16 & PREGNANT Ashley Salazar gives birth to son Phoenix

Ashley Salazar son Phoenix

Congratulations to 16 & Pregnant Season 2 star Ashley Salazar and Justin Lane as the couple just welcomed their second child together, son Phoenix Roy Lane!

Justin broke the news to fans with the photo of Phoenix below, revealing in the caption that Phoenix was born at 9:04 AM on the morning of January 7. Their little bundle of joy weighed 6.14 oz. at birth.

16 and Pregnant Ashley Salazar gives birth to baby son Phoenix

The birth comes after Ashley shared a series of concerning tweets this week. “In soooo much pain,” she tweeted on Monday. “No more kids for this lady.” Later in the day she asked for tips on pain relief. “Any sug for relieving pain during pgcy? Tylenol, even xtra strength, does NOT work!! Just hook me up into an IV and give me an epi already!”

Things were apparently no better for Ashley on Tuesday. “Seriously so scared to have my son,” she wrote. “As much pain as I’m in I want to keep him in as long as I can.”

On Thursday, Ashley went to the hospital after it appeared that her water broke. “Who knows about the test for amniotic fluid for water breaking?” she asked the following day. “Went into the hospital last night and got sent home. I swear it broke!”

She later revealed that she was still in pain. “Update: I’m still cramping but can’t tell if I’m leaking. Just cramping, leg pain, pressure, stabbing sensation. Called dr and don’t need to come in unless I’m actually leaking. Again I’m 36/6 weeks.”

Not long after that tweet Ashley went social media silent — and the next thing we knew, Phoenix was here!

Unfortunately, judging from recent posts on social media and her blog, it appears as though Ashley and Justin are no longer together. In her most recent blog post, titled “The Final Stretch,” Ashley tried to remain positive:

Things have been rocky this pregnancy and I’d be lying if I said it was the picture perfect one that I had always dreamed of after what I went through with Callie, but I’ve almost made it through.

I just pray every day for a peaceful welcoming into this world for my little man as well as understanding as him and his big sister grow older. I also pray for the wisdom and patience for me to find the right words for them as they mature.

I know there’s a plan for me and my son. I go to counseling every single week and still work every day on patience and slowing down, taking a deep breath and taking things one day at a time.

Happy new year! Come on little dude! Ready to meet you.

Congratulations to Ashley and Justin — we’re sure they will make the best of the situation and work together to provide a wonderful life for Phoenix! Speaking of that, the little guy has a pretty awesome looking room to come home to already:

Still got some stuff left to do but getting there. Thx mom lol

A photo posted by Ashley Salazar (@ashleyslzr) on

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  • Chu ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

    These girls do know they can wait until they’re older to have children right?? I mean I had my son at 20 and now he’s 6, still not planning to have any more any time soon ?

    • Simms says

      Lol! Apparently 25 is the new 50 to them.

  • Guest

    Isn’t Phoenix a girl’s name?

    • Che


    • twelfthnight

      It’s unisex. It seems to swing back and forth with generations.

    • Charla

      I’ve really only heard of males names Phoenix.

  • FR

    Perhaps MTV should start with preventing unplanned pregnancies among its cast members before it tries to falsely claim the show reduced teen pregnancies…the people on the show are churning out babies at a rapid pace while making it look glamorous.

    • Victoria

      We need a new cast

    • Noxy

      This very well could have been planned.

      And even if it isn’t, these girls are no longer under aged teenagers, so they don’t really fall into that category anymore.

      And as long as the babies are well taken care of and mom is financially stable, who really gives a shit? It isn’t like this girl is Jenelle “Hey I Just Met You, And This Is Crazy, But Here’s My Number.. Let Me Have Your Baby” Evans who’s on Baby Daddy #3 and drowning in a swamp of legal problems.

      • TrashTV

        I do see a problem here, with their history with Callie and the history of their relationship, you should think long and hard and be very, very sure you can and will raise your second child together. At least one of them miserably failed at that and the other should have known better.

        • Noxy

          Yep. Definitely.

          My best friend had 2 kids with her high school boyfriend- the first when we were 17, & the 2nd when we were 19. He was a serious piece of shit- on drugs, cheating on her all the time, etc. my bff’s mom actually let him move in with them for whatever reason.
          (ofc that’s how she got pregnant lol).. When she finally left him for good, he completely left picture. Those 2 kids don’t even have his last name anymore. She finally got married to a pretty good dude and had a 3rd baby (3 boys) and had her tubes tied… Her husband fell off a cliff and died like 3 years ago tho. Very sad.

      • Lacy

        You point Jenelle out as an example of who shouldn’t be having a baby, but she planned her 2nd, is older, and is financially stable which you said was all that was needed not to be judged. The girls all have various reasons why they ended up pregnant while in high school, and most of them haven’t really fixed those problems and continue to replay the same relationship problems over and over again.

        • Sara

          She did say well taken care of and it is clear to see Jenelle is not taking very good care of her kids. Not on her side, but just pointing it out. Very few of the casts should be having more kids.

      • Faceless

        She’s constantly on and off with Justin. If it was planned then they’re stupid for bringing him into a relationship that they obviously are struggling with. Jenelle also planned her 2nd within two weeks (LITERALLY they admitted to it on the show) of meeting Nathan and no I wouldn’t call Jenelle financially stable. Jenelle and stable don’t belong in the same sentence unless the word “isn’t” is in between them.

  • shebee

    I had children before social media so I guess I can’t relate but I find it so interesting that someone can be in “sooooo much pain” yet they can post, snap, and tweet, every single moment of labor.

    • BooBooBaby

      She is probably a big baby….she more than likely doesn’t know what Real Pain is!
      Kinda typical with these millennials!

      • Dana

        Not all millennial’s. Anyways pregnancy, labor, and birth is probably painful regardless of your generation.

        • BooBooBaby

          Ya….I was sorta joking!
          I am a millennial…..and I was just annoyed with them right now!

          • Dana

            Ahh gotcha, sorry it’s hard to read sarcasm over the Internet. I’ve run into this problem before lol. Whenever I get dissapointed in our generation I remember the majority of us didn’t vote for trump and I feel a little better 😉

    • TrashTV

      When the hospital sends you home, your pain and/ or problems probably are not too bad. I also think the hospital staff might give you a slightly more correct answer to the question ‘did my water break?’ than your average Social Media follower.
      What a drama queen.
      It’s women like this who scare the heck out of other pregnant women.
      Had two kids and it was very do-able. I liked the delivery without epi even better.
      I think giving birth is awesome. It is a privilage to be a woman and be able to cary a child and give birth.

  • cookie

    Pretty sure tylenol is a big no no when you’re pregnant

    • Dana

      I thought Tylenol was the only thing you could take?

      • Texas Girl

        It is. You can take Tylenol but not Advil.

  • Victoria

    Who is she again?

    • Faceless

      Someone who played Red Light Green Light with her first kid and finally let her aunt and uncle adopt her and tries to play house with her boyfriend who she’s constantly on and off with while claiming she’s a mom to Callie.

  • InfertilitySucks

    These girls are so fertile. Lucky them.

  • Noxy

    Didn’t she like play Hot Potato with her first baby? Like.. She let her aunt adopt it, then wanted her back, then sent her back to her aunt after 2 days cuz she couldn’t handle her?

    • DonaldTrump’sToupee

      Yep that’s her!

  • Cici

    Phoenix my neighbors dogs name.

    • Charla


  • ameliaBedelia76

    she looks straight up nasty in the selfie inher undies…gross

  • Drbzy

    Somebody please refresh my memory…isn’t this the same girl who lived with her mother and gave the baby to an aunt/uncle to raise but changed her mind after about a week and took the baby back?

    • CatesZebraHoodie

      And then gave it back to the aunt and uncle.

  • FYO

    That’s nice. Good for you. Now go get a job so you’re not a financial drain on anyone but yourself.

  • DanaD

    The thing with these girls from 16 and Pregnant is that they haven’t realized their 15 minutes of fame ended YEARS ago. Stop broadcasting your life to your “fans” and focus on living it.

  • vintagecheerwine