What kind of job is Jon Gosselin working now?

It’s hard to remember, but about a year and a half ago the tabloid fame now enjoyed by Teen Moms was bestowed upon The Gosselins, the reality family gone haywire.

Jon Gosselin responded particularly poorly (or well, depending how you look at it) to this situation, and went through hoards of young girlfriends, paparazzi product placement, Ed Hardy shirts and alcohol (to name a few things.) He also staged a break-in at his NYC apartment and  hired a lawyer to temporarily shut down the show that both gave the family money to raise their brood of eight children and accelerated the breakdown of their fragile marriage.

The show popped back up with just Kate and the kids, but the wind was out of the sail. Nobody really cared anymore about their staged trips to zoos, New York, and Alaska; and Jon was legally ordered by TLC to no longer make money through public appearances (like hosting Vegas parties) or selling paparazzi photos and stories to the media. It was all over, and he found himself yet another girlfriend and quietly settled into a Pennsylvania home near his kids.

Once working in the IT business, Jon found it hard to find a nine-to-five job both after the recession and his very public meltdown (in 2009 when he was being sued by TLC for being a public douche, he complained about being “too famous to work a regular job”. It looks like he got over that problem, because he was recently spotted working construction, where he cheerfully puffed away at a cigarette while installing solar panels. Maybe this is where Jon Gosselin belonged all along.