NOT TO HOT Splenetic Sugar Bear sheds shirt in sensational scuffle


The gloves may have not come off in a war of words during the filming of the From Not To Hot reunion, but Sugar Bear’s shirt dang sure did!

WEtv has released the second part of a fracas between Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson, his ex-wife “Mama” June Shannon, and her daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon.

In the first clip, June confronts Mike over his unwillingness to spend time with their daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson. She says Mike should know that she wouldn’t have any problem if he ever requested more time.

Sugar Bear gets unsweet real quick like as he tells her, “I”m fixing to get on you right now. When we split up it was every f***ing weekend and it was going good and then you’re talking like, ‘well, we’re gonna be busy this weekend, we’re gonna be out of town.’ But I can tell you what, I got a lawyer on the case and you’re gonna get the paperwork.”

Mike, who went from not-to-hot anger wise, says he’s done and starts walking off. The second clip picks up right after this, as Pumpkin chimes in with an expletive and Sugar Bear approaches her, yelling, “Come on over here you little s**t.”

They curse and point at each other and have to be restrained.

Mike then rips off his shirt and puffs out his chest before being led away. Pumpkin is seen in tears as June quickly asks where Alana is during this ugly confrontation. She’s thankfully told that her daughter has been “way away” as a camera shows Honey Boo Boo backstage seemingly oblivious to what’s transpired.

Earlier this week Mama June accused Sugar Bear of abusing the kids.