TEEN MOM 2 Sick Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska treated differently in reunion previews


We’ve got a tale of two reunion sicknesses in the latest batch of Teen Mom 2 previews!

Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans, both very much expecting at the time of the taping, each decide to take a break from filming the reunion show due to illness. These teasers certainly make it appear as if Chelsea gets the benefit of the doubt about her claim. As for Evans, not so much… Especially from co-star Leah Messer.


Chelsea takes her temperature and it reads 99.5 as she explains that she doesn’t want people to think she’s not being serious if she goes home. Executive Producer Morgan J. Freeman and two other producers on hand are all understanding and emphasize to Chelsea that her health comes first.

And just in case, Cole is carrying like 5,000 bottles of water!


Kail Lowry is chatting about her turbulent relationship with Javi Marroquin when a producer gets a text that Jenelle has decided that she’s leaving due to her own illness. Kail kinda sorta jokes that she wishes she could head out and the producer exclaims while dropping some expletives, “No you can’t leave. Nobody can leave.”

The producer rushes outside as Jenelle, David Eason and Jace are heading to the parking lot. Evans explains that she’s been complaining about not feeling well for a couple of hours and that no one was doing anything about it.

Eason emphasizes that Jenelle’s health is all that matters and the producer says “I understand that” before the preview ends.


Leah’s backstage chillin’ when she’s asked what she thinks about all the drama going on with Chelsea and Jenelle. At first she tries to remain neutral as she says it’s none of her business. But…

Leah: Chelsea is sick. I do not blame her, she is carrying a child she needs to go ahead. Jenelle ran with her child… Who knows? But she gets paid for this she should be here.

UPDATE – Jenelle has since responded to the preview clips in a series of tweet ‘n’ deletes, including a rather irate response to Leah being so unsympathetic.

Stay tuned to the season finale tonight on MTV at 9/8c.


  • ShayfromNJ

    Man, Jenelle really just seems to be jealous of Chelsea more than ever this season.

    • Flower Gypsy

      she should be. Chelsea has a stable home/family/life full of love and happiness. Jenelle’s home/familylife is 24/7 screaming, yelling, deflecting, blaming (oh and smoking weed, regardless of whether she’s pregnant/on camera or not)

      • walter.lucero

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    • LoLo

      I can’t believe she’s so dumb to not understand why people were happy about Chelsea’s pregnancy & not hers. Chelsea is not on baby #5 with 4 or 5 different men. She has custody of her child, on & on. Jenelle is the biggest case of delusion. I hate that Dr Drew will not point out how terrible she is plain & simple. He will dance around it to keep her happy. Then he will place blame on Barb just like he did with Javi & Kail.

  • TinaBelchersGroan

    The difference between Jenelle and Chelsea is that Jenelle throws tantrums every time something doesn’t go her way. Chelsea flies pretty low under the radar and aside from her requesting her wedding not be filmed and wanting privacy for Cole and his (technically) first child, she’s done whatever the producers have wanted her to do. Jenelle rips down her cameras and screams and cries. Chelsea also had Aubree prematurely so I’m sure they didn’t want to risk anything happening. Also, notice how Jenelle’s “mystery illness” just disappeared.

    • Kail’s Fake Ass

      Because she finally found a doctor who would prescribe drugs to her.


    Well Janelle when you cry wolf all the time……….?
    Besides, wgaf wtf Leah has to say? She’s a meth head?

  • cali

    Chelsea and Jenelle handled it so differently. Chelsea was apologetic about it and Jenelle was a whiny little brat. At least Chelsea actaully sounded sick. It’s so hard to believe Janelle bc she comes across as a diva and over dramatic. I do believe that she’s a bit jealous of Chelsea since they were both pregnant together but people were actually happy for Chelsea and not so much Jenelle.

    • sysmjp

      Chelsea even offered to come back if she was feeling better. Jenelle was making something out of nothing, order a f* pizza for Christ sake!

      • cali

        That’s what I was thinking! She could have just ordered food from grub hub or something. She’s an adult, she should be able to feed herself.

  • Flower Gypsy

    The first time I watched the video I didn’t have sound. Of course Jenelle is screaming and miserable

  • Flower Gypsy

    Best quote of the clips “All I care about is myself” – Leah (you know you’re messed up when Leah seems like the mature, responsible one)

    • sysmjp

      Ha, real talk!

  • Kail’s Fake Ass

    Let me guess, seeing “molecules” again Jenelle? She is seriously more dramatic and immature than a 3 years old.

  • Scarlett

    I am watching the show right now, and I can’t believe how unlikable, self absorbed, delusional, and rude these skanks are – especially Jenelle & Kailyn, Keep threatening not to tape anymore. Do you honestly think anyone cares? Also, calling your mother who has raised your child for 7 years a bitch is the lowest of the low.

    • Stacey J

      Janelle keeps threatening to quit but she’s not going anywhere…she needs those MTV checks to support her children and whatever baby daddy she is with at the time.

  • Don’t Hate!!!

    Yes we all watch the show. Yes we all have are feelings on these girls lives and whats going in them.Everyone of these girls have there on issues. Not one of them are perfect. Neither are we! They all have had ups and downs. Some are more private in front of the cameras than others. Doesn’t mean there are things we don’t see. What we do see is that all these girls need support. Not judgment. So if you don’t live in there homes you don’t really know. So to sit and make comments on these young girls to bring them down. What does that make you. Ignorant!!!!!!

    • Kail’s Fake Ass

      They get paid to show their lives and bad decisions on national TV that effect their innocent children. Yes, we can judge.

      • Godney

        specially some crazy bitch like jenelle

  • retired and happy

    I think Barbara is the one that comes off looking like crap in this episode. Jenelle has continued to be delusional and difficult and I get that she resents the attention given to Babs. I smell Eason influence on planning ahead for less film time for Babs, hence the urgency to get Jace under their burgeoning family umbrella. But Barbara insisting on having David held responsible for lifting Jace was beyond weird. I feel sorry for every other person in this scenario who saw Jace being treated like a prize set of pearls rather than a real person. What is going on in that poor child’s mind is going to be fodder for therapists a lifetime.

    • Godney

      I saw Barbara not wanting to blame Jenelle… is sad, janelle treats her like crap.
      And jenelle saying barbara just wants air time… she also has a contract and has to be around cameras it doesnt matter if jenelle likes it or not.

      I do feel so bad for jace, poor kid has no father and a piece of crap for a mother

      • FYO

        Barbara gets paid to be on the show and she gets paid child support from Janelle. She may be taking care of Jace financially but she’s far from a good role model for him. It’s very obvious Barbara likes the money and attention she gets from being involved in the show. Janelle called her out on it before and Barbara’s response was basically acknowledging she’s on the gravy train and not getting off unless a court forces her too. Barbara also has made numerous comments about finding a rich man and using sex as leverage. Her behavior is easily as disgusting as anyone elses on the show.

    • Acadian Flag

      The whole family is crazy. Barbara is crazy. Jenelle is crazy because she was raised in a disfunctional household by Barbara who was whoring herself out to a man that beat her to keep a roof over her head. Jace is probably going to be crazy too because he is being raised by the same person. I feel so sorry for that child. He seems to be either really slow for his age or there has already been a lot of damage. He doesn’t even speak properly for a child his age. Barabara is no hero in this story. I think she sees this as her shot at redemption as far as being a mother goes. She needs to realize though that she is just as crazy as Jenelle so she should give him to his mother, where he belongs.

  • Adi Nu

    Chelsea is a goodie goodie gum drop who wants us all to forget that she chased after Adam for almost 5 years. Barbara is annoying.

    • Godney

      Chelsea was a teenager and Adam was her first guy and the father of her child.
      Since then she grew up.

  • LoLo

    They were treated differently because they behaved differently. Jenelle gets more screen time because she’s a hot mess.