Did YouTube’s Sam and Nia fake pregnancy and miscarriage? Sam responds to doctors’ skepticism

Did Sam and Nia Fake Pregnancy

When Sam Radar of YouTube’s Sam and Nia announced his wife’s pregnancy to her in a sweet video last week, millions of viewers’ hearts swelled. Then, when the couple revealed days later that they suffered a miscarriage, most of our hearts broke…but the skeptical among us wondered whether the pregnancy was ever real.

The first murmurings of doubt began with the first announcement video, in which Sam took a diluted sample of Nia’s urine from the toilet bowl and used it to get a positive pregnancy test. Even more people were dubious when the couple said they lost the baby days later. When covering the second story, I really noticed how uncertain some viewers were–but didn’t think much of it, because I really don’t want to add insult to injury if the couple did indeed miscarry.

Now, though, some medical professionals are adding their voices to the chorus of nonbelievers. Referencing how Sam conducted the pregnancy test, Dr. Fiona Clancy, the scientific and medical affairs director for the brand of test used by the couple, told Buzzfeed she would “definitely not” recommend it. She explained, “Firstly, the urine will be diluted by the toilet water and in very early pregnancy this means the pregnancy hormone hCG may no longer be detectable by a home pregnancy test.”

It’s so true. @sampaulphoto im so happy to be in this life beside you. I love you.

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Wendy White, M.D., a perinatologist at Mayo Clinic, said the technique could potentially lead to both false negatives and false positives. She added, “If there is a chemical in the toilet, like a cleaner or bleach, the results would be affected.”

When asked about the test, Sam said “Of course it’s not the most accurate [method],” but maintained it actually worked for them. They are getting some support from pregnant fans who tried the test the same way and got positive results, though there are also pregnant critics who tried the test and got negative results.

There are further questions about some of Sam and Nia’s other claims and actions. Specifically, in a video posted after they revealed their miscarriage, Sam told Nia he had quit his job as an ER nurse two weeks earlier. A human resources spokesperson for the hospital where Sam worked said they had no record of him quitting. If he had, they would have received noticed within 48 hours. Sam told Buzzfeed they must be behind on their paperwork.

The celebrity life is actually kinda cool sometimes. Not even going to lie about it

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Other questions address Sam and Nia’s general motivations. After first going viral with a video titled “Good Looking Parents Sing Disney’s Frozen (Love Is an Open Door),” the pair began their daily YouTube stream. In the time since, Sam said he’s been eager to get another hit–and believed the pregnancy announcement would do the trick.

“I was definitely hoping for it,” he told Buzzfeed. “I’ve always had a dream to be famous.”

To that end, it seems the video helped: Before it, views on their videos were generally between 20,000 and 30,000. But since “Husband Shocks Wife With Pregnancy Announcement,” they’ve had an average 900,000 views per video (including the outlier, “Our Baby Had a Heartbeat”). In their latest video, “Should We Go to LA!?,” they debate whether to participate in Dance Battle America at the end of the month.

Despite the negativity, Sam said he and Nia are focused on moving forward and staying positive. He added, “Our new journey is to keep trying to have another baby.”

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  • asdfasdf

    “Children make your life important.” Well, damn, sucks for all of the women who can’t/don’t want to get pregnant, guess their lives don’t matter at all.

    • Bryony

      No one said children are the only thing that makes your life important. Offended much?

      • asdfasdf

        Nah, I’d never let the meaningless opinion of a narcissistic fame-whore bring me down. Thanks for asking, though.

    • kate

      “but fame is the most important thing of all”

      • Alisson Leech

        He put its nice being a celebrity. They are celebrities now??

  • Mimi

    You know, I stuck for them on previous posts, but I’m starting to doubt what happened too.

  • erb123

    lol this couple is too much. i know there has been a lot of debate about announcing to early and i feel very whatever about it. for some people it’s easier to grieve if others knew about the miscarriage, for some it’s harder. different strokes.

    what i found to be in very poor taste was getting their daughter ALL hyped up about a new baby so early. they say she instantly understood that the new baby was now in heaven but i dont buy that. it must be very confusing for her.

  • Brandy Nicole

    I only watched about 20 seconds of their miscarriage video and I think it was all phony!

    • Julia Handel

      She stated, “I felt my womb empty out”. Happens to me once a month too.

  • A_Nicole

    I had doubts about this video when I saw it and my friend (who is a doctor) called BS right away. The next day they were super happy in their new vlog right after the miscarriage. It rang false to me
    They are clearly thirsty for fame. Apparently they threw a fit when they didn’t get in free into Legoland. Which ugh
    That and they coached their daughter into saying gay marriage is bad when before she said everyone should get married (clearly not the answer they wanted).

    • Andrea

      Whoooa, which video was that?!

      • DanaD

        they removed it after they got backlash and posted a comment saying they “love all people like Jesus”. :-/

        If these two think they will get a reality show, they are sadly mistaken. “Good looking” Dad should call the hospital and beg them to take him back! I have a feeling or perhaps just a hope that they will lose subscribers and crash and burn!

      • A_Nicole

        Buzzfeed has them

    • Sarah

      Where did you get that info? Sounds totally legit though

      • A_Nicole

        Many places…buzzfeed, Jezebel, Mic. Plus they post videos of this stuff thinking it’s cute. The one about gay marriage and the Legoland thing was a video they posted
        I think Jezebel also posted videos where pregnant women tried the pregnancy test in the toilet and a lot of them came back negative or weak positives

  • Charla

    I want to know how small is there house that she doesn’t want to flush the toilet at night because it will wake the children? Do the kids sleep in the tub?

    • AshleyBlack

      I’m definitely not taking up for her because I thought it was fake from the get go.

      But, our house is pretty decent size. But our bedrooms are all upstairs.

      • twelfthnight

        Just a bit of unsolicited advice; start flushing. Your daughter will thank you one day. I learned to fall asleep with noise because my parents would watch TV at night after we went to bed and I’d demand my door be left open so I knew they were still there lol.

        Because of that I can now fall asleep with loud music, movies or video games going in the same room as me, and thunderstorms and trains and traffic don’t bother me at all. Being able to sleep through noise is the greatest gift.

        Set up a fan in her room to start off with if the flushing is a really sudden, sharp noise or something.

      • Charla

        Thanks for the info. I didnt realize it was that noisy for some people.

      • Naomi T

        We don’t flush at night in our house because the bathroom is next to my parents room and it is pretty loud, not that unusual.

    • ren24

      Yep we don’t flush either and I live in a brand new 4 bedroom home. The pipes run in my son’s wall and I find it noisy. If you go number 2 you flush of course. But for the one little midnight pee, we just leave it ’til morning. I really don’t see how this is such a huge issue for some people. LOL

      • Charla

        It wasn’t a huge issue I just never experienced it. We have our own master bathroom and even the bathroom that the children share is not noisy when they use it. Our home is 20 years old and our pipes are not loud at all.

        • ren24

          No no I didn’t mean an issue for you specifically. In the comments on the first post Starcasm published about them (the pregnancy announcement) people seemed to have a hard time believing someone wouldn’t flush the toilet at night. Personally, I found the fact that someone would go sniffing around someone’s else pee to be a bigger concern. *blergh!*

  • Tia

    The fact the other pregnant women tried the test the same way means nothing. Your hCG levels go up so much that of course they would get a positive.

    • Naomi T

      But others got a negative result as well, so it just proves that it is not a reliable test.

  • MsAwesomePants

    How did he just come work from working overnight in the pregnancy video if he had quit his job 2 weeks ago?

    Just another “huh?”

    • DanaD

      In the buzzfeed article he claims he quit 2 weeks ago but was still on the schedule finishing his final two weeks. A load of bull. If my husband quit his job and that’s our primary income AND we’re trying for another baby, i would be pissed. He quit because the video blew up just like they wanted.

      If you’re going to lie to millions of people at least be good at it.

  • DanaD

    The quotes from buzzfeed all but confirm it. They wanna be famous well I hope they get their wish and everyone figures out they’re desperate attention whores!

    Also, am i the only one that doesn’t think their that good looking? I wouldn’t say they’re ugly but Nia a fivehead and Sam has a case of crazy eyes.

    • LOL! When I was little my dad used to stay joking me. “You got so much forehead, you could call it a fivehead”. I have never heard anyone else use that phrase. LOL!

      • c8h10n4o2

        Tyra Banks uses it to, in reference to herself. Your dad has something in common with Tyra! Be afraid!

    • kate

      they look like normal people to me. yet they title their first video “good looking parents sing song from frozen” like they think they’re brad and angelina.

  • Remember when people used to desire talent and the reward (among other things) was fame? Nowadays people seem to think you should have fame without any discernible talent, contribution, invention, etc. WTH??????

  • Cocacola

    Didn’t they also keep referring to the miscarried baby as “she” and her “her”? There’s no way they would of been able to tell that early. I believed them in the first video but completely changed my mind after the second video.

    • kate

      they also titled the video “our baby had a heartbeat” which is NOT true when you’re 2-3 weeks pregnant.

      • readerrabbit

        Even if she were 6 weeks along, without an ultrasound they have NO idea the baby had a heartbeat. There are blighted ovums etc. where the baby never had a heartbeat. Most people also bleed for days. I was positive and was fine for weeks — only after an ultrasound showed the baby had died at about 6 wks and it took another week for any signs. Then most don’t just go “blurp I miscarried” and then go vlog the next day. Most will have spotting and bleeding — some will need a D&C. They looked so phony from the get-go. Lots of drama and sad faces but NO tears. Do us a favor and stay in TX and stop dreaming of fame and fortune in CA — we don’t want you here and you are fakes.

        • Dina

          You know that’s a good point. Has she mentioned about seeing a doctor? Unless she went and saw a doctor she doesn’t know anything that is going on down there. I know some people that had bleeding their whole pregnancy but ultimately had a healthy baby. I know someone that had a miscarriage and had really heavy bleeding and ended up going to the hospital and finding out it was a miscarriage (she hadn’t known she was pregnant before then.) I would think you need to be followed up on (medically) to make sure your body expelled everything.

  • Samantha

    It was all about the fame. Seems like a recurring trend with those two with their lame Frozen video “gone viral”


  • Sarah

    “I have always dreamed of being famous” wow.

    I doubted it from the very first video as well. These people are way too over the top and fame hungry.

  • Asha

    This whole thing rang FALSE to me from the first time I watched it. Neither of them are very good actors. Sad they would take that pic with their children.

    • readerrabbit

      Yes teaching kids to be phony — great lesson! Their videos are also boring. I am a mommy and I work with kids and there is so much that can be done with kids! I am not new to film due to some friends in the biz — and these people are a joke.

  • Husbands_and_Wives

    Their terrible acting gave them away. These people are so the thirsty for fame they will do anything for attention.

  • Geniya

    Anyone else think of Gone Girl. Thats how she faked her pregnancy in the movie. By having pregnant “idiot” pee in toilet that was “not working.”
    PS I know it is a movie not real life

  • Pattipandi

    So these idiots already have 2 kids? And are acting this way about being “pregnant” and “losing it”. I can’t.

  • Jamie

    I find them desperate and creepy. My bullshit spidey sense was sent into overdrive when I saw the weird and badly acted “our baby had a heartbeat (even though she was ” pregnant” for like 5 minutes before her period started)” video. Curious, I checked out their YouTube channel and I…just don’t get the appeal….they do the same shit everyone else does…..wow you shopped at Hobby Lobby? Omg wow you cooked dinner? Cool, you have a kid? Seriously I can look around my house and see the same things except way better and less annoying. Also I was like o_O over some of the things they chose to film. They’re weird and Sam has serial killer eyes.

  • Fed_Up

    This is the sickest scenario possible. The idea that two people who “have a dream to be famous” abuse something as personal and private as a miscarriage to catapult them to fame is so twisted and wrong. I was going through an actual miscarriage when their initial pregnancy video was posted, and I couldn’t even watch it because I was so sad. I can’t imagine there’s anyone awful enough to pretend to go through something like this in order to use it as a tool to direct people to their youtube channel, or whatever they’re trying to promote. I really hope they truly went through this and couldn’t express their grief authentically. If that’s not the case, they should be ashamed.

  • Shari

    “…Sam said he’s been eager to get another hit–and believed the pregnancy announcement would do the trick.

    “I was definitely hoping for it,” he told Buzzfeed. “I’ve always had a dream to be famous.”..”

    That right there is enough to tell you that this was pulled from the air for views and to make go viral and ~famous~. He was hoping for it…meaning he planned ahead of time that he could take a private moment (well, two) and make it a vlogger’s wet dream. Now they’re posting all kinds of stuff about being “celebrities”..

    What cracks me up is the fact that they never took another test. They tried to claim that ONE test, the one diluted from all the piss water in the toilet that the husband took “without her knowing”, was a true positive…and then 3 days later a miscarriage happens. I had a positive, then I took another. Positive again. JUST to be sure, I scheduled an appointment with a doctor. Positive…and THAT is when I celebrated. There is no way I can base it off one test alone, especially a test I didn’t take myself but was stuck in the toilet….sorry, but I just feel it was made for shock and views. Nothing more.

  • Jennie Vargas

    I was also surprised that just a few days after they posted the good news, there’s a miscarriage vlog. I honestly find that questionable, but whatever it is, true or not, they know what it is and until they spit it out, we’ll all just be speculating. I can still remember how happy I was when my conceiveeasy free PT showed me two lines, it was such a blessing. So I can understand how sad it must be for them to lose it. If it’s true, I hope they’ll have the new bundle of joy in the future, if they were just faking it, well, good luck on their tons of haters!

  • James

    i’m confused. these are clean looking people, are we to believe that she doesn’t flush the toilet? or was he like “hey babe were trying to save water don’t flush from now on”. he’s a damn nurse too. i mean he knows false positives happen, so its possible this was a false positive. did they go immediately to get an ultrasound after that toilet pregnancy test? its all a giant douche bag scam to be famous for doing nothing, very kardashian

  • Brianne Williams

    Ok its sad how you pretend to be pregnant a fake pregnancy wow and on top of that use lil girl to get what you want and seriously that dude don’t work at no hospital. Its even sadder to pull this stunt to become famous like for real. You too are a waste of the human race. Shame on you.