Farrah Abraham’s mom blasts Jenelle Evans, Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell


Debra Danielsen didn’t pull any punches when asked during a recent interview for her thoughts on some of her fellow Teen Mom stars.

While sitting down for a Facebook Live with Best Products, Debz OG played a little game called “Deb Says.” A host pulled out the faces of some fellow cast members glued to sticks and asked for Danielsen’s hot take by either doling out advice or throwing some shade.

Here’s what transpired:



I would advise Jenelle to reset her priorities in life. Just saying…



Barb definitely gave me the cold shoulder. I would just say when I was filming that one of the camera people told me that she said some bad things about my daughter. Now that hurts me. I just want to say don’t do that anymore because I’m an Italian momma and we don’t like that.



Catelynn… Two-faced.



I would recommend that [if] we’re going to get pregnant anymore we cut back on the beer consumption.

Deb was also asked about Matt Baier and Amber Portwood–and, somewhat surprisingly, had nice things to say! She complimented Matt on being “quite a promotional machine” while stating that she was “quite proud of” Amber, adding that she thinks Portwood is “an overcomer.”

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  • Guest

    I don’t think she has room to point fingers at anyone considering her daughter sold her backdoor to Vivid.

  • Brie Mode

    lmao.. Chattanooga, TN, where Maci lives, is literally 30 – 45 minutes away from my original hometown- Etowah, TN. We’re Southerners. We drink beer. Last time I checked, Farrah had both a pill AND alcohol problem even though she’s what they call “High Functioning”. I really think that Farrah is either abusing something or has been misdiagnosed with the wrong mental illness and is on the wrong medication. The worst case scenario is that she hasn’t been diagnosed at all and refuses to understand that her behavior and attitude is not normal or okay. She’s in denial no matter which of those scenarios apply to her, though.

    At least Maci doesn’t think of herself as the “Queen of the World and Reality TV and P0rn” and actually has a level, normal head on her shoulders. She’s one of the only 2 legitimately good moms on the show and she’s -never- had anything bad be published about her in the media. Chelsea is the other of the 2 moms that’s actually a really good mom, person, and cast member. Everyone else has severe issues they need to figure out how to fix and fix them.

    Farrah is the first one to point the finger and blame everyone else for her issues. That and the way she treats literally everyone are all very clear signs that she needs serious help and needs to accept that fact. And doctors all around need to stop kissing her ass and letting her play the victim and give her a hard dose of reality.

    I’m honestly shocked that she hasn’t gotten her ass really beat by someone.

    • Beezow

      I think Farrah also mentioned doing coke a lot in her book, because I apparently hated myself enough to read the damn thing.

      • Brie Mode

        Ohhhh I’ve read her book too… I don’t remember that, but now you’ve made me want to re-read it just to see.

        I hate you.

      • Regina

        lmao thank you for reading it so we don’t have to!

    • Guest

      Chelsea and Maci can’t really be compared to the other moms given that they both come from a relatively priviledged backgrounds.

      I don’t like how Chelsea always puts words in Aubrey’s mouth when they’re talking about Adam. She’s indirectly bashing him by asking Aubrey is she wishes he was more like Cole. That shit ain’t cool.

      • Jenn

        Yeah, but Farrah also comes from a privileged background and she is one of the worst moms in the entire franchise. Having money doesn’t automatically make you equipped to parent. I’ve known plenty of crap mothers who grew up with money and plenty of underprivileged mothers who are wonderful with their children.

        I think it’s unfair to Chelsea and Maci to say they’re good mothers because their parents have money. It takes away from the effort they put forth by saying that.

      • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

        Chelsea is the type she wants to rewrite history and act like Adam never happened but the fact of the matter is, you had sex with that piece of drain hair and up until like 2 years ago she was still wanting him. Like me ex, I hate him but I never bash him in front of my son, ever. Aubree will eventually see Adam isn’t sh1t but that’s not our place to put that in their heads.

        • Adi Nu

          Despite Chelsea’s push for Aubree to forget about her father, she doesn’t not, no matter what anyone says or does. She loves that man (Adam).

    • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

      Maci drinking beer doesn’t bother me, it’s the drinking beer while pregnant with Mav, which she 1000000% did.

      • Brie Mode

        Oh come off it. I had wine when I was preggo with my daughter. You can have 2 glasses a week, so I’d mix chardonnay with Sprite and put lots of ice in the glass in order to stretch it out to 4.

        As long as she wasn’t binge drinking or having more than just one or two every now and then, there’s no problem. Beer has less alcohol than most wines do (the only exception being the cheap bullshit they sell at Stop and Shop).

        • Juliana

          Thirty six years ago it was one glass of red wine with dinner, red wine having some antioxidants which are good for our bodies, producing good HDL levels. That was according to my doctor while pregnant. Of course nowadays most doc’s want complete absentence in case those who have the abuse drinking tendencies already present.

          Personally I’d have a glass of red wine on occasion never everyday….it doesn’t hurt the fetus as it’s claimed by doctors today. It’s very subjective and a divided opinion amongst medical professionals in the baby making arena.

          • Brie Mode


            And even still, beer has less a far less abv than wine, so one or two on occasion really won’t hurt the baby at all.

  • Alisson Leech

    Deb. Smh. Oh Deb…

  • barbinop

    Open your eyes wide Simon if you ever decide to marry the HO Farrah. This is what you’ll get in about 30 years from now. She’s already turned in to her mother’s daughter. Next in line is scary Sophia. Is the MTV paycheck really worth it?

  • Scarlett

    I think this sorry excuse for a mother will eventually bring reality tv to its knees. Meaning it isn’t entertaining anymore. The entire Teen Mom franchise is actually showing everything that is wrong w/ our country right now – blatant stupidity, bad behavior, easy sex (!), and all around delusional beliefs that these asshats are respected, smart, or relevant.

  • twelfthnight

    As an Italian it hurts me deeply that this trashbag calls herself an “Italian momma”. If you were an “Italian momma” worth your salt, your children wouldn’t have turned into what they are. They’d have some damn respect for people because if they didn’t you’d give them a hard refresher on it. I’ve never met an Italian kid who acts like that or dares speak to their mother that way.

    Jenelle is a piece of crap, Catelynn is lazy… but Barb tried her best and Catelynn’s mom is a crackhead so that just leaves you, Deb… what’s your excuse for why your daughter turned out so horribly?

    • Guest

      Yelling at or physically hurting children won’t teach them respect.

      • twelfthnight

        You don’t have to. If you raised your child to be respectful in the first place, you would need not give them more than a side eye and they’d straighten up. If worse came to worst, you’d teach them a lesson about respect, which in no way implies the child will be hit or screamed at.

        As an example, when I was a child if I was being unnecessarily rough with toys or books or anything else, my mom would make me pack them up and donate them to someone who will treat them nicely. Respect your things and respect the person who bought them for you.

        Or (and I never did this, because I learned early) if I were to be at a party or something where the house was made a mess, I would have been marched back there the next day with cleaning supplies and trash bags ready to work. You don’t mistreat people or their things.

        If you’re a good parent you never (or rarely) have to yell at or hit your child. I know a lot of kids who were spanked one time and never again because they remembered that one time that they took it too far and didn’t go there again.

        • Juliana

          I would only have to count to three and it stopped..whatever was going on. Both my kids knew that if I got to 3 something bad might happen. I never actually knew what would happen at three, but that’s just me. lol

    • Aussie cathie


  • pink Glitter

    She’s right in some ways

  • DoogieHowser

    Lol, she rarely gets articles but when she does she is still Farrah Abraham’s mom. She wants her own fame and has went through embarrassing efforts to gets it and doesn’t. She is jealous that Babs gets referred to by her name without a disclaimer of being Janelle’s mom. This kinda makes me laugh.

  • Guest

    Debra shouldn’t be giving advise or point fingers at anyone considering how her own daughter has turned out. Farrah clearly has some sort of mental illness, but until she recognizes that her behavior is completely unacceptable. It’s a very distured family and I feel utterly sorry for Sophia.

    • Juliana

      I’m not sure what Farrah has except being a rotten to the core personality. I recently watched her 16 & Pregnant episode and she actually had friends until she decided she didn’t want friends like that, whatever that was. She seemed to act like a entitled princess with a stick up her rear. After she had Sophia it was all downhill with her mother.

  • Aussie cathie

    As a Aussie Italian mum my daughter would need to have my foot removed from her arse if she spoke to me in that fashion not to mention her sexual history !!!

  • Adi Nu

    I love this woman. Surprised she’s Italian. Man, Farrah has put her through hell and back.