Breaking Amish LA’s Betsy Yoder gives birth 12 weeks premature, ‘Mom and baby are doing Great’

Breaking Amish LA's Elizabeth Betsy Yoder daughter Jolena

Back in AprilBreaking Amish: LA star Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Yoder and husband Allen Yoder announced they were expecting their first child together. Betsy’s due date wasn’t until October, but, last week, she was hospitalized with a UTI–and, while receiving antibiotics via IV, she began to experience contractions and heavy bleeding.

The complications led to last night’s emergency C-section, and the premature birth of their daughter. Jolena Iva Elizabeth Yoder. Little Jolena (photo above) tips the scales at just 1 pound, 14 ounces, and measures only 12.5 inches.

Once it became clear that Betsy would not be leaving the hospital until the baby arrived, a friend set up a Go Fund Me page for prayers and donations. Because Jolena came so early, Betsy and Allen were unprepared in many ways, and can use any support — be it financial, prayers, or well wishes. Here’s the description from the page:

Elizabeth and Allen Yoder are expecting their first baby . She was originally due this fall. Unfortunately , Elizabeth wasn’t feeling well , Allen took her to the hospital , she was then rushed to a hospital that could handle premature deliveries and possibly try to slow down Elizabeth’s contractions . As of today , her contractions are getting stronger . She will not return home until after the baby is born . It is a several hour drive round trip for Allen to go back and forth . Elizabeth does not have anything ready for baby Jolena , the food , the gas , and the things they will need for an unexpected early arrival . They need our help right now , as they have a long road ahead of them . Any little amount you can pay forward will help more than you know . It will take a financial burden off of them as they were not prepared for an early delivery . If you can not donate financially , please pray for them . Please share this site , they need all the help they can get . Thank you

There is also a Prayer Chain For Baby Jolena and Family Facebook page set up to keep people updated on how Betsy and Jolena are doing. Between that page, Betsy’s Facebook page, and Allen’s, I’ve put together a timeline of updates from the time Betsy was hospitalized until earlier today:


Breaking Amish LA Elizabeth Betsy Yoder and husband Allen Yoder Facebook

BETSY YODER July 6 at 4:46pm · [Along with the photo above] This Guy is just Fantastic. He has to work and be there for me and he does that and even more. He’s been up since 1:30 AM and still hasn’t had a break. He brought me to hospital and went back to work. I love you Allen Yoder yoy are the Best.

BETSY YODER July 6 at 9:57pm · Hopefully I get to go home tomorrow. I’m already bored laying here in this hospital bed

BETSY YODER July 9 at 3:30am · So I’ve been in the hospital since Monday afternoon. Praying contractions stop and bleeding stops so baby can stay in awhile longer yet.

BETSY YODER July 9 at 6:59pm · So my life will consist of living in the Hospital until baby is born. It could be in the next couple hrs, day, or even Months. Very unpredictable so we are trying to get ourselves prepared for the outcome of all the craziness that could go on.
As of now I’m stable.

ALLEN YODER July 9 at 9:03pm · On Monday Elizabeth went to the hospital for 24-48 hr antibiotics via iv for her UTI. We thought we would get to go home by Tuesday night but that all changed when she started Contracting and she started Bleeding heavily. They got her in stable condition and rushed us to Another Hospital where they are prepared for these situations. Since we are here at this hospital she’s had a rough start.

With iv, magnesium, antibiotics and all the other medications she’s been on she’s been sick and resting.

Today we found out that we will be here until our Baby Girl arrives. It could be any hour, day or month from now. Very Unpredictable. Please just Keep us in your Prayers as we have a lot of stuff in front of us we’ve Never been through Before.

Elizabeths Favorite Bible Verse is… Philippians 4:13 KJV

ALLEN YODER July 10 at 10:27am · Elizabeth Had A Great Night. She slept from 12-5:30 AM then 6-10:15 AM. It’s the Best night she’s had since we are here. Thank You all so much for your Support and Prayers. They mean more to us then we could ever get to show you all.

BETSY YODER July 11 at 6:06am · Good Morning! I had a rough night with lots of intense Contractions and some Bleeding. I’m about to eat some Breakfast and take a Shower and hopefully I get to rest more today again. Me and Baby Jolena are Stable as of now but it could change any minute. Thank you for All Your Support and Prayers! -Elizabeth-

BETSY YODER July 11 at 7:18am · God Is so Good to Us. Tomorrow I’m 27 weeks and baby is still hanging in there. We are so happy for every hr she gets to stay and grow.

ALLEN YODER July 12 approx. 2 AM · Update: thanks for all the prayers ! At 7:30 the contractions started up again and babies heart rate went down a lil and was decided to do a emergency c section . Jolena Iva Elizabeth was born 8:34pm 1 lb 14 oz 12.5 in and had a good start from the beginning ! She is on oxygen to help her for the first 12 hours to see how she’s doin because she was a lil wore out:) She was transported to Akron children’s hospital where she’ll stay until she’s ready to go home 🙂 . ( daddy) 🙂

BETSY YODER July 12 approx 7 AM ·
Jolena Iva Elizabeth Yoder
Born 8:34 pm July 11,
Weighed 1lb 14oz and was 12.5 inches long.
Mom and baby are doing Great.

Congratulations to Betsy and Allen! And we certainly send our well wishes to Betsy and Jolena–hopefully they’ll both be healthy and home very soon!

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  • cookie

    God bless and I hope her and the baby are ok, but these Go Fund Me pages are ridiculous.

    • Yes and no

      They are, but at the same time I can see raising money for something like this. It’s very stressful and expensive. I’ve seen worse things, like the person who was raising $1000 to get her daughter and her things to vet school and people we’re suppose to donate all because “Her daughter wants to be a goat vet”. Or the people that ask for 1k plus because their poor dog/cat/goat/chicken got sick and they need money. Now that stuff is pushing it, and at the end of the day the funds go into a PayPal account that you can do anything with, so there’s no way to know if your money is actually going where you think it is…

    • Brandy Nicole

      I think go fund me accounts for things low this are ok. This is an emergency and not something they could plan for. I’ve got a friend I took off my news feed because she’s asking for donations for her kids 1st birthday. No girl. You knew about his birthday for a year. You plan for that lol

  • lilacq

    Her middle name’s Iva! Ha ha !! I wonder if Iva will name her and Sam’s baby Becky!

    • Chantal E Bujold Mateer

      Lol, @lilacq…please see my reply to @guest, above as well as my reply to @amy below regarding Betsy…

  • Bruja

    I don’t watch this show, know nothing about it.. However, my very best wishes go out to this family and their little girl. No one should know the sadness of worrying for the life of their child like this. It should be a joyous time.

    I hope for quick weight gain for the little one and a healthy, long life!

    • Guest

      The show isn’t on anymore. It was like the original breaking Amish except it was filmed in LA.

      • Rachel

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      • Bruja

        Ahh, thanks. 🙂

        I’ve never seen any of the ‘Amish’ Shows.

  • Guest

    Iva? Isn’t that the name of that blonde girl who had Betsy arrested?

    • Chantal E Bujold Mateer

      Betsy & Iva are actually very close friends….a lot of the scenerios we see on the show are made up to add drama…dont believe everything you saw about Betsy…ironically, the way she was depicted on the show and the situations she was involved in on it couldn’t be further from the truth or a more innaccurate depiction of who Betsy truly is as a person…she is a personal friend of mine and truly 1 of the kindest people I have ever met…

  • Amy

    Is this the one who practiced witchcraft? And didn’t she cheat on her husband on the show? Why on earth did she have a baby?

    • Chantal E Bujold Mateer

      A lot of the scénarios on that we, the viewers see on BREAKING AMISH (as well as on other reality shows) are made up to add drama to the show. As with most reality televisions shows, you cannot believe everything you see on them….i happen to know Betsy personally….I can assure you that she does not really practive witchcraft and she & her husband are very happily married…they planned for this baby and are very happy together…she isnt at all the person she appeared to be on BREAKING AMISH LA…..she is truly 1 of the sweetest people I have ever met….Lol..its actually quitte ironic that she was depicted the way she was because in reality (real life reality as opposed to “reality TV” reality,..hehe!!) it could not be further from a true depiction of who Betsy truly is….