Tara Wallace baby born: Love & Hip Hop star gives birth to third child with Peter Gunz

Tara Wallace baby 1

The Tara Wallace baby is here! It’s a Valentine’s weekend delivery for the Love & Hip Hop star, who’s just given birth to her third child with Peter Gunz.

Life & Style appears to have been the first to break the Tara Wallace baby news, which was then confirmed by Tara herself with a retweet of a Life & Style writeup:

Tara Wallace gave birth to Gunner Ethan Pankey at 1:25 AM on Saturday, February 13rd, per the Life & Style report. “Words can’t express this new love and addition to my family,” said Tara. “We are so happy! Jamison and Kaz are excited to have a baby brother! He is just perfect!”

Before now, almost all the information about the newest Tara Wallace baby came from Peter Gunz himself. It was Peter who revealed that the child was a boy and that his name would be Gunner in a far-reaching radio interview last month.

(Gunner is Peter Gunz’s ninth child overall. For a complete list of his children, click here.)

Previously, the Tara Wallace baby update was that the 32-year-old was past her due date–she was expected to give birth on Wednesday, February 10th–and waiting patiently for little Gunner to arrive.

Congratulations to mom and dad–and welcome to little Gunner!


(Photo credits: Tara Wallace baby via Instagram)

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