REPORT Kim Kardashian faked the Paris robbery for KUWTK exposure; production shut down

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West leave their hotel and head to the Vogue 100 Gala Dinner, held in Hyde Park

According to a since-deleted report by the Huffington Post, Kim Kardashian faked the Paris robbery for Keeping Up With The Kardashians exposure. The robbery, which apparently netted nearly $11 million in jewelry for the thieves (including a $4 million ring given to Kim by Kanye West), resulted in worldwide media coverage, especially after it was reported that Kim had been held at gunpoint in her hotel bathroom. Two men dressed as police were believed to have gained entry to the room at around three o’ clock in the morning on October 3rd; after subduing Kim, the two men let in three more thieves, and the five disappeared into the night with their loot. No arrests have been made.

However, a conflicting report has been published by Huffington Post, and claims Kim confessed to the KUWTK production crew that she faked the entire event to benefit her show. As a result of Kim’s confession–and, again, this is according to the since-deleted report–E! stopped production on KUWTK, and canceled the show shortly thereafter. For now, E! hasn’t released a statement addressing these allegations. The network’s site just published a recap of Kim and Kanye’s whirlwind week since the robbery, and Keeping Up With The Kardashiansofficial page remains very much active.

It’s not immediately clear why Kim would go to such elaborate lengths for a general reason like “ratings.” Though KUWTK is in Season 12, interest in the show remains high, and it averages approximately two million viewers per week, which places it in the upper echelon of reality TV shows. In addition, in February of 2015, the Kardashians signed a four-year, $100 million contract with E!. Kardashian fatigue may be a very real thing in the greater world of pop culture, but the family looks to stay a TV fixture for the foreseeable future.

The initial report has been taken down from HuffPo’s site (you can see the dead link here); it looks like the story’s headline was “The Alleged Stunt That Backfired And May Cost Kim Kardashian Her Career.” The story was archived by intrepid gossip blog Fameolous, and is available at this link. Here is the original report in its entirety:

Kardashian allegedly confessed to her production crew that she faked the whole thing for publicity for the already over exposed show. Upon hearing the news the network took swift action and the show that has been on air for the last 12 years may now be coming to an end.

E network released a statement recently regarding the chaos surrounding the robbery and their number 1 show confirming production has stopped saying “no decision has been made as to when production will resume,” employees of the show claim that production will never resume because the show as of now has been canceled.

Kardashian reportedly isn’t holding back details on the stunt and singing like a kid who just got caught with 80 pounds of crack, because a production assistant of the show claims that during Kim’s filmed confession which is also said to be her final appearance on the Reality TV show, implied that her famous husband Kanye West was partially at fault and that she is extremely remorseful for her actions. and riddled with guilt.

“I didn’t even know what we did was against Paris law. I just want to rewind my life. I’m not interested in any insurance money now, so people need to get over saying this is illegal.” Kim confessed in her interview.

As of now Kardashian has reportedly ditched all of her future appearances and has pretty much vanished from her social media platforms. An alleged NDA agreement with E network is said to be preventing her from revealing the details of the publicity stunt gone horribly wrong until the network airs the last episode of the hit reality TV show.

France officials are said to be outraged with the whole ordeal claiming that Kardashian’s antics on social media caused her to be “robbed” and they aren’t taking the stunt lightly and are aggressively pursuing the incident at this time to get to the bottom of what really happened.

“It was really the celebrity who was targeted, with possessions that had been seen and noticed via social media, and it was these goods that the attackers targeted,” Paris officials said Wednesday

With the new information coming to light one could understand why Kim Kardashian has decided to take a hiatus from being in the spotlight and if France is anything like Italy in the case of Amanda Knox this isn’t going to just go away for the famous reality TV star turned business mogul. Non American judicial systems all work differently and at this time it doesn’t appear that Paris is going to let this go until the “truth” comes out.

Reporting a false crime is illegal in most countries. I am not sure why that wasn’t taken into consideration before the alleged publicity stunt was carried out.

Prison won’t look good on Kim. She’s not a New Jersey Housewife.

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  • The Ferocious Macadocious

    This wasn’t a stunt. Those were real tears she was crying

    • doubtful

      Lol. It’s hard to believe considering how many lies are manufactured from the Kardashian clan, from photo ops after each of Kim’s multiple brazilian butt lifts to Kardashians plastic surgeries there is nothing authentic about this group. For the total selfie queen surrounded cameras 24/7 how could there be: No surveillance video. No security. Only two witnesses. Middle-aged men who don’t speak English & fled on bikes (lol). Kim by some miracle was able to unbind herself from being bound and gagged in a bathtub (uh-huh). And she just filed a $5.6 mil insurance claim. That makes Locate look honest. Think most of the public are not believing her because we are overexposed to Kardashian lies every second of the day whether we want to see it or not.

  • Emmy

    Yep, that’s how we do things here in Europe. We dont condone lying when your lie makes the public feel unsafe and you don’t waste our valued police force’s time. They have better things to do.
    We don’t let the public pay when you are just being a dramaqueen.
    In my country you have to pay for the ambulance and/or visit to the ER yourself when you didn’t need emergency help but insisted on it. You have to call a normal doctor first and she/ he decides what is necessary.

    • doubtful

      Yes, Kardashians have basically bought off a chunk of the American media outlets for their PR. Appreciate European media seems more honest.

      • Emmy

        I’m not 100% sure about that.
        We do have media that will write according to their political beliefs.
        Our government and some people in the music industry can and will blacklist members of the press who publish things they were instructed not to publish.

    • Nedly Mandingo IV

      Pretty much goes for the US. Police and law enforcement don’t take well to s- like this. I’m THRILLED that this stunt may have brought an end to that show. People should be out in the streets rejoicing.

      • Emmy

        The difference is that the police has to weigh their words very carefully in the USA or they will be taken to court for defamation etc.
        That does happen here too but not as often or quickly and when it does, it doesn’t become as costly.
        Even when you get send to jail while they got the wrong person; good luck getting all the damage you suffered and will suffer covered.

        • HalleG

          The US police weigh their words carefully, maybe…. But they don’t show any restraint using their guns or tasers.

        • Zsa Zsa Louise Hadid

          Really? Because there is a investigation into a French officer who may have filmed the scene which would have been illegal. Stop with the bs.

    • Lacy

      They have always dropped rumors/stories to tabloids to promote their show/themselves. I honestly didn’t think this was faked just because of all the liability they would set themselves up for. Reporting a false crime, reimbursing the cost the police spent on investigating, the hotel could sue for damaging it’s reputation, insurance fraud, etc, etc. She’s a big celeb and everyone would want their piece of the pie if it was found out that was fake. If they wanted attention they could’ve just put the rumor out there she was pregnant or something.

    • Elena Sanchex

      Yeah but America is the greatest country ever ! We are free, unlike many other countries !!!!!

    • iamcurcija

      MMMMM we unfortunately have to pay for the ER and ambulance even if it iS an emergency and recommended by a doctor….agreed that she shouldn’t be wasting people’s time thought and should be focusing on bringing attention to issues that matter instead of trying to grow her own fame.

    • ArmedPatriot

      Shes a Hillary nut. Of course they have no morality about lying.

  • Hisame

    The sad thing is that while Kim had no conception that flaunting her wealth could lead to something like this; she has also no conception that it will be her children who will suffer in the future over the racy pictures and (as Marge Simpson would put it) the “snuggle movie”. Then it will be more tears that she didn’t realize or that she never thought; except unlike this publicity stunt robbery, this will be something unscripted and unplanned.

  • ascpgh

    If Kim’s bodyguard wasn’t unemployed minutes after after she and her two-ticket rear end boarded the plane home, the story is a fraud.

  • Mazda023

    So she pulled a Lochte?

    • Leya Ann Lefebvre

      she actually tried a Amy Dunn (from movie Gone Girl) but she is not smart enough

  • dally99

    There will absolutely NOT be any consequence for this hoax. KTrash own the media and the LAPD are obsessed with celebrity. One tiny example of that: Caitlyn Jenner getting away with vehicular homicide.

    • aimsless

      Sad but true.

    • Chris Rachel


    • guest

      French Police are different. This is considered an international incident. Insurance fraud at that level is taken seriously.

  • FarrahsCryFace

    I’ve thought it was fishy from the start…… just like other this involving the Kartrashian klan.

  • aimsless

    Called it from the get-go. Once again, this family will do anything to remain in the spotlight and make that money.

  • SciLife

    Probably false. 99% of Starcasms stories about the Kardashians are repeated fake stories. I try not to click on them but couldn’t help myself today :/

  • Yaa

    Kimye are 2 attention whores and it’s about time they both get exposed for being media hungry. The whole Kardashian clan have spoiled reality tel-LIE-vision long enough and their time is up thanks to Kimmode for her shenanigans. Now I see why Beyonce hates her guts and doesn’t want anything to do with her. Beyonce is truly genuine and doesn’t need that bloodsuckers sucking the life out of her shine with her fake life. Nothing is real about Kimmode not her rear end nor her mind, she’s a freaking robot or better yet a clown. After this stunt that has gotten international attention, the whole world is sick of her and if she gets robbed for real no one is going to feel any sorrow for such a clown as she is. She makes the United States look even worse than Trump does. The whole Kardashian family can go jump in a bottomless pit to never return back to human civilization and they will never be missed. Kimmode tried to upstage Beyonce, her frienemy, for years, but now Bey and Jay can get the last laugh at this clown and Kanye needs to check himself into a mental institution for even dealing with his nut of a wife. I feel sorry for North and Saint, they have 2 numbskull parents and will have to suffer being the butt of all jokes when they get older.

  • jeff

    As much as I’d love to believe this, I don’t. She shut down production because she got freaked out and is taking a month off, that was already reported before. This is just idiotic skepticism from websites trying desperately to get clicks and headlines.

    • aimsless

      Kind of like the Kardashians who will do anything for clicks and headlines. The media made Kim.

    • Psychic One

      Spot on Jeff!

  • Victoria R

    E doesn’t take precedence over the law! They cant decide if Kim makes a statement, not when they filed a false report with the police,and Insurance companies which is illegal.With the terrorist attacks on Paris, why on earth would she use the police force when they are needed to protect the public? Kris K is way to smart to let Kim pull a stunt lil this with way too many repercussions! Especially breaking the law! Can she really be this desperate and above the law? It makes no sense to do it! None at all. There are too many statements from “a source close to” then real facts and Huffington did take the article down. Why soul they if they got the true story, its what journalists do and if its true they cant be sued for slander..

  • Just me!

    My dream came true!! 😂😂😂

  • Original A

    Whether this was fake or not. Kim’s ‘career’ will never be over. After all, the main reason why she’s so famous is for having a sex tape. She could just go into the porn industry and do what she’s good at for a change! Lmao

    • Cheryl Johnson

      She too will one day be OLD. Although her face is starting to look like a middle aged man.

  • TinaMarie

    I’m shocked that Kim would lie to officials in Parisand her fans , I’m doubly shocked Kanye would diss thousands of his fans for a publicity stunt … this is beyond serious

  • Kimberly Clark Heckler

    Wow, she said before she escaped she feared she was going to be raped. That is some serious sh*t to be accusing someone of, especially when the whole thing was a made up lie. What else will Kanye stoop to to get attention? I hope we never have to see their greedy faces again. Enough is enough.

  • HalleG

    Of course it was fake!!!! She has a mental illness narcissism. Her and that mother of hers will do ANYTHING for publicity.

    No one believed her anyway. She’s a very, very sick woman. I feel sorry for her kids. Wasting all the police time and manpower. I hope she is prosecuted to the fullest!!!

  • HalleG

    She’s going to do more crying than Paris Hilton when they take her into jail. I’m sure what she has done is felony.

  • NotAboutYou

    What does this say about this woman and her entire family that more than half of the people think this was staged. I would be sad if it turns out to be true, but perhaps had she not faked/lied about so much else over the years, people may have been more inclined to believe her. Crying wolf.

  • #SpeaktheTruth

    She did fake it and it will all come out in the wash! She lied for ratings and i’s going to cost her her freedom.

  • Lula Di 💋

    why have they removed the article ? this should be in the open and she should keep running show from french Jail please, why stop

  • Scream Nevermore

    Considering all that’s happened in Paris recently, does she really think this was appropriate? I hope she likes French prison food, because if this is true, she’ll be eating it for a long time.

  • HalleG

    Interesting how she’s getting the media to whitewash her story. I will NEVER believe anything other than she faked this for publicity, not money. She and her family are very sick.

  • Gracie Henderson

    both look horrible.

  • Taylor London

    Please jail her France. Pleaseee I beg you. I just want justice after OJ didn’t get any.