking him when he won’t or can’t meet her demands, Not acceptable. Once she found out he isn’t rich as she would like, then she should leave. Could you imagine if she had control of finances?! Good Lord!! That would be another show in itself!! Lol He does need to stop acting like a victim since he continuously lets her abuse him and he had ample opportunities to end it.
      G&A actually had my big burly manly man sucked into binge watching these two..yelling at tv. ?

    • Sandy Shepel

      Remember that Jorge was supposed to meet with his sister for a chat, as Anfisa would not let him go out alone and then she came, of course the sister reacted specially knowing all the nasty things she has done to him..

  • Thyria Jones

    Jorge is such a weak specimen of manhood that any woman would want to knock the crap out of him! Grow a pair, dude! Just paying a Ho would be cheaper!

    • scotty31

      you are a moron bet you would not be saying the same thing if this was a man being abusive and controlling to a women you hypicrite

  • E Peeples

    If she feels she’s being ‘abused’ she can hot foot it right back to Russia.I also like how SHE is posting all over social media but doesn’t want anyone to comment on her postings. George is so dumb and young; at least he’ll have his sisters when this all goes horribly wrong.

  • sahali735

    Anfisa and Jorge are unbelievable…and I don’t mean that in a good way. She is not a nice person….in fact, a spoiled brat with duck lips, and he needs to work on his self-esteem. They really need to apart….he in the U.S. and she in Russia.
    I can’t believe I’m commenting on this show!!

  • Anfisa was probably advised that she can be arrested for domestic violence w/o Jorge filing charges and he has no say as it was shown on TV. Now she is trying to do some damage control.
    That happened to Amber Portwood after she attacked Gary and it was filmed.

    • barbinop

      She should be held accountable for her actions. Just because she’s a foreigner does not excuse her behavior. I hope she finds out what the inside of a prison looks like!!

  • Connee Lehrmann Molay

    What are they waiting for to have this violent woman taken away and send her back to Russia. Totally agree that Jorge needs to grow a pair.

  • Sharkey Taylor

    If he we’re beating her, there would be such a cry it would be all over the news this is domestic violence and nothing is being done WoW

  • Kelley Duke Guinther

    Rooting for Russ and Paola! The love they share is real. Anfisa is a spoiled bitch stop hitting your husband or go back to Russia!

    • eva scharfe

      I don’t see Ross and Pao lasting either. I think Pao actually thinks Ross is a dumb ass and even her parents seem to think he’s a joke.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Personally I think Russ is gay.

  • eva scharfe

    TALK ABOUT DOMESTICC VIOLENCE,,,,ANFISA IS THE BIGGEST OFFENDER. SHE FREQUENTLY is violent hitting and punching Jorge or throwing things at him/

  • cookie

    They’re both idiots

  • T. Leykis

    If this guy really had money he would have moved on a long time ago. They deserve each other although I think this whole series, just like all “reality tv”, has nothing to do with reality to begin with.

    • BarbiAnne

      Look, Jorge obviously has money and he does make money, he owns 5 marijuana shops in the grater Los Angeles area, the only problem is .. is that as soon as he makes it is as fast as Anfisa spends it .. Hell living on the 14th floor in a high rise apt. bldg is not exactly cheap in LA plus everything that he had alredy bought her, make-up, purses, clothes, plastic surgery, jewlery, iphones, laptops and she still wants wants wants its never enough. It will NEVER be enough for her and every time he tries to go to the lawyer.. she blows up or gets mad for one reason or another because she knows that its all gonna end and its not going to be in her favor or its going to be limited and she doesn’t like that …. He created this monster and he’s trying to put a stop to it so they can have a future, but she will never see that, so he really needs to just be be smart and be done with the whole thing otherwise he either may lose everything or she just may kill him either way it will be a sad ending for him and it was something he brought on himself although he tried to correct it… it may just be too late

  • Gabriele Njq

    this little RussIan girl is a violent spoiled brat who is emotionally and physically abusing this man to get what she wants its a control issue and he enjoyed being her slave at first,, that’s what turned him on to be treated like shit,, now it is not fun anymore but he got what he paid for…if she feels he is putting her through domestic violence because she can’t go shopping and spend money she needs to go home and move back in with her grandma in Russia,, and wait for a super rich millionaire who can transform her into the great model she thinks she is, in my eyes she is only a wannabe and wanna get,,

  • Dios Mio

    Regresa a Colombia no estas a el nivel que requiren las modelos en Estado Unidos !! too short

  • Dios Mio


  • Dios Mio

    Where did they find these women ? Trash

  • she looked better with her original color hair. Maybe cut it shorter or a layered for a more contemporary edgy look but dyeing it dirty blond was a waste of money, and it made her look trashy.

  • barbinop

    Send Anfisa back to Russia with only the things she came here with. Paolo too. Paolo is just another Latin girl trying to make it in Miami. They’re a dime a dozen there. Anfisa is one hateful bitxx.

  • 90 Days In the Hole…

    When these average or below average men aspire to achieve greatness by hooking up with much hotter women than themselves…chaos WILL ensue! This show is a fantastic object lesson regarding the topic of champagne tastes and beer budgets—at the very least in the looks department. Jorge reminds me of Shrek; there is NOTHING about this man that is attractive, redeeming, honest, kind…not a damn thing! Anfisa must come from the equivalent of the Russian barrio (ghetto) in order to have agreed to come here on Jorge’s dime! She is a pretty enough girl (I think! Who knows with all that injection molding inside her!)…but clearly highly and I do mean HIGHLY dysfunctional! I wonder what happened to her in her life that she was willing to throw herself under the bus as she has for…Jorge (?!?!?!) Her life in Russia for real had to be pure hell! As for Paolo…she’s a big time party girl on a mission. In their case, Russ is just a dumb a$$ for believing she authentically views him as an equal. She does NOT Russ; get a clue buddy! And yes, Paolo’s hair looks like a paint job it is SO unattractive; her “agent” presents like the equivalent of a female pimp. Whatever modeling jobs she can get down in Miami would clearly involve nudity and that’s about it. And since I am typing this—OMG Danielle and Mohammed! Danielle I am so sorry looks AND behaves like a 65 year old Polish refugee. How delusional does a woman have to get to believe that a 28 year old (ANY 28 year old!) would want HER for the “right” reasons?! Is she kidding us all?! They must pay her big $$ to be on this program for her to keep up the delusion that she’s justified in believing she was so “wronged” by Mohammed! She says she has a boyfriend now; maybe it’s Jorge! They are a much better match anyway! LOL! (At least he IS a younger guy too Danielle!) Mohammed, by the way, a great match for Anfisa. They think exactly alike! They both came here expecting to be taken care of by their “partner”…when their partner choices didn’t have a pot to pee in. So–maybe together they can find a new pot and some new pee for themselves! LOL! What a show!

  • SweetT

    Hey guys, I am disgusted by this childlike behavior from her. How is it okay to strike a man and get away with it for any reason? They didn’t let Amber Portwood to get away with it. She has struck him more than once on national television, people. What does she say to herself that it’s okay to do this? Domestic abuse is NOT okay on either side. What the hell what they do to him if he did it? She can get away with it? I’m sorry no body or vagina is hot enough to accept the mental and physical abuse that he is receiving. I’m a woman and it’s embarrassing to me as a woman to see her act with no self control or dignity. Hell yeah he controls the money, her comments alone about how he cannot give her the ridiculously monatary things she “requires” from him. A 10,000 bag?? I’d rather have a home and a 50.00 pair of shoes and groceries on the damn table. Can’t eat a bag, or wear one on your feet, or live in it. She must have a platinum vagina I guess. It makes me so upset every time I listen to her. I mean she did have a point when she said he wouldn’t be with her if she was fat and ugly, but daaaannng girl, you have to show everyone that you REALLY don’t care about him at all? Did you hear the “COME HOME NOW!” On the phone, that just sounded demonic to me. But seriously she should be charged with domestic violence, PERIOD!! Because if he had done it to her?? HE WOULD BE UNDER THE JAIL! I’m just a Texas girl, and where I come from, someone would be getting they ass whooped from a southern red rack girl. He could find someone to treat him better and maybe get him out of debt and help him sell all the crap he’s bought her to settle the damn debt. Girl get a job….. sell the purses, something! Ughhhhh!! Okay I’ll let someone else have the soap box now……

    • Alyssah Pg

      I agree. She should be charged with DV. It’s is not ok for Anfisa just like it was not ok for Amber.

  • Alyssah Pg

    Tlc producers need to put a stop to Anfisa abuse. They need to step in and let her know we don’t ever condone that kind of violence in the United States. Just because she’s a female Foreigner doesn’t mean its ok. Why isn’t Anfisa being charged with domestic violence.

  • Babycakes

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Marge Simpson???