Farrah Abraham says Amber Portwood looks like a “cheap hooker” in her wedding dress


Farrah Abraham went “there” during her most recent diss of her Teen Mom costars.

In a Facebook Live promotional interview with In Touch for her upcoming appearance on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars: Family Edition, Abraham went all in on bashing Amber Portwood, Matt Baier, Kailyn Lowry and Tyler Baltierra.

Trashing the other stars is nothing new for Farrah, but even for her this round of comments were harsh.

Did you feel left out when they all went to Puerto Rico together?

FA: Hell no… I have much better taste in trips, styles and probably went to better locations in Puerto Rico than they did.

Do you think there’s ever going to be a chance that you guys can get along?

FA: Why would I? Would they have apologized to me many of times, I mean, Amber’s trying to have her own management team pitch my own shows… I just feel like I have surpassed them and I don’t like people using me saying negative things like writing books about me, doing horrible things… I would not want a friend like that for anybody.

Have you and Amber spoken since… (cut off)

FA: No. I don’t speak to criminals and, honestly, her and her criminal convict whatever she’s into, she should have that time in her life and I’m totally far separated from that.

Do you  guys regret making the pedophile comments?

FA: I mean, if someone’s a pedophile it’s a pedophile. I mean he continues to act like it with writing books about me, using outlandish things that are not true but they “know Farrah more” than anybody.

Farrah on Kail Lowry’s current pregnancy and the mystery over who the father is:

FA: Honestly, I am not above the drama, nor do I encourage other Teen Moms to continue to have unplanned pregnancies and situations like this. This is why I’ve started the show. This is why I continue to do the show. I am more about talking success and women striving to do their hardest and turning things around and I welcome and I’m happy for everybody else who gets pregnant on Teen Mom.

Farrah Abraham Amber Portwood feud

Do you think he [Tyler Baltierra] would be the type to cheat on her [Catelynn Lowell]?

FA: Yeah, probably with a gay guy. You might need to digest that.

Farrah on what she thought about Amber in her wedding dress:

FA: I think her pink hair took away from the whole dress… It looks like a cheap hooker. I mean if you want to get married like that it’s your choice. It’ll be fun.


  • SweetTeacher

    Farrah is obviously not above the drama if she continues to comment and make rude remarks about the other cast mates. They may have made mistakes, but at least they aren’t delusional narcissists.

    • A

      That door swings both ways. Amber and Catelynn trash Farrah any chance they get. The only one who seems to stay quiet is Maci.

      • YourMom

        I’d trash Farrah too!! And I’d do it to her face if I were them. I sooooo wish they would’ve let Ambien punch the sh!t outta her! You KNOW everyone would have given her high fives & cheered!!!

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Well she did sort of call it on Tyler being in the closet. A lot of people agree with that statement on a couple Teen Mom FB groups.

    • TinaBelchersGroan

      Yeah I’ve heard a lot about Tyler being gay. There’s nothing wrong it but I’ve seen a lot of comments regarding it.

    • truckproductions

      this rumor is ridiculous. what is it based on? because he’s more expressive than the other dads? give me a break.

      • LoLo

        Exactly. Now, I don’t know what he does in the bedroom or what his preference is. That’s between him & Cait. What we do know is Farrah made a porn with a male pornstar & still tries to say it was a sex tape with her boyfriend. We know she treats everyone around her like crap & I mean everyone. I don’t care how many businesses she owns or how successful she is in business. If you are not a good person that’s what matters in the end.

    • There’s no proof only gossip.

  • Bruja

    No. I don’t speak to criminals and, honestly, her and her criminal
    convict whatever she’s into, she should have that time in her life and
    I’m totally far separated from that.

    English mother phucker! Do you speak it?!

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    • Gigi123


  • Amanda Halladay


  • Amanda Halladay

    I don’t like Farrah’s attitude but honestly she has drive and has done more than any of the other teen moms have. At least she’s trying to secure a future beyond teen mom, sure doing porn will kinda always be there but who cares it’s her body and she got pof for it, how many other stupid celebs or people end up getting caught film and it leaking for nothing js.. everyone has sex

    • kiki

      For me, it’s not really the fact she did a sex tape. Yeah, it’s gross and stuff but whatever. It’s the fact she staged it, shopped it, said it was leaked, and then did the sex toys and promotions for it. Then that her dad and child were there while she shopped it. And that she then claimed she was drugged and taken advantage of and all the other bs she spewed around it.

      • truckproductions

        and how about the fact that she’s just an all around terrible person who cannot interact with other human beings in a civilized manner. She’s completely self centered and refuses to admit her own faults. She’s a control freak who has a melt down if everything doesn’t go exactly her way. THATS the problem with this entitled brat of a teen mom..

      • tina

        I honestly think, and I’m not a fan of hers but when she was on therapy show with dr jen she went into a bit about her father setting up that deal. That neither realized how much was involved, didn’t have a lawyer look over the contract. Meaning she knew there was a sex tape but all the other stuff from the sex products, appearances in the horrible sleazy places all of that neither was smart enough to realize how much it involved. Plus the fact she said it was an ironclad contract and she could not get out of it or she would have lost everything. This proves I watch way too much reality trash tv and I need to get a life lol

        • LoLo

          It was NEVER a sex tape. A sex tape is something you make in the privacy of your home or wherever with someone you know or are in a relationship with. You don’t hire a male pornstar & have a camera crew.

    • Lauren

      I’ve been saying this for years. Farrah is many things but lazy isn’t one of them. People only remember the porn, but she’s also got books, the boutique, and that frozen yogurt place. The most any of the others do is sit on their rears and hawk crap on twitter. She’d actually be somewhat admirable if she dropped the attitude and thought before she opened her mouth.

    • LoLo

      My issue with her porn is she didn’t own it. She still claims it was a sex tape between her & her boyfriend. Well we all know now that’s not true & he was not ever in a relationship with her. If you are going to do something for money own it & move on. Denying it while calling out other women for what they’ve done is hypocritical.

    • realitycheck

      Nice to have a ‘drive’ but if it is a drive to do disgusting things..no thanks..and if it is a drive to be a shameless horrible person to everybody she sadly share space and air with..NO THANKS. Yep, in this case i prefer lazy bearable people. ps: only genius can be obnoxious and yet be praised because they did magical things..case in point someone like John Lennon..and yet he could be lazy too..well, the opposite of this reality tv horrible plastic looking ex-teen mom to sum up. ha.

  • kiki

    That interviewer looks methed up…

  • No more!

    Does this pile of crap know what pedophile means?

    “I mean, if someone’s a pedophile it’s a pedophile. I mean he continues to act like it with writing books about me, using outlandish things that are not true but they “know Farrah more” than anybody.”

    She is really not very bright.

  • pmo

    your opinion, but u really are a chEAP HOOKER FARRAH,

  • bambiglanville

    Umm.. ” if someone’s a pedophile it’s a pedophile. I mean he continues to act like it with writing books about me, using outlandish things that are not true” that does not make someone a pedophile. I think she needs to go back to school, a long with everyone else on this show.

    • Mia Winters

      Honestly his relationship with Lea kind of creeped me out, how you going to act like you are so into this child when you didn’t even see your own children years and abandoned them for years! The dude is just creepy and he was going after Farrah, Jenelle ect first but Amber was the only one to take the bite the other ladies did not want to date him but he was desperately trying to date all the teen moms I think because he saw a lot of the men on the show don’t work so that was right up his ally

      • No one your claims make someone a pedophile.

      • seriously

        Still how that makes him a pedophile ?? Is that you Farrah the porn ‘star’ ??

      • bambiglanville

        I was never defended the dude. I, too, find him extremely creepy. But why jump to conclusions when it comes to her daughter? That little girl is smart. I think she would say something if GOD FORBID he ever went out of line with her. I seriously hope not. Amber has always seemed like the kind of girl who constantly needs someone. She does not seem like the independent type.

    • seriously

      I don’t get it either.. did she ever open a dictionary ?? How writing about her make someone a pedophile ?? lmao

  • Guest

    She’s right on the money with Tyler. It’s just a matter of time before he comes out.

  • Alice Wisniewski

    At least they’re letting Farrah speak. She gets shut down by other people a lot. She is kind if bitchy and rude when she speaks and a lot if these quotes make no sense but she has get up and go and a hunger to do well so I give her credit for that. She is going to be successful where as some of the others will not because they lack her drive. Tyler probably is not gay but all the dope smoking has given him man boobs and lowered his testosterone. It happens.

  • Casey

    I cant wait till her daughter gets 16 maybe she’ll get a taste of how she treated And still treats her mom

    • Mia Winters

      All these girls fight with their moms and people on the show though ALL of them even on the after show Amber was going off on Dr. Drew and raising her voice at him. Hopefully they all get counseling and learn to be better and handle things better.

      • LoLo

        They treat their mother’s like crap but then want them there when things hit the fan. i am talking about Farrah & Jenelle. The one mom that deserved to be yelled at & confronted was Cait’s mom.

    • barbinop


    • YourMom

      Sophia is already a little B. Won’t need to wait til shes 16. Karma x’s 100

  • Val

    Do you guys think Tyler will ever come out??

    • Courtney

      I have a feeling Cait makes him feel like if he leaves her or doesn’t love her then she has no reason to live. So Tyler stays “stuck” in fear of Cait losing it which is sad.

  • Val Colliers Larson

    It makes me laugh when Farrah says she is over the drama and how she doesn’t do negativity!!! Hahaha, if she was pinochio her nose would be sticking out a couple feet, oh wait, her lips already do that!

    • YourMom

      Lol. Right? Then like two questions later she answers with “I’m not above the drama”. She is so stupid she probably doesn’t even understand what she said!

    • Farrah throws around all these therapy buzz words, but doesn’t seem to have a clue what they mean.

  • Mia Winters

    I’ve been saying for years Tyler was gay! And he is just not that in to Catilynn I don’t know why he pretends. Maybe he is also bi I don’t know but he is just not into Caitlynn and I have very good gay/bi radar. I’m wondering how long he will pretend and drag this marriage on with her

    • Alisson Leech

      If he’s bi or gay, Catelynn already knows. She would accept anything from Tyler at this point.

    • Courtney

      Tyler makes such obvious comments and you can tell in his expressions that Cait makes him miserable and Cait is either totally oblivious or ignores it. If my man was saying the things Tyler says to Cait I would pick up on it right away! I just don’t see her working on herself and instead the minute someone points something out she pulls the whole, “my anxiety and depression is so hard”, and she manipulates the person from feeling that their feelings matter. Tyler needs to stop telling her it’s just his sense of humor and own the fact that he means it!

    • But you have no proof that he’s gay.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      I’ve said the same thing. It’s so clear he’s not into Cate. I think they are just comfortable at this point and it’s convenient

  • Mia Winters

    And did anyone hear that Tyler said he slept with someone when he was drunk and he dosn’t know if it was a guy or girl?

  • Alisson Leech

    If Farrah wasn’t such a B, she would be the most successful mom from the series. She’s a ho-bag, which makes her the most UNsuccessful of them all. Smh

    • LoLo

      I don’t care about her being a ho. I can’t stand her calling out other women for their looks. She looks terrible. My biggest issue with her is the way she treats people, from family to neighbors, employees, production. Her behavior is disgusting. I also can’t stand how she talks to Sophia as if she is her peer & when Sophia doesn’t respond the way she wants she gets pissed at her.

  • Jdjsjsha

    Does anyone else agree that when she constructs a sentence it makes no sense. It almost seems like badly translated English.

    • Courtney

      I think it all begins from Farrah not even being able to form coherent thoughts! Lol

    • pmo

      fa is worse than pedro on 90 day fiancee.

  • cookie

    Amber might look like a cheap hooker, but Farrah IS a cheap hooker.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows


    • realitycheck

      And she looks like it..her plastic surgery..repulsive to be honest..

  • ScrappieONE

    Can this girl say one complete sentence. She never makes any sense.

  • truckproductions

    I guess looking like a cheap hooker is better than BEING a cheap hooker like Farrah..

  • Farrah’s a mess and getting worse every year.

  • Aussie cathie

    Speaking of cheap nasty hookers… How are you loose arse Farah?

  • LoLo

    I’m not defending Amber but I would rather look like a “cheap hooker” than have my child one day see me having anal sex for money. BTW, Farrah looks like a blow up doll. She did not need the surgeries. She was a very cute girl before. Now she looks like a 45 year old retired porn star.

  • Gigi123

    I can’t understand a single thing this girl says! Farrah can barely string a sentence together.