TEEN MOM 2 Chelsea Houska tells Aubree she’s going to be a big sister


It’s time for another peek at the upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2!

In this week’s previews Chelsea Houska has a super big surprise for daughter Aubree and Kail Lowry discusses her apprehension over what’s going to happen when Javi Marroquin finally returns home.


It’s an Aubree Skye cuteness overload as Chelsea Houska, Cole DeBoer and Pete the Pig surprise her with the news that she’s going to be a big sister. Aubree’s not sure what to do with the reveal but her mom’s exuberance more than makes up for it.

Speaking of an expecting Houska, Chelsea made the following tweet that has fans on a serious baby news watch:


Kailyn Lowry gets a FaceTime call from her friend Sterling and they discuss what may or may not happen when Javi returns home. The circumstances are complicated as Lowry is hesitant to talk to Lincoln about the possibility of an impending divorce.

Teen Mom 2 airs tonight on MTV at 8/7c.


  • ren24

    Kail looks really pretty. (Did she have something done to her face or just the rest of her body? I can’t keep up with all their cosmetic procedures.)

    And Chelsea’s eyebrows.

    That is all.

    • LoLo

      Yes, she got her lips done, not sure what else on her face. Her lips to me look terrible. Maybe over time they will shrink.

  • LoLo

    Chelsea has an annoying voice but other than that, it’s clear she adores Aubree. I love how much Cole cares about her too. She is the only “normal” mom out of the bunch. Compared to the others she’s the only one that doesn’t have major issues, criminal problems, violence or scandal.

    • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

      Someone posted on here about a year ago about how Chelsea and Randy were in a restaurant and were so rude and felt entitled towards the staff. Chelsea isn’t this sweet little doll like people think she is. She has a HUGE chip on her shoulders like she’s better than everyone. Who knows the shit she talks about the casts when no one is around. Aubree is yummy though. She did an awesome job with her so far.

      • bambiglanville

        I’ve never believed she was all that sweet. Something about her annoys me, however I can’t deny she seems like a great mom. I do believe the entitled comment- Randy seems like an @ss!

      • LoLo

        Just because someone posted it doesn’t make it true. I’m not saying she’s not different on camera. I’m sure they all are. I am referring to her compared to all the other moms on the Teen Mom shows. Out of them, she has done the best as a mom.

  • shebee

    Aubree is already a big sister Chelsea. Remember Paislee (or however you spell it).
    Was Aubree premature? Is that why Chelsea tweeted that?

    • Wtf

      Yes she was a premie. I remember when Chelsea did the March of Dimes a few years back and said Aubree was premature.

    • DoogieHowser

      Yeah in her 16 and pregnant episode, Adam didn’t come with her when Chelsea was getting Aubree out from the NICU. He was too busy working on a car IIRC. I think she was a late term preemie at 36 weeks so it wasn’t anything huge or a really long stay. Likely she just needed to prove that she had strength to eat and didn’t have apnea or a murmur. If it was anything more serious, MTV would of featured it more like they have done before with the babies born with meconium aspiration (sp?) and diabetes.

    • Faceless

      Aubree, Chelsea, and the rest of the world know Aubree is a big sister. Is it really THAT big of a deal that Chelsea didn’t put “again” in her card? Chelsea and Taylor get together so they can see each other. Also, it’s extremely different having a sibling you see every so often and one that lives with you.

  • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

    Those eyebrows make Chelsea look like an evil villain in a cartoon

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      I think I just found my new screen name lol

  • pmo

    r those chelsea’s molars or does she have gum in her mouth? very gross.

    • Texas Girl

      She has gum.

  • pmo

    used to kill me when she would spell out a d a m in front of aubrey while talking to her gf, like aubrey couldnt sound it out she talking about her dad.

  • anon

    I don’t want to sound mean, but I find Aubree annoying. There is something about her cheeks and the way she holds her mouth open that grates. Every time she opens, her mouth, I just want to tell her to shut it already!.