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Lifetime Vivica's Black Magic cast photo

If you’re looking for a tall mug of steaming hot chocolate to warm up your winter nights, then Lifetime is serving what you need! The network is turning up the heat with their new reality series Vivica’s Black Magic featuring Vivica A. Fox assembling an all-star male dance revue in hopes of landing a permanent spot on the Las Vegas strip.

Here’s the first official preview trailer for Vivica’s Black Magic (set to premiere on January 4) followed by the network’s synopsis of the show:

Vivica A. Fox, an accomplished actress, producer and entrepreneur, is putting her name, her money and her reputation on the line to give women a night they will never forget. With a little help from her girl squad, Eurika and Kiana, Vivica auditions hundreds of hot men, narrowing it down to a group of elite eight with six-packs and moves worthy of a coveted spot in her show. The guys must put aside their egos and personal life dramas, and give it all they have to make the magic happen. Will Vivica be able to pull it off and get Black Magic to her ultimate goal – a spot on the famous Las Vegas Strip?

“I’m Vivica Fox, and I’m looking for seven badass exotic dancers,” Vivica says in the clip. “It is so awesome for the shoe to be on the other foot — to tell them, ‘Baby, now you need to keep it tight and right.'”

Back in May, Vivica spoke with Entertainment Tonight about the show and what motivated her to start her own male dance revue. “I remember back in the day going to see Magic Mike when it first came out,” she said. “There was just no diversity that was represented. I’ve got everything from white chocolate to dark chocolate to caramel to butterscotch, because we know the brothers got some moves.”

And speaking of brothers with moves, here is a little behind-the-scenes video uploaded by Vivica late last year featuring Black Magic doing what they do best:

Just in case that little taste didn’t give you all the chocolate, caramel, and butterscotch flavor you crave, here are photos of every member of the Black Magic exotic male dance revue with their names and bios from Lifetime:

Vivica's Black Magic Michael Bolo Bolwaire

Michael “Bolo” Bolwaire
Atlanta, GA

Known for his famous #BOLOSOLO, “Bolo” is the most well-known and in-demand black exotic dancer in the country. He’s looking to take his brand worldwide with Black Magic and find real love along the way.

Vivica's Black Magic Alvester Martin

Alvester Martin
Los Angeles, CA

An alpha male, seasoned dance veteran and musician, Alvester has toured with the likes of Beyonce and Mariah and brings along the same amount of diva drama and attitude.

Vivica's Black Magic Jonathan Heat Martinez

Jonathan “Heat” Martinez
New York, NY

The former boxer is also the top male Latin entertainer in the business. While he’s with the guys in LA, his heart is back in NY with his big Dominican family.

Vivica's Black Magic Greg White Chocolate Jackson

Greg “White Chocolate” Jackson
Baltimore, MD

A stock broker turned dancer, “White” Chocolate” is following in the footsteps of his stripper father. “White Chocolate” is trying to juggle his girlfriend, their young son and his dance ambitions.

Vivica's Black Magic Mike Profit the Problem Strong

Mike “Profit the Problem” Strong
Los Angeles, CA

The funny guy of the crew, this single dad was a top college athlete who gave it all up to provide for his children.

Vivica's Black Magic Steven Charm Beck

Steven “Charm” Beck
Atlanta, GA

A newbie to the dance scene, he’s a nerdy sweetheart turned hunky celebrity trainer and Internet fitness guru who is hoping to expand his brand by starting a clothing line and fitness app…that is, if he can survive the glare of the magic spotlight.

Vivica's Black Magic Andrew Penetration Williams

Andrew “Penetration” Williams
Los Angeles, CA

This business owner, choreographer and single dad from Compton is dancing his way to his dreams. The rock solid, team player of the group, he’s committed to taking Black Magic all the way to the top… but will new opportunities from the commercial dance world make him second guess his career?

Vivica's Black Magic Christian Slo-Motion Dennis

Christian “Slo-Motion” Dennis
Los Angeles, CA

The “prince” of the LA urban exotic dance scene is the favorite of the locals, but when he joins the group alongside the nation’s top dancers in the game, “Slo-Motion” kicks into overdrive to prove he’s more than a local Don Juan but instead is a bonafide dance star destined for the big stage.

Vivica’s Black Magic premieres Wednesday, January 4 at 10/9c on Lifetime!

Photos: Joseph Viles / Lifetime

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