A Teen Mom cruise is happening without Jenelle Evans or Farrah Abraham


Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham want you to know that they will not be attending the Teen Mom cruise.

Fellow Teen Mom stars Kail Lowry, Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood announced via Instagram that they would be hosting a cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Sea in the summer of 2017. No, we are not kidding!

According to Vacations By Design, the reservation rates are as follows for the adventure sailing out of Miami on July 31, 2017:

Inside Staterooms (Category N) start at $734 per person
Ocean View Staterooms (Category H) start at $806 per person
Ocean View Staterooms (Category G) start at $828 per person
Verandah Staterooms (Category D2) start at $1205 per person
Junior Suites (Category JS) start at $ $1303 per person

TMZ cited a spokesperson who explained that Farrah Abraham was not invited because they wanted the event to be family friendly. When Radar caught up with Farrah to ask her why she wasn’t attending, she went hard with some vintage Abra-slams of the other moms:

“I’m laughing at how the extra Teen Moms have to try to insult me to promote the wack cruise they’re trying to sell. Unlike them I don’t need to share with other girls to get a company to give me a free cruise and make others pay for it… I took Sophia on the largest cruise ship by Disney that sits in the port that was really family friendly. They’re on a family-friendly cruise yet aren’t bringing their kids. Have a fantastic 21 & over time!”


She added, “Maybe I’ll host a huge Yacht party with real entertainment. Have fun on your cruise. I wouldn’t pay to go on that one, sorry. Bored of all their low-class antics.” Farrah then took a shot at Amber’s fiancé Matt Baier by stating that she had better things to do with her time than “play beer pong all day with pedophile boyfriends.” Radar’s report noted, “Baier has never been accused of being sexually attracted to children, or having acted on such desires, by anyone other than Abraham in her outrageous claims.”

Simon Saran piled on with his own evaluation of the snub. “Considering Maci just had bal*s rubbed over her face in Vegas and Amber is endorsing a 50-year-old naked man in a book, they seem like much more family-friendly candidates,” he said.

The Ashley stated via Twitter that Jenelle Evans wasn’t invited but she had a different take:

Jenelle also tweeted, “Dam*ed if I do, dam*ed if I don’t ?,” when a fan expressed amazement over her being criticized for not attending.

What do you guys think about the idea of a Teen Mom cruise? I have to admit, it would be pretty amazing to play some shuffleboard with Babs Evans and Dr. Randy Houska!

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  • Haha

    “Amber is endorsing a 50 year old naked man” omggg hahaha

  • Ella

    This is the stupidest idea yet. Do they actually have any legit fans who’d pay for this bull? Everyone I know just hate watches the show and doesn’t actually like any of them.

    • savannah

      HAHAH hate watching. So true. I can’t stand it but can’t stop watching it. It was like the last 4 seasons of CSI… LOL

    • CatesZebraHoodie

      *raises hand* hi everybody, I’m CatesZebraHoodie and I hate watch the teen mom franchise. *hangs head in shame*

    • HLB

      Im still interested in some aspects of the show but def not Jenelle or Farrah. But it does seem odd they are going on Disney ship but no kids along. I wouldnt pay to go on cruise w/them but I do watch the show; I just FF thru J & F. UGH!

  • TA

    A drug addict, an alcoholic and an abusive, tatted up, wanna be african-american girl go on a cruise…
    Sounds like the beginnng of a bad joke.

    • Pattipandi

      Wait, which one is supposed to be the wannabe “African-American”?

      • Helloto

        Kail?…. I’m assuming.

  • savannah

    These girls should be planning for what happens after TMOG is cancelled (I’m guessing near future) and give up these stupid get rich quick schemes. The BootyTea, the Hair growth gummy bears, their terrible books…start working on a life plan. This cash is going to dry up, and so will the offers. Although, I don’t think Farrah is ever a good choice on giving out life advice, I do agree this cruise is super cheesy. I think the only “fans” who would want to spend the $$ on this cruise, probably aren’t even old enough to do so…

  • AshleyBlack

    Oh Farrah & Simon, jealousy doesn’t look good on you.

    • savannah

      Nothing looks good on Farrah. Not even her own face.

      • AshleyBlack

        Touché ?

  • twelfthnight

    What kind of person would pay ~$800+ PP to meet these doorknobs?

    I’m actually surprised MTV or anyone still thinks they’ll be relevant enough in a year for this to be a thing.

  • Drea

    Does anyone else think Farrah sounds like Trump?

    “I took Sophia on the LARGEST cruise ship…”

    “Maybe I’all host a huge (yuge?) yacht party with REAL entertainment…”


    • PCpolice

      Sounds like Hillary–constant negativity

  • Ali.P

    The only thing he can say about maci is that she had a stripper at her bachelorette party? Well then, he clearly wins.

  • Cara

    This started out as a “documentary” on teen pregnancy and now we can pay $1,000 to go on a cruise with the girls sans children. America.

  • PCpolice

    Amber, I hope you read this. You’ll always have haters, but you need to tune them out. You’ve come an amazingly far.
    Once my least fave, not my fave. You’ve earned it.
    You’re well spoken, soft spoken, gentle, kind (your compassion and love for animals) proves it. You’re thoughtful and considerate, even allowing Matt’s addict son to live with you. Having a stranger in your home who already tried to sell you out, means you must be on guard at all times. It’s too easy for him to pick up a few thousand by doing this, then back to drugs.
    Anyway, know there’s many of me with respect for you..
    Ignore the rest. I hope everything works out for you!
    Best wishes

    • CatesZebraHoodie

      Yet she still hardly sees her daughter and gave up time with Leah to run off to new York with Matt. Yeah she’s really changed.

      • PCpolice

        She’s feeling she’s better off without her.

        • Lacy

          Wait… what? Amber is better without her kid around? Maybe Leah is better off not around Amber. Since Amber chose to host an adult that was current drug user in her house, probably for the best she hardly had Leah.

          • PCpolice

            You’re not understanding. Amber, where motherhood’s considered, feels like Leah’s better off without her not because of Matt’s son, but instead due to her close relationship with Gary’s wife, the stability she has there. The fact Leah was uncomfortable saying “I love you” to her mom in front of Christina(name?), is evidence.
            She’s down on herself. Deeply depressed. If you’ve ever been there, or known someone who is, you’d know the self loathing, the. I’m not good enough for anyone let alone my daughter.

  • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

    Maci and Cate’s tats are so ugly and obnoxious looking. But Amber will always have the worse tat of all time, baby Leah’s fat little face tatted on her stomach.

    • HLB

      just not into tattoos at all but has any of them ever heard the saying “Less is More”….obviously not.