JWoww has been a mom for a year; daughter Meilani turns one

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What a difference a year makes for Jenni Farley! Last year, Jenni and Roger welcomed their first daughter, Meilani. Since then, the couple has been busy learning how to be parents, juggling their careers, and planning a wedding.

Meilani is a gorgeous one-year-old who has the perfect blend of her parents’ best traits. In addition to becoming a toddler, she’s also learning an important skill: how to be a flower girl in her parent’s upcoming nuptials.

She’s also a well-traveled little lady. In just a year’s time, Meilani has been to nearly 10 states, and Mexico. Here’s a glimpse back at some adorable moments from her first year:




J and M

R and M

Jenni and Roger are taking some time to reminisce about Meilani’s first year. Roger posted this heartfelt message on Jenni’s website:

Jenni and I have been keeping busy with wedding planning. We’ve been checking out cakes and flowers, and Meilani has been helping us. Meilani is going to be our flower girl at the wedding and she is already taking her job very seriously.  She was loving all the flowers! She was also crawling all over at the bakery. Jenni and I are super lucky to have such a happy and adventurous baby. Everyday she is discovering something new in our great big world. She’s so well-traveled and she’s not even a year old yet (close though… too close!). She’s been to 9 states already plus Mexico and counting! I’m a bit of denial about her turning one, how did it come around so fast?! On Monday, my angel baby will be one!

The couple captured Meilani’s first birthday with her very first one-year-old photoshoot. Jenni shared a sneak peek:

Despite Roger’s big muscles and tough exterior, he’s definitely a softy when it comes to Meilani–or as they like to call her, Angel Baby.

Happy first birthday Meilani, and congrats to Jenni and Roger for making it through the first year of parenthood!

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