Jenelle Evans criticizes MTV for not showing the David & Babs fun times

Jenelle Evans Barbara David Eason Uber dinner date

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans continues to insist that her life isn’t just the perpetual loop of screaming, fighting, break ups, and arrests that viewers see on the show, and she places the blame for the inaccuracy squarely on the shoulders of MTV editors.

In her latest complaint against her employer, Jenelle points out that she and fiance David Eason aren’t always at odds with her mother Barbara Evans, and as evidence she shared a flashback post to that one time they all took and Uber ride together for a dinner date.

“Of course MTV never showed the night me, David, and my mom all went out without any kids and had a great time,” Jenelle captioned the Facebook Memories post from a year ago. “They would never want to show the three of us getting along. 😐”

One commenter offered up the observation that Babs doesn’t necessarily look like she’s having a great time. “Ya’ll look happy and she looks like she’s giving him the look, lol,” she wrote. Jenelle responded by revealing, “No she was explaining a huge story lmao.”

The Uber dinner date is a great moment to look back on, but personally I’m really looking forward to the one-year anniversary of this photo featuring Captain Babs, Jenelle, and David’s daughter Maryssa!

Barbara Evans boat captain

That was from last July I believe. To Jenelle’s credit, I don’t remember seeing that on Teen Mom 2 either. (Is that the boat that Jenelle supposedly bought David?)

So what do you think — is MTV giving us a heavily edited, overly negative look at Jenelle’s life?

While you ponder that over, here is a little “caption this” challenge that will most assuredly not turn out well:

Jenelle Evans Barbara David Eason caption this

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  • pink Glitter

    MTV sells drama, so that make sense

  • TA

    Make up your mind, Jenelle. Do you want MTV to show Barbara in a good light or do you not want anyone to be nice to her because she’s a “fuck*ng b*tch”?

    • Paul Andrews

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  • Bruja

    Yet you keeping cashing the checks, Jenelle.

    Jesus God, and she’s breeding.

  • savannah

    HOLY CRAPPP! What does this girl want? She was saying she was gonna quit the damn show if they kept filming her Mom…now she’s mad cuz they don’t show their “fun”…all she does is complain about how much she hates her? I would be happy to see the show go on with Babs replacing Jenelle as a “main character” she’s the most entertaining besides Addie and her quest for boyfriends and long nails!

  • Alisson Leech

    I’m confused Jenelle. This doesn’t support your claim that Barb only comes around for the cameras!!

    • Victoria

      she’s bipolar IDC what anyone says

      • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

        She’s actually a text book case of borderline personality disorder.

    • SadDawson

      That is a PERFECT example of classic Jenelle. It’s MTV’s fault if she acts stupid yet, Babs is never around unless camera’s are there.

  • Scarlett

    GEEZ. UBT will hit the bricks as soon as Jenelle runs out of $$. That in itself is a good reason to fire her ass. Enough is enough. The audience has grown up & we’re over it. If I wanted my evening entertainment to be yelling, screaming, and otherwise bad behavior, I’d cruise down to the local WalMart.

    • Jojo

      “…I’d cruise down to the local Walmart”
      ⬆️ Just about killed me. Probably because I just made the mistake of trying to run in to Walmart for ONE item. On a Saturday. Ugh. 😵

  • Cara

    Boo hoo. Roast beef needs to keep her trap shut and get intensive psychotherapy, meds, and tubes tied.

  • TinaBelchersGroan

    “The night we all went out without any kids.” You and your weird ass boyfriend do that on a regular basis. With and without the cameras present, so what exactly are we missing?? I’ll be more surprised when they show her actually caring for her kids and not half assing it.

  • Courtney

    Caption- “OMG David, that is the most disturbing thing I’ve heard you say!”… As Jenelle is completely oblivious to David’s creepiness.

  • FYO

    Story lines matter only as much as they impact the bottom line – ratings. If more drama means more ratings then more drama it is.

  • theStevieJBus

    So Janelle and Babs had one good day out of the 25 years they’ve known each other…..even the sun shines on a dogs ass once in a while. Janelle your life is a mess leave Jace with Babs, we all know your relationship with David will implode before 2018

  • Regina


  • hollygolightly

    Well Jenelle (said in my Barb voice), since MTV is so awful why don’t you quit the show and get a real job for the first time in your life? See how long they keep you around when you never stop bitchcing about them, should work out for ya pretty well.

  • Countess GG Love Balls

    Oooooh poor Janelle. Such a sweet innocent girl! She should quit and fade into obscurity. I give her 24 hours to be bankrupt or in jail. Again.

  • Jstfyd

    I stopped reading at ‘star’…

  • Minkyfoxtail

    “If she were dead, I could keep Jace in the basement and still only have to see him twice a month” thinks Jenelle behind her dark lenses.

  • tina

    please if she is so unhappy with Mtv quit and get off the tv we would all be thrilled

  • tina

    plus how does one get along so great yet you spent the season screaming you won’t film with her you won’t talk to her

  • cwokc

    Janelle should be kissing MTV’s ass for the fat check she’s getting, because she is SCREWED when they’re done with her! She can’t get a job with or without education because of her criminal record! David will be long gone when the money is gone

  • victorg

    this show gave her a lifestyle she never would have had and doesnt deserve. none of these women do. the show should have been a one-off. just how long is MTV going to follow them they all think they are “stars” when they should have been replaced years ago. “teen” mom is a joke now that they are in their 20’s.