VIDEO Jon and Kate custody battle, Jon doesn’t know where his son Colin is

Jon and Kate custody battle, Jon doesn't know where his son Colin isJon Gosselin, former star of TLC’s reality TV series Jon and Kate Plus 8, said that his ex-wife Kate Gosselin won’t tell him the whereabouts of his son Colin. The DJ and estranged father of eight said that he is considering taking legal action in a new Jon and Kate custody battle and he is hoping to regain some of his parental rights.

Gosselin sat down for an interview with Entertainment Tonight just two weeks after a report revealed that Kate was investigated for child abuse earlier this year. The shocking allegations came after Kate opened up in the press about her son Colin. She revealed that Colin, who is a sextuplet, has special needs and is “enrolled in a program that is helping him learn the skills he needs to be the best him he can be,” People reported in August.

But Kate refused to let Jon know about their son’s whereabouts, and he even said his other children—together, Jon and Kate have 12-year-old sextuplets Collin, Aaden, Joel, Leah, Hannah and Alexis and 16-year-old twin daughters Cara and Mady—don’t know where their sibling is either.

“No one knows where he is, like I don’t even know,” Jon said in the video interview. “I have an idea where he is but I don’t really know like where he is. Kate says that Colin is in a special school for special needs kids with behavioral problems.”

Jon said that he’s texted Kate multiple times asking about where Colin is currently staying, but Kate doesn’t respond to his messages. The only time Kate answers a text from her ex-husband is when they’re discussing their custody agreement. Jon even offered to send his ex-wife a text message while the cameras were rolling, which is exactly what he did.

“’I’ve been wanted to ask are you ever gonna tell me where Colin is,’” Jon said reading his text message to Kate outloud. “She won’t respond.”

He also revealed that he thinks Kate’s reason for deliberately keeping his kids away from him is money-driven. He says she’s afraid that if he were to gain joint physical and legal custody of their eight children, he would immediately refuse to allow them to film on their popular TLC Jon and Kate Plus 8 spinoff Kate Plus 8 which is set to premiere next week. If the children aren’t allowed to film for the series, Kate would be out of a paycheck.

Watch a clip from Jon’s interview above.

Photos by Kate Plus 8/Facebook, Jon Gosselin/Instgram

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  • Charla

    It’s sad that this is their relationship. Even if they no longer love each other, I don’t see why they must treat each other like trash? Neither parent owns the children.

    • SciLife

      That’s 8 young adults that will need counseling. EIGHT people with issues because 2 couldn’t get their shit together.

      • PamBeesly

        I think one does, and that one didn’t leave to rent a one bedroom apartment in NYC and then by a two seater sports car after the split. I can’t blame one for having a guard up when the one wants to reappear after that half of the money dried up

        • Guest

          I agree that Kate is more of a parent than Jon, but she’s very emotionally abusive.

  • Ali.P

    When their show came out it was my favorite show on tv. I remember telling my husband that if it’s cancelled I hope they do a “where are they now” in 10 years. It really breaks my heart for these sweet kids that their parents let the fame world tear them apart as a couple and as people. They’re disgusting. They don’t deserve their children. I genuinely hope that Colin is ok.

  • Alisson Leech

    If Kate had married a black American, she wouldn’t be having these problems. She wouldn’t be able to find him! Lol

    • CatesZebraHoodie

      Wow. Just wow.

    • Charla

      Was that necessary? Does that make you feel better about your own life? Sad and pitiful.

      • Alisson Leech

        Yes. No, because it was a joke.

        • kate

          it wasn’t even a good one. and I say that as someone who laughs at f-ed up stuff. so it seems like you said it for the sake of racism
          instead of for the sake of comedy. or you’re just really unfunny.

          • Alisson Leech

            Um I am black and so are my sons…

            • You can be purple, the joke was still terrible.

            • kate

              Say something racist on the internet, then claim it can’t be racist because you’re black. guess I’ll have to believe that, racist faceless stranger who says dumb sh-t on the internet.

        • Stacey

          The joke sucked, Alison. Sucked.

          • Alisson Leech

            Sorry. 🙁

    • TA

      You’re a horrible person.

      • Moka Latte

        And so is Agnes, the disgusting person who upvoted the comment.

        • Alisson Leech


    • Aussie cathie

      What a vile piece of shiiiit you are!!! Shame on you!!

      • Alisson Leech

        Shame on you for calling me a vile piece of doo.

        • Aussie cathie

          If the shoe fits , lace that biitch up !! Disgusting thing to say and then to pass it off as a “joke” !!

    • jamorgan6

      Feeling accomplished for that stupid, necessary “joke?”

  • CatesZebraHoodie

    He’s like duhnelle. Always talking about getting them back but never making a real move.

  • Lauren

    The way I see it is they’re both attention whores. Should either of them be parents? No. But I get an abusive manipulative vibe from Kate whilst Jon is just lazy looking for an easy payday. You know who suffers? Their kids. If my ex sent my kid away & wouldn’t tell me his whereabouts I would be raising hell, money be damned. Jon needs to stop giving interviews in how much he misses his kids & how concerned he is for their safety & take her ass to court. It’s a shame they let the money & fame change them & ultimately hurt their kids.

    • Bruja

      This. I’m upvoting the hell out of this.

      • just_parsley


    • Emmy

      Think I would have kicked Jon to the curb as well. Rather a single mom than raising (with) Jon.
      If you want to be a respected husband and father, you will have to be a (gentle) man.

      Not sure I would tell this man where my child is unless I had to, to protect my child from him and the press (cause he would tell them where he is).
      But I doubt he really doesn’t know.
      I hope their son will feel better, that is the most important thing here.

  • Chaniese

    She legally has to tell him nothing, everyone forgets he signed away ALL parental rights years ago giving him any right to see or talk to his kids all to avoid being financially responsible.

  • Guest

    I hope those kids give her hell when they become teenagers.

  • jeff

    He’s not going to do sh*t. I’m not a big Kate fan, but she’s raising 8 kids on her own and she needs to be a strict bit*h. Just compare her with Octo Mom and her litter, you have to have some balls to be able to raise 8 kids to be half-decent human beings.

  • twelfthnight

    These people are all awful. I feel so bad for the kids.

    It’s weird that the teenage daughters don’t even know where their younger brother is. I feel like Kate probably had enough of him and shipped him off to a boarding school for problem children so she didn’t have to deal with him.

  • LoLo

    I see both sides & they are both disgusting. I think he good a great edit during the early seasons of their show. She was an overbearing, stressed out lunatic at times. He was passive in front of the cameras & everyone rallied behind him. But, then time went on. She’s basically the same but after seeing him on Couples Therapy I have a different opinion of him. He’s a bit creepy. He didn’t do anything to help his case or kids. Unfortunately, now she needs the show to take care of them. So, even if he didn’t want them on tv, who would he support them?

  • FR

    For the record, fame didn’t ruin this couple. They were disgusting (and completely incompatible) long before they ever got on camera. It’s really too bad they made all those kids who have to not only deal with their insanity but do so publicly. I feel so sad for the children.

    • Ali.P

      In my opinion fame did ruin them, or at least helped. Not because they were normal, good people but because it brought everything to the surface and changed it. Kate was a raging, uptight, insufferable bit*h from the start but Jon knew that and married her anyway. He didn’t mind being treated that way until it was pointed out by viewers and they were making money. They had their lives figured out and despite seeming as though they didn’t really have time for each other or maybe didn’t love each other anymore they were making it. Then the money and all of that came along and they fell apart. Just my opinion though.
      The kids are still the ones to suffer so no matter what it’s sad.

  • Che

    And then tlc or another network would offer him a reality show… because apparently he can’t support himself