90 Day Fiance’s Melanie and Devar to be on Dr. Phil after TLC blocks Jason and Cassia?

90 Day Fiance Dr. Phil Melanie Devar Cassia Tavares

90 Day Fiance Season 3 star Melanie Bowers and her Jamaican husband Devar Walters will be returning to the small screen this Thursday for an episode of Dr. Phil titled “The Pain of Marriage Remorse.” But it appears as though whatever drama unfolds on the show won’t compete with what went on behind the scenes!

According to 90 Day Fiance Season 2 star Jason Hitch, who has been VERY vocal about his regret over doing the show and his disdain for TLC (and its parent company, Discovery Communications), he and wife Cassia Tavares were originally scheduled to appear on Dr. Phil–but Discovery killed the deal and forced the swap!

90 Day Fiance Jason Hitch Cassia Tavares

From Jason and Cassia’s Facebook page:

Breaking News Fans & Friends: Discovery Channel, the parent company of TLC, refused to give footage of Cassia & I and TLC logo rights to the Dr.Phil show. Cassia & I were booked as guests on his show for a November 16th taping. Discovery Media convinced producers of Dr. Phil to take another couple as they would give them (Dr.Phil) any footage they wanted. Discovery stated we weren’t allowed to do it because of our contract even though it is expired. Dr. Phil didn’t care. They just needed a couple with a large “age difference with “issues””. Melanie & Devar were asked to be on the show and were filmed instead. Will air this Thursday. So, that is the TV biz for ya! You win some. You lose some. Thank you friends for your support & trust.

One commenter responded half jokingly, “Maybe you guys just aren’t ‘screwed up’ enough to be on Dr. Phil. LOL! Nonetheless, am disappointed you won’t be on TV again. 🙁 ”

Jason’s response:

Discovery Media did it for several reasons. Spite being the first one. They despise Cassia and I doing media interview after the next. They want control. Being on Dr.Phil would not help Discovery or their franchise 90day. It would only help us. Discovery also is pushing a “message”. Look at their programming choices. You see. This Dr.Phil thing is not a Anti-Melanie. Its an Anti-Discovery/TLC move.

When someone pointed out that, if the episode was focused on age difference, that Season 3’s Mark and Nikki seemed like a better choice, Jason revealed that he has spoken with Mark, and the experience of being on the show was an unpleasant for him as well.

Jason added, “Mark doesn’t want to be on TV again.”

90 Day Fiance Melanie and Devar

So what can viewers expect to see from Melanie and Devar on Dr. Phil? Here is the description of their segment from the show:


Melanie, from the hit TLC show, 90 Day Fiancé, says she was vacationing in Jamaica when she met her much younger man, Devar. The couple claims to be happy, but Melanie’s sister, Bev, says she believes Devar is an opportunist who is only interested in Melanie’s money and a green card. Is Devar using Melanie, or have they really found true love?


It kinda sounds like they will be rehashing what went on during the season. I have to agree with 100% of everybody that it sure would have been more entertaining to see Mark and Nikki!

In reaction to Jason’s post on Facebook, Melanie pointed out that it was TLC that approached them to do the show. A former guest of Dr. Phil responded, “I have been on Dr. Phil he is one scary/ intimidating guy. Hope he didn’t give y’all a hard time.” Melanie responded, “He is very intimidating. Lol”

UPDATE – Jason Hitch has since clarified that his grievance isn’t with Melanie and Devar at all, but with Discovery:


This issue is not Mel/Devar versus Jason/Cassia. Far from it. It has been from day 1 how the Network and Production company think they get to decide who plays in their sandbox. I am glad Mel and her new husband and the bulldog sister can work out their “new marital issues”. It will be a rehash of 90 day. They haven’t been married enough to be any other issue. I get it. That being said. I hope they send me a thank you card. Hope they enjoyed a free 4 day LA trip. I am sure my christmas card is in the mail. We move on to our next show. You win some. You lose some. This time we got sandbagged and lost. The game isn’t over yet.


The Dr. Phil episode “The Pain of Marriage Remorse” airs this Thursday. Here is the full synopsis:


The Pain of Marriage Remorse: “I’m Ready to Leave My Husband Who is 26 Years Older”

Brenda says she fell in love with and married her husband, Don, six years ago – despite their 26-year age gap. But soon after, she claims her “Prince Charming” began to change, and says now she feels trapped in a “toxic relationship” with a husband she believes may be bi-polar. She claims Don throws temper tantrums, hoards paper and has unpredictable mood swings, and says she’s repulsed by his behavior. Don denies Brenda’s claims and says he just wants to save his family. Is their age difference at the root of their issues, or is something deeper at play? Then, Melanie, from the hit TLC show, 90 Day Fiancé, says she was vacationing in Jamaica when she met her much younger man, Devar. The couple claims to be happy, but Melanie’s sister, Bev, says she believes Devar is an opportunist who is only interested in Melanie’s money and a green card. Is Devar using Melanie, or have they really found true love? And, Dr. Phil catches up with best-selling author Mitch Albom to talk about his novel, The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto, and his passion project: an orphanage in Haiti.


And, for those of you disappointed that you won’t be seeing more of Jason and Cassia, you can get your fix via their YouTube channel, where they often recap episodes of 90 Day Fiance. Here is there most recent video:

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  • Jada

    I’m more curious what Discovery is going to do if Congress discontinues fiancee visas? They’ve been talking about it since they found of that one of the recent terrorists entered the US on one.

    • Jill Hudson

      My husband is from Scotland. It took a year for him to emigrate over here due to numerous background checks etc. not to mention the thousands of dollars it cost. Now that we are married, there are still more checks and interviews, Trust me, it is neither an easy or a cheap process. American govt did numerous security checks on both of us and I am American.

  • kate

    Off topic but out of all the couples on the show, I think Melanie and Devar are having the hottest sex. I don’t think their marriage will last, but they seem to have sexual chemistry that’s missing from a few other couples.

    • NunYuh

      Lol too funny. I feel the exact same way.

    • Mrs C.

      Yea but they’ll be no more hot sex after he starts sending 90% home! He basically told her he was marrying her to better his sisters lives not because he loves her.

      • Celeste Stevenson


    • shanel

      ok where do we start Iam a decent of a Jamaican and you know what they are al opportunists!! i wouldn’t be surprised if poor Mel found out that he has a few children back in J,A and a few baby mothers he is real fake yo have never been to America but you put on that fake American Accent ??? I agree with Melanie’s sister don’t trust him Jamaican men only marry foreign women black or white then dump them to send for their own Jamaican women its a fact!!!

      • Avaree

        Dont be too quick to judge he always speaks with that accent he has worked in hotels for years n ni kids as yet lets give them a chance he is a good guy we’ll all see.

        • shanel

          Yes we will i hope he is one of the good few ???

  • Josie

    Geez, their video/recap is boring…..

    • Cat

      I agree, that recap is like eating 3 month old bread that’s been sitting out and nothing to drink to chase it down. Jason is so blah and boring that he put Cassia to sleep by listening to his monotonous voice. What an exciting life they must lead. She doesn’t even look like she has any happiness in her life except maybe to read flight schedules back to Brazil. Boring.

  • barbinop

    Cassia looks so dam happy! Lol. She just figured out that she married a looser. Get a life Jason. You’re a bitter old dude

    • Lisa

      You are 100% correct

    • barbinop

      Cassia looks heavier too. She seems to have lost her spunk. She acts like she’d rather be anywhere else rather than sitting in a plastic lawn chair trashing other couples when her own life looks so drab.

  • shelly

    Wow, being dumped for Melanie and Devar, how pathetic can they be.

  • rose

    if they wanted ratings they should have had Mo and Danielle on dr,phil. now THAT would have been worth watching!! trainwreck and dr.phil could bring all Mo’s hoes

    • Bruja

      Mo’s ho’s.

      lol! I love it.

    • Lisa


  • Issie

    Oh well. Jason and Cassia are annoying anyway

  • Guest

    It’s embarrassing how desperate Cassia and Jason are.

    • MIndy O

      I don’t know if they are desperate, but I do know that Melanie and Devar would bring far more viewers to see them because their show just aired. I’m surprised that Jason and Cassia are still together, so good for them. However, their 15 minutes are up.

  • Lisa

    Cassia and Jason keep acting the way your acting and they should be booted off every show. He is just jealous and an angry person you can tell the way he acts it’s all about him him him him him

  • Mark Shoemaker

    Nikki and I have not posted on social media, so this is a first! Jason is a nut short of a full case of nuts. I shared my thoughts in one exchange, marked “private and confidential.” I find his remarks slanderous, but what else do you expect from Jason Hitch? Nikki and I will do almost anything for money! Cha Ching! Cha Ching! Show us the money!

  • Mr. Money Bags

    Screw that Jason guy. He lives with his dad and does anything for a dollar. He’s probably the worst businessman on the planet. What does he officially do? Sell peanuts on his sh*t website for pennies on the dollar? Flip things on ebay for next to nothing? Get real and find a real job. He’s just made he can’t make money from the Dr. Phil appearance.

    • MIndy O

      My only beef with Jason is that he uses Mark, the most hated person on all seasons of 90 Day, as an example for someone who didn’t like being on the show. Just because someone isn’t a fabulous business success doesn’t make them bad. He hoped to make a few bucks by appearing on Dr. Phil, so what, it’s not a crime.

  • Epididymis

    Jason is trying to start “drama” so he can be relevant in the media. God forbid he actually has to get a…*gasp* real job! I hope Cassia leaves him and finds someone better.

    • MIndy O

      They seem like they are suited for each other. Both are odd ducks in their way. Why blame Jason when Cassia also wants the media attention?

  • Cap

    Nobody wants to see mark on TV again unless he’s in handcuffs

  • Robert Lewis

    As usual, a black male scamming someone. The black male is the scourge of this planet and should be eradicated like the vermin that they are. They say “once you go black, you can never go back.” That’s because NOONE WANTS YOU after you have had that disgusting sperm from an animal.

  • Barb French

    Could SHE look any more bored??????

  • MIndy O

    Mark may have found being filmed for 90 Day “unpleasant”, but trust me, the viewers found him extremely unpleasant. You can’t edit him enough to hide what a horse’s arse he is. He would never go on Dr. Phil because Mark demands total control over Nikki.

  • KaraMarika

    Jason complains about TLC, but turns around and tries to make a buck off of them. He is so full of BS. He needs to crawl back into the hole he came out of. His wife sure got a raw deal.

  • mickey2942

    That sister, Bev, what a drag. She is beyond negative.

  • Mike

    My wife and myself know Devar personally as we have been going to Grand Bahia Príncipe in Runaway Bay Jamaica for years. Not only do we know Devar but we also know many of his friends from the island. Yes he is absolutely an opportunist. One year my sister and 16 year old niece came to the resort for 4 days and anytime our backs were turned he was trying to talk to my niece about her age and if she had a boyfriend. And of course hitting on any women big or small. He also sold marijuana and cocaine on the beach. But has anyone on here ever been to Jamaica??? Everyone on the beach sells drugs to tourists. The women he married clearly has mental issues as does her sister. They’re trashy people all around and anyone who watches the show is too. Eventually when he gets his green card he’ll meet a nice Jamaican girl, clean out that blonde dummie of a wifes bank account he scammed and be gone. I hope he does.

    • Gillian Daly


  • mouthpumper

    Dude with the Spanish accent needs to liven up . People I’ve kidnapped have been more entertaining in their ransom video. Mind you , I would be that sad too if I had to sit on plastic Walmart chairs.