VIDEO Kristina Robinson discusses her baby’s father’s passing in 16 & Pregnant preview

16 & Pregnant Kristina Robinson from her episode ending Season 4

It’s hard to believe the 4th Season of 16 & Pregnant is coming to an end tonight (not counting reunion shows of course). It’s been another roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows for viewers and by all accounts MTV has saved the most heartbreaking story for last.

Tonight will feature Texas mom Kristina Robinson and during the taping of her episode the father of her son Lukas Todd and fiance at the time, John Todd Hight Jr., passed away tragically in a drowning incident. We have covered the story in great detail and you can follow up on the extensive details here.

As they always do, MTV has released a teaser from the episode and they didn’t shy away from the extremely grim and difficult subject matter. In the following clip Kristina talks about trying to cope with the devastating loss:

“My mom is just like up under me like, ‘I want to help you.’ But there’s nothing you can say to like make it better.”

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