SWAMP PEOPLE Chase Landry arrested for shooting at boat that wouldn’t slow down

Swamp People Chase Landry arrested

The son of Swamp People patriarch Troy Landry may have taken his pop’s famous “Choot ’em!” slogan a bit too far! Chase Landry, who is also one of the show’s stars, was arrested over the weekend after firing a gun at a shrimp boat while alligator hunting. Chase admitted to police that he shot at the shrimper because they refused to slow down “and would have sunk their boat.”

According to the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office, the chooting happened Friday night in Bayou Chene. From the TPSO:

TPSO water patrol deputies met with the victims at the boat launch on Old Spanish Trail Rd. in Gibson. The victims in this matter stated that they were traveling by boat in Bayou Chene when they were passing some guys in a boat who were hunting alligators. The victim stated that one of the guys from that boat shot a gun in their direction and continued towards St. Mary Parish. The victim stated that the suspect’s boat contained several alligators. There was a plastic gas can which was on top of the cabin of the commercial shrimp boat that was leaking gasoline from what appeared to be gunshot hole.

Chase Landry was later picked up in a traffic stop by St. Mary Parish patrol and taken to the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office, where he admitted to firing at the shrimp vessel. According to TPSO, “The suspect stated that he shot because the victim refused to slow down and would have sunk their boat.”

Chase Landry arrest mug shot

Chase (mug shot photo above) was charged with illegal discharge of a weapon and booked into the Terrebonne Parish Jail.

On the surface, it might seem ridiculous to shoot at someone in a boat for going too fast, but if you’ve ever watched Swamp People, then you know that capsizing while alligator hunting a is matter of life and death! I’m guessing if Chase has himself a creative Cajun lawyer, he could plead self defense in this one — and with the right local jury, he would most certainly be found not guilty. (For the record, I would still vote guilty — I was just exercising my regional Law & Order script-writing muscles.)

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  • BackwoodsBarbie

    Good job, a-hole. People like you are the reason there’s a call for more gun control.

    • Roland Taylor

      Wow u are a true idiot

  • shebee

    I’m sure daddy Troy will fix this and it will go away.

    • chad cook

      did it go away ?

  • disqus_bDsKOye8oK

    He was in a small boat, the large shrimping vessel could have hit and killed him or capsized his boat while he is surrounded by hungry alligators. He gave a warning shot to people who were either not paying attention or didn’t care what happened to the person right in front of them.

  • Charles

    The larger boats never slow down for smaller boats. They are responsible for their wake. With that said, Chase should not have shot at them.

  • GasmaskHeadhunter

    If anyone would get nicked it is Chase. He SEEMS to me to be a lazy git that has had a easy life afforded to him by his family. He regularly turns up late. doesn’t have the kit ready and never does what his dad asks. EG spending too much time shooting when the family really need to fill tags as their next season and big part of their income depend on it. I could count the amount of times Ive seen the kid smile as hes always got a face like a wet lettuce. Hes nothing like what we have seen of the rest of the family. Maybe hes just spoiled. I hope theres a season 9