EXCLUSIVE Jeremiah Raber arrest report: Carmela says he ‘strikes her on a daily basis’

Jeremiah Raber arrest report and mug shot

As we reported earlier today, Return To Amish star Jeremiah Raber was arrested in Florida over the weekend on charges of domestic abuse against his wife, Carmela Raber. We have since obtained a copy of the affidavit from Jeremiah’s arrest, in which Carmela tells police some startling details about Jeremiah’s alleged abusive behavior.

UPDATE – Jeremiah issues a very formal apology for attacking Carmela.

Here is the police report, followed by the arresting officer’s description of the incident and Carmela’s claims:

Jeremiah Raber probable cause affidavit police report domestic abuse

April 22, 2017 at 2:30 PM
On the above date and time during a verbal dispute the defendant did purposefully throw hot coffee onto the lap of his wife. The defendant did make several threats to cause harm [redacted] during the argument. The victim did show me several large bruises on her legs and arms that were caused from the defendant striking her with a closed fist. The victim stated that the defendant strikes her on a daily basis. The defendant and the victim have been residing together [redacted] for the past year.

The claims Carmela made to police combined with her Facebook post after Jeremiah’s arrest paint a terrifying picture of what their relationship was like behind closed doors.

After our previous post was published, Jeremiah shared another Facebook update in which he revealed that he is getting counseling and hopes that the relationship will work out: “Am I proud of my past?….. No. Have I messed up in my past?…..yes. solution too it all?…..counseling. Am I starting personal counseling?…..yes. Do i want everything to work out?…..YES.”

UPDATE – More optimism from Jeremiah on Facebook: “Personal Counseling for both of us will do us both allot of good. Then on to marriage counseling and our marriage is golden.”

Carmela seemed to give the impression that she was done with the relationship completely, but anyone with any experience with abusive relationships knows that it’s extremely difficult to actually leave and stay away. “I know what I need to do I just need to be empowered,” Carmela wrote.

We certainly wish Carmela all the best. She is in a horrible situation and we hope she has somewhere to go and friends she can lean on right now.

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  • TrashTV

    Cry me a river Jer, whining about your childhood doesn’t make it right to abuse someone or cheat on your partner in the present.
    I hope Carmella finds the strenght and wisdom to get herself and her children out of his life as much as possible.
    This guy has a history of treating women very poor, he has very little respect for women. He will never learn.

  • ImatellitlikeitIS

    girl, get your ass back to the Couve with your own people

  • Guest

    Ugh, he’s such a loser.

  • Gena Horton

    I thought he deleted his page

  • Robin

    I’m watching the premier of the 2017 Return to Amish now and Jeremiah and Carmela are looking at houses to buy in Florida. He is so disrespectful to her and totally into what HE wants with no regard for her wants or needs. I have to admit though, I was shocked to read that he routinely hits Carmela and is physically abusive to her. No way would I stay in a marriage with someone like him! I hope she has the good sense to divorce him and move on with her life. She seems like a sweet person with a good heart…her and her family deserve better.

  • Casandra

    I’m friends with the girl that was on the new episode and trust me she lied Jeremiah is no grandpa to the baby. That baby is an angel he is evil. She only said that because she didn’t wanna bring down Carmela.

    • Casandra

      Oh and baby kehlanii don’t love him more then Carmela HOW I wanted to slap yuri for lying but she loves her motherinlaw

    • Alisson Leech

      Carmela is such a sweetheart!

  • Bella Hawking

    I don’t know why she married him in the first place.

  • dani_2525

    Girl, RUN!

  • Linda MacGregor

    I sure hope Jeremiah keeps getting counselling he so desperately needs! It’s very hard to overcome childhood abuse as it stays with you and deprogramming your abusive upbringing takes a lot of conscious effort, work and awareness to break the cycle and subconscious abusive habits as that’s all he’s ever known. His abusive upbringing has formed him! And he needs a lot of help! He needs a good coach to help him learn to talk about his feelings and fight against his abusive behaviour! I know he has a caring heart in there and hope he and Carmella are able to work it out!

  • Paul Black

    If he beats and tortures you again shoot him.