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Farrah Abraham Single AF dating show

Earlier this month we reported that Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham would be starring in a new dating reality series utilizing social media to look for love. Initially titled Love Socially, the series has since undergone a name change and will officially be called Single AF, which doesn’t mean what you think (Single As F*** or Single Ass Farrah) but Single Available Famous.

“So excited to join @mtvsingleaf where I’ll be traveling around the world going on dates that YOU can help me with,” Farrah announced on her social media accounts earlier today. “If you think that you have a friend who may be the one for me.. tag them and comment your reason why on Instagram.. it could even be you!” Farrah included a link to the application form where you can put your hat in the ring for a potential Farrahlationship.

Here’s a video of Farrah talking about being on the show and describing what she is looking for in a potential mate:

“Hi, I’m Farrah from MTV’s Teen Mom and I am putting my love life in the hands of MTV and my followers,” she says to kick off the clip. More from Farrah:

In my own words, I don’t know why I haven’t found my own man, my own match, umm, the love of my life — but I am searching for somebody who doesn’t cheat of course, who is wealthy, rich, has his own car, lives on his own, is super grateful for everything that he has: his successes and his goals and his future, and also can be family friendly.

More on the show from Variety:

Single AF will rollout June 26 through July 11 on MTV’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat accounts. The linear series will follow in November. The series will chronicle two weeks of dating adventures among young celebrities who will then bring their top dates to a castle in Paris to determine if they’ve “met their match.”

The full trailer with the entire cast — via Instagram video of course:

Since the dating decisions will apparently be influenced by folks voting on social media, here are my predictions for who will be making the trip to Paris with Farrah with a very brief explanation of my reasoning for each:

4. Simon Saran (If the show is rigged)

3. James Deen (Dem horny boys want another movie yo!)

2. Matt Baier (The Teen Mom trolls are powerful!)

1. Shane Dawson (There is absolutely no way Shane Dawson doesn’t win if this is purely a democratic process.)

Farrah will be joined by four other single individuals and one single (double?) duo on the show: Geordie Shore‘s Marnie Simpson, English YouTuber Elliot Crawford, Australian drag superstar Courtney Act, London boyband alum Casey Johnson, and Irish pop duo Jedward. (I’m guessing the Jedward journey will be all double dates?)

So far we have yet to hear from Farrah’s off-screen boyfriend Simon Saran, who has repeatedly mocked MTV for pretending that Farrah is single in the past. I will just insert this placeholder eyeroll photo until we get the inevitable “Simon Says” shady tweet(s):

Simon Saran eyeroll

As expected, that didn’t take long! After retweeting this post, Simon tweeted this insight on Single AF, seemingly making a joke about Matt Baier:

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  • DanaD

    Hahaha. So Ms. Backdoor is staring in a show with as f k in the title! Does she not see the obvious joke the creators are making? It’s pretty hilarious and fitting. Half of the battle to being a good person is knowing/recognizing your faults and the other half is working to correct those imperfections. This is why Farrah is single. She doesn’t realize how damaged she is and therefore doesn’t work on changing how she talks to and treats others. It’s not just the adult films and toys that will scare off any sane man but add all the reality shows that documents how crazy she is and that makes Farrah one night stand material (use a condom and pull out) but not gf or wife material to anyone who doesn’t have an agenda.

    • Kate

      Actually if you read the article it clearly states that the AF stands for Available & Famous.

      Look, I hate Farrah as much as the next person, but if you’re gonna insult her, try not to look as stupid as her.

      • jebuz

        Nobody is seeing it as”available and famous”…its an acronym that a lot of youngins nowadays use for “as fΩck” .

        • DanaD

          Thanks! She had two adult films with her backdoor being the main star. Calling her dating show Single AF seems like an obvious dig.. and most people get that.

      • DanaD

        Someone should let the writers on Jezebel that they’re using AF wrong in the article they posted today! Marriah Carey’s new merch is gay AF. Wow. How embarrassing. Please let them know it mean available and famous now. Thank you. 🤣

  • AshleyBlack

    She doesn’t know why she’s still single? Really, Farrah? REALLY?!

    • YourMom

      Lol. Well, we all know she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. So…..

      • Benjamin Collins

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        • Kari


      • Kandace Lowrey-Ellis

        Is she even in the shed????

  • Guest

    I wish Simon would just marry her already.

  • FYO

    Considering how Farrah talks to people, she’ll probably be `single af` for a long time.