REPORT Teen Mom 3 cast to include Alex Sekella and Mackenzie Douthit

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It appears that we have half of the cast of the upcoming third installment of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise! An MTV source has confirmed with Radar Online that Alexandria Sekella and Mackenzie Douthit will be two of the girls featured on Teen Mom 3.

UPDATE – We can now add Katie Yeager to the tentative list of Teen Mom 3 cast members! CLICK HERE to read all about that!

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The report jibes with our initial “educated” speculation that pegged Either Mackenzie or Katie Yeager with Alex and Katrina Robinson (Head) as three of the four cast members. Then, earlier this week, we shared photos from Mackenzie Douthit’s prom that appeared to have an MTV camera woman in the background.

We said in that post that we thought Mackenzie made a great choice because she seemed like a very straight-laced girl with an amazing support group behind her, including a very loving family as well as Gannon’s father Josh McKee, who is still in the picture. Over the last couple years the Teen Mom franchise has become associated with troublemakers and a lot of bad headlines thanks in large part to Amber Portwood from the original series and Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2. The MTV source backs that up.

“She comes from a stable family and seems to have her life in order,” the source says. “MTV wanted someone like that.”

Teen Mom 3 star Alex Sekella with daughter ArabellaTeen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit Josh McKee and son Gannon
^ Teen Mom 3 cast members Alex Sekella (left) with her daughter Arabella and Mackenzie Douthit with Josh McKee and their son Gannon.

Alex is kind of the opposite in that her personal life is a little on the unstable side, thanks mostly to her drug using baby daddy Matt McCann. Oh, and Alex is not afraid to raise her voice and get in someone’s face either! She promises to make for some very dramatic reality TV, but thankfully she doesn’t appear to have a self-destructive streak so hopefully she will avoid a lot of the pitfalls of Amber and Jenelle.

Want to know more about Alex and Mackenzie? Be sure to check out our profile posts for lots of background information, including things not included on 16 and Pregnant, but sure to be covered in Teen Mom 3!

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So what do you think about the choices? Are you excited to follow the lives of Alex, Arabella, Mackenzie, and Gannon over the next few years?