Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian still together, barely: Couple living in separate houses; Rob wants out of reality TV deal

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Blac and Rob’s relationship might have hit the high water mark shortly after they got together back in January: according to a handful of new reports, the couple are drifting farther and farther apart, and were only brought together in the first place by the lure of reality TV dollars. We first reported this possibility several weeks ago, when it emerged that Blac and Rob “planned their pregnancy almost from the get-go,” and “tried to get [Blac] pregnant for several weeks” before succeeding. Given that the two only started dating in January, and that Blac is due in early November, the revelation, combined with some highly processed paternity drama on Rob & Chyna, led many to believe that the whole hasty coupling was some kind of a stunt.

Now, In Touch is reporting that the two are indeed “staging” their relationship for money. A source allegedly “close to the Kardashians” explained things about as simply as possible: “Rob had agreed to have a fake relationship with Chyna because his momager, Kris Jenner, got E! to pay him over $2 million to do a show.” Rob–who at this time last year was said to be struggling with his weight to such an extent that he was hiding from cameras–now “completely regrets” the decision, and wants to back out. “It would be too humiliating,” the source went on. “The lie has gotten so out of control, there’s no turning back.” And Rob would apparently be doing so by himself: “[Blac] wants to make millions from endorsement deals. She’s desperate to be as famous as [the] Kardashians.”

It’s also emerged that the two are living apart–and have been since their engagement, despite buying a house together months ago. But the separation means they’re “more in love than ever,” if the current spin is to be believed. “Their fighting has decreased,” an insider told Us Weekly. (Which is overlooks the fact that it’s hard to fight someone with whom you aren’t sharing space.) “It’s a healthier way to live.”

Tokyo Toni, Blac Chyna’s mom, said earlier this week that Blac and Rob were already broken up, but that their E! contracts stipulated they stay together until cameras could capture their wedding.

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  • Victoria

    Lies. Their good

    • Your Mom


  • bambiglanville

    Would it be really hard to believe they may actually love one another? lol.

  • FarrahsCryFace

    A stunt by the Kartrashian Klan to drum up ratings, dollar signs and create story lines??? Say it isn’t so!

  • Raquizzle

    After watching this show, I’m not sure why anyone would want to be with Rob at all! He is such an insecure, lazy, mama’s boy who gets babied by everyone around him. Chyna messed up…she picked the brokest Kardashian!

  • Ashley

    Geez, what a great situation to bring a baby into! That poor kid is doomed. What irresponsible trash everyone involved is.

  • LoLo

    The show is beyond boring. I tried to watch a couple of episodes but found myself reaching for the FF button then deleting the rest. All Chyna wants to do is fight. Rob has the personality of sand. Then they try to throw in Scott in some scenes to liven it up & that didn’t work.