AUDIO Amina Buddafly confirms pill-influenced orgy the night before she and Peter Gunz’s wedding

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Amina Buddafly has been making the publicity rounds of late in order to promote The Other Woman, her first book. Her most recent interview addressed one of the most eyebrow-raising tidbits she dropped in the memoir: namely, that she and estranged partner Peter Gunz did drugs together and got crazy in a huge orgy the night before they tied the knot.

Amina confirmed the news on the first episode of Rocsi Diaz and Nina Parker’s “Little Black Dress” podcast; she wasn’t a bit reticent, cautioning only that “I was debating whether or not to put it in the book….It’s something that I will always remember; I will always remember that night.”

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Amina explains that she and Peter went to a party together the night before their marriage. She “took a pill” for one of the only times in her life; Peter wasn’t necessarily down with Amina doing drugs, though the implication is that he had already taken one and Amina was merely joining him. (It’s also implied that the pill is ecstasy.) “If you really read it,” Amina said, “I only talk about myself; I never say ‘us.'”

But “it was all honest,” and Amina kept the orgy scene in the book even though “talking about [their] business” in public upset Peter. (You kind of have to wonder if, given everything Peter’s done to embarrass Amina over the years, she laughed out loud at that or kept the laughter to herself.)

And, on a related note, Amina discussed the long-standing rumors that the reason she’s stuck with Peter for so long is that sex with him is the best in the world. She confirmed that her song “Best I Ever Had” is in fact about Peter, and adds that, after him, “everything changed.”

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When asked if she has “slipped up” and been with Peter since moving out to LA, Amina’s response was a breathy “Oh, definitely.”

Here’s the full Amina Buddafly interview from Little Black Dress. Skip ahead to about the 22-minute mark if you only want the juiciest bits:

Beyond the sexy times, Amina also confirmed that she isn’t getting back with Peter, “even though he asks [her] all the time to move back to New York.” However, the two remain legally married, and Amina acknowledged that she “doesn’t know what’s gonna happen in the future.”

Amina Buddafly’s final episode of Love and Hip Hop New York airs Monday night at 8 on VH1.

(Photo credit: Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz orgy via Instagram)

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    I regret clicking on this article and I wish I never knew that this trashy group of people existed. Amina, Tara and dirty feet Pete make the teen mom girls look like virgins.

  • lady j

    It’s really sad that Amina does not know by now that unfortunately, the father of her children and husband in name only is a dead end!!