Kate Plus Eight is officially returning to TLC with new episodes


The two-part special of Kate Plus Eight that aired earlier this summer was apparently TLC’s way of gauging whether viewers are still interested in the lives of Kate Gosselin and her brood. With the answer being “yes,” the network has ordered an actual season of the show.

From TLC…

Cameras will follow Kate and the kids as they travel to Boston and explore different parts of New England on a family vacation. Viewers will also see the kids rounding out the final days of summer with fun activities, while Kate gets ready to tackle another school year. With Cara and Mady entering 8th grade, and Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel entering 4th grade, the kids prepare for new teachers and hobbies, while balancing their time between friends and siblings.

Kate was publicly criticized for the way she scolded her kids in the Sextuplets Turn 10 special, but the two-part shows still made an average 2.1 million viewers tune into TLC.

The new episodes of Kate Plus Eight will premiere in December.

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