TEEN MOM 3 Mackenzie McKee and husband Josh feud over cheating allegations

Mackenzie McKee husband osh McKee Facebook feud

Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee and her husband Josh McKee shocked their Facebook followers this week when they got into a heated public feud on the site over allegations that Mackenzie cheated on Josh. In the couple’s interactions, there was some very harsh name calling and a lot of frustration expressed over their appearance on Teen Mom 3 and some of the headlines involving Mackenzie well after the series was cancelled.

The CliffsNotes version is that a female “friend” of Mackenzie’s named Quinn told Josh that Mackenzie cheated on him with a guy named Dylan. Josh apparently believes Quinn, but Mackenzie adamantly denies she ever cheated.

In his anger, Josh also brings up the string of headlines Mackenzie made a few years ago, including a reported sex tape and multiple divorce reports. (Remember Josh alleging flushing his wedding ring down the toilet?) Mackenzie says that was all the doing of her manager, Gina Rodriguez. (To Mackenzie’s credit, all of those headlines are indeed part of the GR Media Firm formula. Also part of that formula is breast augmentation surgery, which Mackenzie also did, but Josh wasn’t complaining about.)

I’ve compiled most of the posts chronologically for you here, although there are a few omissions due to deletions and/or inaccessibility.

JOSH: Found out something very interesting yesterday. If you have a strong gut feeling that something is going on don’t be blind. Well for me at least. And this post is not to get sympathy or any of that sh!t. But my so called wife always feels like it necessary to go on her social media and post sh!t that makes her look like a god d@mn princess and she has no faults and wants everyone to see her pitty excuse and soothe her with comfort. First things first- that’s bullsh!t. I have have been going to work and I kept getting a lot of red flags that something is going on while I’m gone, Come to find out I have always been right! Enough said!

JOSH: [Deleted post explaining that he made the post on social media because people don’t really see an accurate portrayal of his relationship with Mackenzie.]

COMMENTER: The show only showed certain bits and pieces of your life tho. That wasnt Mackenzie’s fault ?

JOSH: It’s not about the show, it’s about all the articles that came out after the show. The p0rn video was all her idea, Me throwing my wedding ring down the toilet was all her idea, Me leaving her when she was pregnant was all her idea, the funny thing is I was laying in our bed at our house when I seen that one. And the list can keep going. So no it’s not about what the show [aired].lol

COMMENTER: Like she made those stories up? I’m confused.

COMMENTER: Josh McKee wow that’s some sick stuff. She obviously feeds off attention and drama

COMMENTER: Not to call you out, [COMMENTER], but just like this right here! This is giving other people a chance to question or have opinions about your relationship, WHEN IN REALITY, THEIR OPINIONS OR QUESTIONS ARE IRRELEVANT. You are both adults. If there are issues in your relationship, then sit down and figure them out. Don’t bring them out on the Facebook stage for everyone to cheer and jeer at.

COMMENTER: Mackenzie McKee but you did all the other petty stuff?

MACKENZIE: Amanda Andruss my manager did. And I have apologized over and over. Goodness sakes I would never write those stories I went through hell and back with the p0rn thing and I hopped on social media to speak about how none of that was true. Obviously lots of anger has been building up in us both for a while now. But since we have come home from the hospital with Broncs josh has cussed at me, called my body discussing, cussed at me, tell me he wants to leave me and I’m a no good c*nt. And yes josh. I have forgiven you for all of that. And for the 100th time I’m sorry

MACKENZIE: He is deleting all of my comments in case anyone is wonfering

MACKENZIE: [To a friend named Thaylia] Did Quinn tell you about the time she sat in YOUR living room calling you disgusting and hideous and I had to say if you talk bad about my husband than get out over and over. Did she also tell you about the time she sat in YOUR house and said you need to divorce him he is a horrible person and always will be” others where there to witness this. And I looked at her and said “that is my husband you are talking about and I will never divorce him” shut her up real fast. But ya know the truth isn’t in that woman. Remember that time Thaylia

THAYLIA: I have her blocked so I can’t see what she’s saying about me lol. But yes I remember those times. She’s getting the attention she wants so she thinks she’s winning right now. ? she knows you didn’t cheat on josh. She even said last night what do you want me to tell josh to make this better & your answer was the truth. So JUST TELL THE TRUTH QUINN. MMackenzie McKeenever cheated on her husband!

QUINN: [First part of the post was cut off] …I sat on the phone with you for 2 hours telling you that I wanted you two to work out cause I’ve seen divorce and it sucks. But no you want to make up more bullsh!t. Stop being physco Mackenzie. I’m not screwing josh I’m not with josh since you decided to blow my phone up last night accuse me of this. You cheated Mackenzie straight up. We have seen the proof Dylan confessed it to Maddie so maybe you should stop lying. Josh knows the truth. So how about you keep me off this post cause I haven’t said sh!t about you. But if you want me to start blasting your dirty laundry I’ll be more then happy too. Have a great day.

MACKENZIE: Quinn keep Maddie out of this. She has had enough Quinn. Maddie told josh himself I didn’t touch Dylan. Also and Bryce have screen shots of Dylan telling Maddie “nothing happened between me and her” … your the only one here saying I cheated. Not Maddie, not Dylan… no one but you. Because your wish is to have us ripped apart. Quinn. You set me up last night and had josh three wayd in and all of the truth was revealed. Which was DUN DUN DUN… nothing happened and you made this all up

QUINN: Mackenzie McKee really? Cause Dylan told maddie f**king different on the phone. And you said enough last night for josh to call you a lying b!tch cause that’s what you are. I relived your “deepest darkest secret” sounds like cheating and lying to me.

MACKENZIE: Quinn you are the reasoning of this post Quinn? What don’t ou understand you caused all of this

MACKENZIE: So all in all I’m very glad you had me three wayd in because you made yourself look dumb. You want josh to think so bad I touched Dylan but ou have nooooo proof now do ya

MACKENZIE: Quinn yup my deepest darkest secret was that Dylan texted me and told me he divorced Maddie and I told josh that.

QUINN: Like I said you accused me of screwing josh just cause I hung up on you and never replied to you. And I made myself look dumb? And yet josh still knows you cheated and lied.

Mackenzie McKee text messages about Josh cheating

COMMENTER: Omg!!! Very disrespectful!!! Quinn definitely seems to be very jealous. Does she want you and josh to divorce so she can have him or something? Like that’s so screwed up!!!

MACKENZIE: According to her they are hooking up. Hmm josh let’s see what the truth is

COMMENTER: Then why is he all mad saying you had an affair!!! Do you believe the lying c**t?! Because SHE is the definition of a c**t. Not you.

MACKENZIE: [Commenter] o you have no clue. She is the worst woman my eyes have seen. She doesn’t know how to tell the truth. Josh knows this though.

QUINN: Mackenzie McKee then why did you tell Dylan that you and josh were already divorced?

MACKENZIE: Quinn go ruin another family Quinn. You know you said those things lol

MACKENZIE: Quinn ok? Too bad I never told Dylan me and josh are divorced. But like I said he tried calling josh. Josh won’t answer. This pathetic. Josh has always hated your guts Quinn. Everyone knows that. Josh is pissed because he has every right to be. He was told his wife cheated on him. Lol. I’d be too Quinn. This did nothing but tell me you are NOT. A Friend

THAYLIA: Let’s tell everyone how the person that is telling you all of this is a compulsive liar. All she does is lie & the entire time your wife was friends with her all you did was b!tch about how annoying she was & how she lied all the time. Not one time did Mackenzie cheat on you. She stuck by your side through all of the sh!t you did to her. You don’t continually call your WIFE a c**t, a b!tch & say she’s incapable of taking care of your children when you are around your children maybe 5 hours out of a 24 hour day. She bends over backwards to make you happy. She has for months now. You had this girl 3 way you in on a phone call last night with Mackenzie, bryce & I. Which we didn’t know about until after. But throughout the phone call we even said she never cheated. If she would have cheated at all you would have heard one of us say it. We would have admitted it on that call because it was supposed to be just us girls, but truth came out SHE NEVER CHEATED ON YOU. If your dumb enough to believe someone that has lied to your face multiple times then so be it. You’re the one that looks like the fool. You’re letting a girl you hate tear apart your marriage over lies. The man did try calling you last night even texted you to call him & you wouldn’t, why? Because you THINK you know the truth. Why not hear it from the person that supposedly it happened with? Since she wants the attention let’s let her have it everyone Quinn is the lying sack of sh!t that… [cut off]

Mackenzie McKee Josh feud quote

COMMENTER: Ewww!!! Is she jealous of all Mackenzie McKee has? Because I just looked her up…

MACKENZIE: Yes. She is ripping apart my family but has no clue what being a mother is like because she had abortions with two different guys ?…

COMMENTER: She’s just jealous!? Why is josh believing her?!?!

MACKENZIE: That’s what we are all wondering

COMMENTER: I’m sorry!!! I hope you guys figure it out. She is ridiculous and clearly jealous af

MACKENZIE: Wow, everyone posting on here that they are praying and hope for the best. What a blessing to have people like so on our fb. Thank you.

Joshua this is sad, we have children, and we are better than this.

Since this is all for the world to see yes we had a rough past and I would always bring stuff up. Months ago I chose forgiveness and asked him to forgive me for all my wrong doings which he hasn’t. And that’s his choice. I have been wrong. Many times, so has he. Recently I have prayed deeply for a healing marriage. One only hurts another if they are being hurt and it feeds off of each other in A sad way. One thing straight I do love my spouse, we both have put up with a lot. But I did not have an affair. I have begged him to bow his head and pray with me. (He no longer loves God) which is sad because the man I married always prayed for his marriage and family. Josh, you are our leader. And you chose to fall out of love with me months ago, I pray for healing within us both and wish you would consider counseling. But in the mean time, invade you didn’t know I’m at the ER with our 4 month old.

MACKENZIE: Josh. The best thing you could do for your kids, is to delete this whole status. It has blown out of proportion and the kids don’t deserve this

* * * * * * * * * *

In addition to the Facebook posts, Mackenzie has also responded on Twitter. Someone tweeted a screen cap of Josh’s cheating allegations and here is Mackenzie’s response:

I have to confess all of this crazy relationship drama was a surprise to me! Mackenzie is always sooooo positive on social media, so I guess we don’t have a clear picture of what all is going on in reality. Either way, I’m still a huge fan of Mackenzie and I hope they are able to work through this current issue and get to a more peaceful and trusting place on the other side where this kind of thing is less likely to ever be an issue.

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  • Stacy

    It’s so clear everything she posts online is fake. So this is not even remotely surprising.

  • savannah

    My brain died halfway thru this article…Get your sh*t together for your three kids. Keep your sh*t OFF Facebook, because its certainly not going to help anything. Why didn’t MTV provide these girls with life coaches as part of the package deal, they’re all trainwrecks.

    • Itsallgood

      Total morons…. I couldn’t finish the article either.

    • Chu ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

      That’s the point is it not? Get the biggest train wrecks to go on TV, the more entertaining it is, the higher the ratings! ?

      • savannah

        Sadly, very true. LOL. I just feel for the kids in these messed up families.

  • Me too

    Kids being kids!! This is why you shouldn’t have children till you’re grown …Get all that stupid sh*t outta the way first!

  • Pray4KaiserRoll

    Maybe it’s just me but I feel like Josh is not happy with her. She seems way into him and sort of clingy. I always got that vibe.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      He’s never been happy with her.

      • Anna

        It’s just his concussions jeez. I’m sure behind the vacant stare is a deep love for his wife….

      • ameliaBedelia76

        then why have 3 kids?

        • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

          Those were her trap babies. He was dumb to keep screwing her.

    • sysmjp

      It’s always been that way.

  • ren24

    Maybe they should have another baby. It’ll fix everything.

  • TA

    The “man” you married? Weren’t they underage when they got married?

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Nah they were youngins but they was over 18 lol

  • Chu ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

    Didn’t bother even trying to read the article. These kids need to get off social media honestly ??

  • Jessica

    Like… why is this going on on Facebook?! Lol.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Because it’s like totally the way responsible adults handle their problems.

      • Leah’s Crackhead Smile

        Hey it’s me, Catelynn’s Strip of Hair ??❤️

        • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

          Hahaha love it!!!

          • Leah’s Crackhead Smile

            Lol I love your name and avi

            • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

              Thanks it’s CatesZebraHoodie I just figured it was time to change since it’s TM2 now.

              • Leah’s Crackhead Smile

                Yea I remember when you changed it last week. We were laughing at Chelsea’s brows. That’s why I changed mines too. To give the TM2 girls hell

              • savannah

                How about Chelsea’s out of control winged eyeliner…dang girl!!

  • Guest

    Shaming someone for having an abortion is disgusting.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      But it’s her Christian way lol

    • AshleyBlack

      I personally don’t think she is shaming abortions. She just said she don’t know what being a mother is like because she doesn’t have kids because she chose to get abortions. Which the way she’s acting may be a good thing.

  • Tabitha

    Their abhorrent grasp on grammar prevented me from reading past the third entry. #stayinschool

  • Jojo

    What got me was her repetitive assertion that she’s a bowin’ her lil noggin, and a prayin’ to the lord… like that’s supposed to take care of everything? Asking God to whip out his magic eraser seems pale in comparison to actually working on yourself and your marriage, but I guess it’s less effort.

  • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

    “Called my body discussing” ???????✋?✋?✋?. I stopped reading almost instantly

    • sysmjp

      Yea, it’s discussing bc she doesn’t have a schlong.

  • AshleyBlack

    Three way calling is what we did in middle school. These kids need to grow up.

  • FrontDoorMom

    I still dont get it. Whos quinn? Where did she come from? Who is thaliya? Wthell lol.