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Amber Portwood released from prison photo

If you missed the news earlier today, former troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was released from prison today after serving just over 17 months of her five-year sentence for her felony drug conviction. (Amber earned the early release by being a model prisoner and she even managed to get her GED while behind bars.) There to greet Amber when she got out was her mother Tonya, brother Shawn, an MTV camera crew and a TMZ/Splash News video camera woman who asked Amber a number of questions about her release and her plans for the future, including her daughter Leah.


Camera Woman: Congratulations on getting out early. How do you feel?

Amber Portwood: I – I feel amazing. I feel amazing.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do now that you’re out?

I want to go get something good to eat. [laughs]

Where are you going to eat?

[At this point the film crew talks with Amber about putting her microphone on]

As it turns out, the answer to that question was Frisch’s Big Boy burger restaurant in Anderson, Indiana because that’s where Amber went after being picked up at the Rockville Correctional Facility. Amber was photographed entering and leaving the restaurant wearing a change of clothes that included a bright pink sweatshirt and a pair of jeans:

Amber Portwood released from prison then visits Frisch's Big Boy burger in Anderson Indiana

As you can tell in the photo, in addition to the paparazzi, Amber’s every move was also being documented by MTV camera crews, who reportedly flew in this weekend and have already shot scenes with Amber’s daughter Leah and ex Gary Shirley. (Find out more about MTV’s presence at Amber’s release over at The Ashley’s Reality Roundup!)

OK, back to the interview…

Camera Woman: Will you get to go see your daughter today, Amber?

Amber: Yes. [Amber appears to get a bit emotional at this point.]

Congratulations on getting your GED while you were in there.

Thank you! I worked very hard.

What’s your plan now?

I’m going to college.

Uh huh. Do you feel strong enough to kind of stay clean and turn everything around now?


Yeah? How was it in there? Was it really tough?

Just a little bit. [laughs]

I heard you were helping the other inmates while you were there?

[Amber nods]

How did that go?

Really well. I was teaching anger management, which sounds weird but I did it, among other things.

And you had some anger management training yourself?


How did that go?

Really good.

Teen Mom amber Portwood released from prison, visits restaurant with her mom

How many times did you get to see your daughter while you were in there?

I don’t really want to answer that.

Will you be able to see her a lot more now?


Will you be able to have –

I’m going to have her tonight.

Uh huh. Oh that’s nice! Will you be able to have joint custody do you think?


Will you be able to have joint custody in the end do you think?

That’s the goal. That’s going to be — That’s what’s going to happen.

Things have been strangely quiet from Amber’s Teen Mom co-stars Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell and Farrah Abraham in reaction to Amber’s release. However, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans offered up her thoughts on Sulia:

Seriously though, congratulations Amber! I truly wish her the best of luck and think that she’s turning her life around. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, but EVERYONE should be given a second chance to prove themselves.

Aren’t you all totally stoked for her?! 🙂

Jenelle’s mother (or at least the infamous parody Twitter account for her mother) Babs Evans also seemed optimistic:

Fellow former drug addict Matthew McCann from Teen Mom 3 tweeted his support as well:

UPDATE – Amber Portwood’s brother Shawn shared this tweet after spending time with his sister today:

As Amber said in her interview, she is expected to be with her daughter Leah tonight. If there are any photos of the mother/daughter reunion we will be sure to share them. (the Twitter account set up for Amber’s daughter Leah — and I believe run, at least in part, by Leah’s dad Gary Shirley — tweeted “Mommyyyy!” with a heart graphic a little over an hour ago.)

Congratulations again to Amber Portwood — we are optimistic she will turn her tragic story into a hard-earned happy ending!

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