At least one alleged Kirk Frost baby mama will appear on LHHATL Season 6

Kirk Frost had a baby on Rasheeda 1

LHHATL Season 6 is almost upon us, which means there’s brand new baby mama drama in the air. Kirk Frost had a baby on Rasheeda with one woman who’s a new member of the cast, and, according to widespread reports, he may have gotten a second woman pregnant around the same time.

Initial reports of trouble in Kirk and Rasheeda’s house emerged weeks ago, after Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s forthcoming season began filming, and centered on the possibility that Kirk had gotten a woman named Jasmine Washington pregnant several months earlier. At the time, the gossip was based on court documents the Jasmine filed, in which she accused Kirk of fathering her infant child and then cutting her off financially after the child was born. Jasmine’s petition included a request for $2,500 per month in child support.

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Shortly after that tea spilled, devoteés were treated to another pitcher in the form of rumors that Kirk has actually fathered children with *two* different women over the past year. The story paid particular attention to the ages of the parties involved: Kirk is 47, while Jasmine is 27 and the as-yet-unnamed second baby mama is 23. (In the words of the alleged inside source responsible for leaking the information: “He likes them YOUNG.”)

However, we don’t know the age of the second baby, or whether the baby has even been born yet. (Jasmine’s child was born around Halloween of last year, according to her paternity and child support lawsuit.) But we do know what to look for when LHHATL Season 6 begins airing: according to the source–who claims to work on the show–Karlie Redd spills the tea on both baby mamas in the middle of a fight with Rasheeda. Rasheeda, in turn, “tried to take Kirk’s head off” when she confronted him with the allegations.

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Jasmine does appear in VH1’s official LHHATL Season 6 synopsis, so it seems the “Kirk Frost had a baby on Rasheeda” storyline will indeed factor into the upcoming season. It seems possible, given the amount of drama stirred up so far, that the couple might even split, if they haven’t done so already. Neither has appeared in the other’s social media feeds for weeks–the last appearance came nine weeks ago, shortly before the rumor broke; appropriately enough, it was a picture in celebration of the couple’s anniversary:

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  • Alisson Leech

    Rasheda will always be with Kirk. He groomed her as a child and he is all she knows.

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    On a side note, I can’t get past his adams apple. It grossed me out. Every time he talks I can’t stop staring at it.

    Rasheeda is a beautiful lady who needs to wisen up. I know she’s been with him since she was a child but enough is enough. I get so tired of women accepting these situations. Do they not care for their own health. He obviously isn’t wearing protection & they don’t worry about disease. Do they think AIDS or HIV has gone away. I would be so grossed out.

    I will NEVER understand women who can make it on their own, tolerating men that do them so dirty. I had a friend whose husband left her for years to be with a much younger woman. She took care of everything, their home, kids & was living comfortably. After the young chick dumped him she took his ass back saying “he’s sorry & he loves me & the kids”. He barely works & still flirts with women right in front of her. She basically took in another larger mouth to feed. I just can’t respect it.

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    why does she put up with this ugly fool?