SUMMER HOUSE Meet the cast of Bravo’s Montauk-based take on Jersey Shore

Bravo Summer House cast

It may be the heart of winter, but Bravo is heating things up with its newest reality drama, Summer House. The show follows the exploits of nine affluent friends from New York City, who spent their summer together in a vacation home in Montauk, a beach town on Long Island. We’ve gathered together photos and brief bios of the entire cast so you can get to know them before Summer House premieres on January 16!

The Wirkus Twins, Ashley and Lauren, originally hail from Southern California, but both have called New York City home for the past six years. Ashley Wirkus recently married, and will be returning to California to settle down at the end of the show. A real estate agent by trade, she recently shifted professional gears by buying a retail franchise. Lauren Wirkus works in finance during the week, but comes to the Summer House as the single sister, open to the possibility of dating—or could there be more?—one of her eligible housemates.

SUMMER HOUSE Carl Radke & Cristina Gibson

Carl Radke & Cristina Gibson

Carl Radke is something of Summer House’s outsider. Though he’s friends with housemate Kyle Cooke, he’s only met the other cast members in passing. An ex-model, Carl now works in medical sales and dabbles in film production. He also invests in a couple bars on the side. He’s one of Summer House’s single residents.

Cristina Gibson is balancing life in the Summer House with her freelance reporting career. She describes herself as a “Jersey girl turned New Yorker by way of Hollywood.” She’ll spend the show’s season discovering whether or not she can live and party with eight other people while keeping up her reporting.

Lindsay Hubbard is the president of a New York City public relations firm. An assertive go-getter, she matches her boyfriend/housemate Everett Weston’s intensity every step of the way. She’s been summering in the Hamptons for a decade, and unwinds playing sports, visiting the beach, and sharing cocktails with her Summer House friends.

Everett Weston is the bull in Summer House’s china shop. He’s the most intense housemate, and isn’t afraid to be blunt. His Montauk summers began at age 12, making him the show’s summer vacation veteran. He’s a veteran in another sense, too, having served in the United States Army in Iraq. Now he helps run the nonprofit Operation: Heal Our Heroes. He and housemate Lindsay Hubbard are in the early stages of a relationship, which promises to provide great drama throughout the season.

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Jaclyn Shuman left Texas for the big city, and fell into fit modelling as a career. She’s recently out of a serious relationship, so while she doesn’t come to Summer House looking for love, she isn’t going to rule out the possibility.

SUMMER HOUSE's Kyle Cooke & Stephen McGee

Kyle Cooke & Stephen McGee

Kyle Cooke runs two start-up businesses during the week, but when he gets to the Summer House, he plans to let things hang out. He’s there to be the life of the party and to find someone—or several someones—willing to hook up with no strings attached.

A Southern boy by birth, Stephen McGee fled Alabama at age 20 and now plans events for New York’s elites. Expect Stephen to stir things up in the Summer House, whether its organizing parties or causing a touch of trouble.

Summer House premieres Monday, January 16 at 10/9c on Bravo.

Photos: Bravo

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