Why transgender teen Jazz Jennings decided to tell her story



Jazz Jennings, who was named Jared at birth, was just a toddler when she first identified verbally as a girl. By age five, she was one of the youngest people diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder, a qualification that allowed her and her parents to decide to fully commit to a gender transition.

Soon Jazz and her parents started opening up to the media about Jazz’s journey, which has helped pave the way for other transgender children, teens, and adults to feel comfortable with themselves, and be more accepted by the culture at large. Jazz has appeared on the Oprah network, and been interviewed by Katie Couric and Barbara Walters. Now 14, Jazz will be featured in her own TLC reality show called I Am Jazz, which will premiere around the same time as Caitlin Jenner’s reality show I Am Cait.

Jazz has dressed and socialized as a girl since kindergarten, and is now on hormone therapy to halt male puberty. When she turns 18, Jazz plans to undergo the surgeries necessary to transition fully to a female.

“I feel like people are finally starting to open their minds and I really see change occurring in our society,” she’s said in an interview. “I’m so thankful to be born in this era because I can just live my life authentically as who I am.”

When asked what she wanted to achieve through her reality show, Jazz responded with a lot of heart and inspiration. “This is about benefiting other people,” she said. “I hope one transgender kid could watch it and we could change their life, or even save their life. I just want it to be about my universal message of just loving yourself and living your life authentically. Finding happiness, finding love, and just spreading that.”



Jazz has also co-written an illustrated memoir, I Am Jazz, aimed not only at transgender children, but at anyone who feels left out or excluded. Additionally, Jazz has scored a modeling deal, as the face of Clean and Clear acne wash.

While her career has taken off, Jazz’s family still maintains some privacy by not revealing their real last names. Jennings, it turns out, is something of a stage name: Jazz was inspired to change her name to Jazz after she saw her older sister Ari play Jasmine in a school play.

I Am Jazz premieres tonight at 10/9 c.

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  • Kids don’t know

    She did it for money and attention. A kid doesn’t know that’s why we have parents to guide and teach us. They took a phase and ran with it. I wanted to be like my big brother and that was a short phase. What I wanted to be as a kid changed frequently aND guess what I never ended up being any of those things.

    • nope

      Nope. This was not a phase. I remember first seeing her years and years ago when she was a baby… The parents live or lived in a very small quaint picturesque community…I remember thinking wow…this small community is accepting of this and remember feeling good about it. Trust me big you saw her back then you would KNOW it was not a phase. The parents are regular not crazy or anything.

      • HouseOfTards

        Freakshow faggotry is often not a phase.

    • LaLa84

      Ignorance, your statement is completely ignorant, pure and simple.

    • twelfthnight

      Yes because 13 year old boys are so concerned about money and would face ridicule and abuse and dressing like a girl for attention. Really unlikely.

      If it was a phase she would have grown out of it at maybe 6 or 7. It would have been, as you said, a SHORT phase. She’s now 13 and has been saying she was a girl since before her official diagnosis at 5. What she wanted to be did NOT change frequently — it didn’t change at all.

      If you think she’s in this for money and fame, don’t give her your attention or any of your money. Problem solved.

      • Randomly

        She’ll be 15 in October actually, October 2000 is her birth year

        • twelfthnight

          I think the article said she was 13 when my comment was written. They’ve since edited saying she’s 14.

      • Cree41

        Not a phase it IS a mental disorder!

        • twelfthnight

          So what if it WAS? So what if it was just as much of a mental disorder as depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, or dementia?

          SO WHAT? Is she HURTING you by having it? Do the depressed people of the world, the obsessive-compulsives, or the or the dyslexics hurt you in any way? No, they really do not. So how would it be any of your business if someone DID have a mental disorder, and if this was one, why would you shame them for it? How would someone else transitioning do anything to affect your life?

          Considering you’re apparently a Native American you should know that alcohol dependence is a mental disorder. I’m sure you know firsthand a ton of people who have issues with it since approximately 12% of deaths of your people are alcohol related. Alcoholism is a mental disorder, and if you’re going to shoot your mouth off about mental disorders and point fingers, look around you first. If you wouldn’t like your friends and family to be shamed for something they cannot control, do not even think about shaming someone else for something they can’t control.

          Unless someone is hurting you, keep your mouth shut.

          • Cree41

            First of all I WILL speak when I want! Second, I haven’t shamed anyone! This disorder needs to be delt with as such, a disorder and not being born that way!

            • twelfthnight

              Perhaps the transitioning IS dealing with it? Derp derp derp. Transgender people are usually ‘cured’ of feeling like they’re in the wrong body once they’ve transitioned to whatever extent they wish to transition.

              So if you want transgender people to ‘deal with’ their ‘disorder’, you should be supporting them in making the transition that will fix what they feel is currently wrong!

              Again, it doesn’t hurt you in ANY way if someone chooses to alter their body. What say do YOU have in how they ‘deal with’ this? They’d be ‘dealing with it’ less if they DIDN’T transition!

              Answer my question, what influence does it have on YOUR life if someone else who you don’t even know is depressed? How about if they have PTSD? Autism? The answer is that it does not change your life at all, so butt out. Unless it’s your body, don’t stick your nose into someone else’s business or make comments about their medical treatments or choices unless it can directly alter your own life.

              • Cree41

                By trying to convince people that it isn’t a mental disorder is in fact hurting all people!

                • twelfthnight

                  Again, so what if it WAS? Let’s assume for your small mind’s sake that it is. How is it hurting you that someone else has a mental disorder that doesn’t:

                  A) cause them to act out violently or irrationally
                  B) put others in any danger?

                  If it is, like you say, this mental disorder, HOW is it hurting you? If it was classified as a full-blown mental issue, what would that be doing to you unless you yourself had it?

                  What problems exactly is someone else’s mental disorder causing YOU? You keep dodging the question. HOW. IS. IT. HURTING. YOU?

                  • Cree41

                    Delusional and irrational people are impossible to have any debate with plain and simple. And, if it WERE me I would be trying to get help and use common sense. Before you can fix a disorder you have to admit you have it and not take the easy way out by going along with it. Here’s a little thought for you if you can understand it. A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep. Now think about that for a little bit then, do a little research on the history of this whole trans disorder and you will see how the PC agenda has slowly over time made this disorder acceptible little by little. Changing terminology. Look at who the drs are and who they represent, where they get their funding. Its all there as long as your willing to take the time to find it.

                    • twelfthnight

                      Okay but again, how does it hurt you if someone wants to get their dingle-dangle turned into a hot pocket?

                      Whether it’s a disorder, whether it’s the PC Police, HOW DOES THAT AFFECT YOU IN THE SLIGHTEST? Who CARES what terminology is used, you can’t answer my very basic question. All of the sh*t you just said is a moot point because it has nothing to do with it. I asked you how it actually affects you personally and you can’t answer me.

                      This doesn’t affect you any more than another person getting a tattoo. Either answer my question point blank, or don’t keep replying to me.

                    • Cree41

                      Because they are now trying to push for letting little boys to use little girls restrooms in school for one! If you see nothing wrong with that then this conversation is over and I will be praying for you as well as them.

                    • Dragyn

                      How familiar are you with mental illnesses? Or LGBTQ? they are two totally different categories! Yes, LGBTQ can be mentally I’ll, but so are straight people. LGBTQ is NOT a mental illness! No more than heterosexuality. Becoming a priest/nun, Catholic, Jew, Baptist, etc.

                • Pick A Name

                  I agree it reminds me of the weirdo on ripley’s who wanted to be a cat so she had spots tattooed

                  • Pick A Name

                    all over nobody should be getting unnecessary surgery there is enough complications from people who have medical surgeries that are actually needed there is no need to risk that. They accept themselves for who they actually are.

          • fourscoreandseven


            And, ALL of your analogies FAIL! Here is why:

            We (as society) are NOT being told that “alcoholism” is GOOD and we must ACCEPT IT and do what we can to “encourage” alcoholics to BE alcoholics..

            We (as society) are NOT being told that “mental illness” is GOOD and we must ACCEPT IT and do what we can to “encourage” the mentally ill to BE mentally ill.

            We (as society) are NOT being told that “dyslexia'” is GOOD and we must ACCEPT IT and do what we can to “encourage” dyslexics to BE dyslexic! (In fact, in my nieces case, we spent a fortune and invested much effort to cure her of dyslexia.)

            So, your analogies FAIL!

  • lynett

    this is the longest phase I’ve EVER seen in a kid.You’re pretty ignorant for saying that

  • ebroadhurst

    I LOVE this family! My husband and I watched a documentary on her a few years back and were completely inspired! Kudos to her parents for loving and accepting her for HER!

    • dan

      Of course the parents accept him. They created this freak show for attention and now profit. Jazz, the new face of parental exploitation. They would rather him identify as a girl than gay.

      • Wcwstar

        Such an ignorant comment, this has nothing to do with profit, this family are literally saving lives in the lbgt community

      • Ron Corey

        Totally agree dan.

      • carole smith

        Maybe a “social experiment”.

    • fourscoreandseven

      HE is a boy and will be until he has reconstructive surgery.
      And, that only makes him “physically” not a boy anymore.

      He is still dependent on artificial hormones.

  • Murphy

    Are they allowed to have a 13 year old pose in front of a backdrop with Ketel One on it? That’s a sincere question, I thought it wasn’t allowed

    • Brooke

      Wow. I hadn’t noticed that. No, that isn’t allowed but, you know, Liberalism.

  • Pattipandi

    Transgender is the new black.

    • nope

      She was transgendered before chaz bono. So no.

      People should be rude on adults not children

      • Pattipandi

        I’m talking about the new trend of reality shows coming out having to do with these kinds of people. Go be serious on another thread that doesn’t have to do with satire. Stop being so constipated your whole life.

    • CaribbeanGlow

      No it isn’t. That’s insulting to blacks. Blacks are still fighting for equality and just lives in this country, and after the trans get theirs, blacks will still be fighting. There is no hiding one’s race for safety or special situations, either. Have some respect. Let trans create their own catch phrases and fight their own fight instead of leaning on and mocking blacks’ history to gain their full white privilege.

      • Pattipandi

        CaribbeanGlow is the new dumb.

        • CaribbeanGlow

          No, I’m a genius… 99th percentile. If you meant it as a pun on the little black dress, like the OITNB show, you should be more clear. And it’s offensive either way.

          • Pattipandi

            A genius with no common sense. Shocker. So be offended. It’s your shoulder with the chip on it and I’m not sorry you decided to go onto a satire website and spew your racial bullsh!t where it wasn’t even valid. I can’t make myself any more clear than that.

          • fourscoreandseven

            Is that an affirmative action “genius?” I want to college with affirmative action students.

            They didn’t have to do the readings, or complete the projects, or work in teams, or participate in class, or pass the tests, or turn in term papers. Yet, they still got a “C” and kept their financial aid.

            • fourscoreandseven

              Then, when the affirmative action students are hired with their “affirmative action” degrees, they have no clue how to participate in the “work experience” and are usually the first fired.

              They have NO IDEA that the students who studied hard actually LEARNED skills and other valuable information..

              When the employers are forced to fire the affirmative action graduates (because they DON’T know anything), the former a-a students just blame it on “prejudice” but refuse to admit that is has to do with their LACK of industry in college.

            • CaribbeanGlow

              It says “genius… 99th percentile”. Anyone who has been to even high school would know that indicates standardized testing. Although I also attended elite schools and was an outstanding student, grades don’t indicate intelligence. As for your “experience” at the supposed college you “want to”, what made you deem students “affirmative action” (which has benefited white women most)? Did you see their high school transcripts? SAT scores? Your “college” must have been decidedly subpar to pass students who did nothing but attend class. I went to a top university, and no one got any free grades. Take care. I’m blocking you now.

      • Axolotl

        Oh please. Blacks get job preference, educational perks, and blame whites for every problem they create by themselves.

        • CaribbeanGlow

          Lol! Everything you said is about whites, ironically. You claim to have a “Negro problem”. You should’ve left the “Negroes” well enough alone and built this place yourselves, you lazy bums. Whites are collective narcissists. You don’t realize the black person you see getting promoted had to be three times as good as you, educationally, in work ethic, and every other way.

          • Timothy Waterson

            BS. That’s an old excuse from the 1950s. Today, there are job quotas, and even the most-qualified white people are denied jobs simply because Blacks will play the race card and cause problems unless “whitey” is denied a job they want. I have worked with and for blacks for years and have had no fewer nor more issues than had they been white. So get over your own racism. Stop killing 3000+ of your own by your own, year after year after year, yet blaming whites for your own denial that in fact ALL lives matter, Obviously, you don’t feel your own are worth much, or you would stop killing each other off.

            • CaribbeanGlow

              Look idiot. See my name? African Americans aren’t “my own”, and most African Americans do not kiII. (And all races commit crimes against their own, mostly.) You’re making a certain segment the rule… something whites tend to do with blacks. As someone who is from another country and is multiracial, I hear from and experience both sides. You don’t want to admit it, but there is a white supremacy system in place, and these “quotas” you think exist everywhere are not demanding an African American fill them. The spot can be filled by a hispanic, a foreign black, an Asian, a middle easterner, on and on. Black Americans get the short end of the stick. I’m an unbiased outsider. You are not. ALL lives matter, but white kiIIers are not punished for murdering blacks; that’s where the slogan comes from. Anyone who kiIIs a white gets sentenced.

            • Dizzy_D

              Thumbs up to that. Also, the whole “whites are racist” thing is getting old when in fact blacks are just as racist as anyone else. It’s never okay for a white comedian to tell black jokes but it is always funny as hell when a black comedian tells white jokes. There is not one person in this world who can honestly say that are whole heartedly non-racist. If they do, they are a liar. The true fact is, there is always going to be that resentment barrier between blacks and whites no matter how much time goes by. The scares are too deep to heal, which is why we are still dealing with racism instead of coexisting peacefully.

              • Keith Hooper

                You know for years “US” blacks have always had to do and say to get where we want to be even to this day, and even to this we help this country called “America” thrive from our ancestors to this modern era don’t forget “BLACKS” built America and whites then took the credit for it, inventions that white people or should I say Europeans cause how can anyone forget it was the white people’s ancestors that robbed this land from another race again showing how white people take credit for what they shouldn’t even have been acknowledged apart of doing I give white people of this time and era more credit than I ever would a white person from the past. White people think oh slavery was in the past get over it but how when you see the KKK still in existence or black people being killed in a church by white kid, how about the middle aged black person hanging from a tree in a southern state now I assure you I’m trending away from black on black crime cause it also pisses me off when I do see a black person get on tv and talk b.s. when they’re not fixing the inside first but quick to blame a white person for killing a black person, but I’m also not stupid well educated by blacks and whites in multiple of colleges but I don’t forget how my ancestors got over this land that was stolen by white ancestors/Europeans if anyone has forget let me remind you how guns, chains, boats, force that’s how my ancestors got here on stolen land America.

                • fourscoreandseven

                  You mean “we,” not “us.”

                  You overstate the rule of blacks (not your fault; it has been made part of black myth).
                  This country began with WHITE slaves, not black slaves. (Spanish families go back to the 1500s, and white Dutch and English families here go back to the 1600s, when ONLY the Spanish were here.) Your big exit from Africa was 200 years LATER!!!!!

                  Study actual HISTORY and not just memorized black myths.

                  FACT: You could NOT have been traded for rifles BEFORE rifles were invented.

                • Dragyn

                  Asians, specifically, Chinese, were instrumental, as well.

                • Pattipandi

                  Seems like you’re overlooking the Irish Slave Trade that took place in America in the mid to late 1700’s but you don’t hear myself or any other Irish American constantly reiterating that point in history.

              • fourscoreandseven

                “Scars,”, not “scares.”

                Sad, but true!

              • Dragyn

                The best race jokes you’ll ever hear are from people of that race. My ex brother in law is black, told THE BEST black jokes!

          • Dragyn

            People still use that term? Last time I heard “Negro”, I must’ve been watching a movie… Been eons.

      • fourscoreandseven

        Statistically, blacks are GIVEN MORE THAN WHITES and LESS IS EXPECTED OF THEM.

        That makes them MORE than equal.

        • CaribbeanGlow

          Clearly, you don’t actually know statistics. White women have benefited from affirmative action most, not to mention from programs like welfare. I do agree that blacks are more than equal to you though. Now you have at it. I’m blocking you, so you will be conversing with yourself.

      • Tired feminist

        Imagine if whites joined Black Lives Matter saying they “identify” as black, and black people were legally forced to accept it.

        Outrageous, right? I think it is.

        But when transgender “activists” do exactly the same to women and girls, it’s somehow acceptable, and women who object are evil.

    • Keith Hooper

      Wha Miss Patti watch it there are ways to find you and I’m pretty sure I don’t live close to you but can still find you dear.

      • Pattipandi

        Was that a threat? A little late to the discussion Keith. This was a year ago. If u too were taking my comment as a racial jab then you’re also an idiot. Read a fuking book.

        • Keith Hooper

          Actually believe it I’ve read enough books to earn two masters and bachelor’s degree and threat oh no why would I do that that’s a waste of my thinking ability actually responding back to you was a waste of my thinking and writing ability now and earlier since I was already ahead of the game about the books how about you take your own advise

          • Pattipandi

            And what you said made absolutely no sense nor did it apply to anything going on here. I get it, you’re under a new alias with your whopping 3 comments ever made, and trying to get a rise out of someone. Good for you and your education and book reading, but common sense and straight up dignity you’re lacking. If you wanna troll on someone, I’m not the person to troll on.
            Good day.

            • fourscoreandseven

              Whoops, you already caught the offending “advise” instead of the proper “advice.”
              Sorry, didn’t read ahead.

          • fourscoreandseven

            Your “degrees” are clearly affirmative action, so we know exactly what they are worth.

            (There is more to it than “believing you have read enough books” since they certainly weren’t the classics, or even meaningful texts.)

            And, LEARN THE DIFFERENCE between advice and advise.

            Your writing lacks evidence of a single actual BA, let along anything more.

        • fourscoreandseven

          That sounded like a REAL threat to me. And, the smarmy “dear” only added to the insult. He is an uneducated fool!

  • Brooke

    Clean and Clear acne wash is clearly (pun intended) only hiring her as a model to capitalize on the whole transgender thing since she is quite obviously not model material at all. Let’s be honest. She’s ugly, and me saying so isn’t mean. I’m treating her equally. I’d say so of any other ugly “model”.

    • DN 45

      Your a very crude vulgar person how can you call her ugly she is a very beautiful smart brave young woman. Oh let me guess you are one of the girls that was popular in school and always the cheerleader and stuck up. People like you make me sick.

      • Brooke

        People, like you, that spell “you’re” incorrectly make ME sick.
        Your = Your dog. Your cat.
        You’re (you+are) = You’re dumb.

        • Andrez

          You know I bet “you’re” more ugly than a boy who is trying to look like a girl and “you’re” just saying mean things about her because it makes you feel better about yourself b i t c h. And who the h e l l care which way someone spells your its a common mistake that I’m sure you even do you dumb a s s.

        • Dizzy_D

          Agree, I was about to say the same thing.

          • Dragyn

            I am not going to sit and type every one of your ignorant speech faux pas, I catch and Bitch. We all have opinions and assholes, many opinions come from the asses.

        • Dragyn

          Problem is twofold.. People don’t go to school to learn proper English, and teachers are busier screwing off, due to lack of interested students, funding, pay, and own interest, to teach. I am a major Grammar Nazi, and ‘your ‘ vs ‘you’re ‘, etc, makes me insane. Like “me and Joe are … “.. There’s so many!!!

          • fourscoreandseven

            “There’s so many!!!”

            You can’t be much of a Grammar Nazi!

      • fourscoreandseven

        Cheerleaders are NOT stuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!

        What a BIASED and PREJUDICED person you are! What a terrible thing to say.

        People like YOU make ME sick.

    • Realism rules

      As a physically unattractive person, I feel that I can comment on other unattractive people. She IS ugly. It has nothing to do with her personality. It’s just realistic.

      • Damien Szandor

        Well, as a straight guy who is attracted to physical beauty, let me assure you, she is quite beautiful. Stop being mean to her. She is still just a child. It tool me awhile to understand her dilemma. I started off calling her just a gay little boy. But after watching and learning, I now now that she is truly a girl. And from a straight guy’s point of view, she is a very pretty girl. How could she not be with those brown eyes?

        • Jef Campbell — Alabama

          I’m with you she is very beautiful.I’m straight, and an older male, but if I was 40 years younger, I’d go out with her. She should have NO TROUBLE findinjg a guy that likes her.

          • Tired feminist

            You’re creepy.

          • Slim

            You can’t really be normal if you want to date a little boy dressed as a girl. Not straight, but a little deviant in my humble opinion.

    • Ron Corey

      She’s ugly?
      Umm…..it’s because she’s a dude.

      • Rylie Renea Rousey

        Shut up all of you she’s beautiful just the way she is!

        • fourscoreandseven

          Rylie: NO ONE HAS TO “SHUT UP.” For your information, we have a history of free speech in this country, and if a “child” like Jaron Bloshinsky is given a “bully pulpit” (of an entire TV network) and allowed to say ANYTHING he wants, then the rest of us have every right to give our opinion of him and his statements. We do not have a two tiered system, where ONE group (liberals) are allowed a voice and another group (conservatives) are supposed to “SHUT UP!”

          • Andrea DeGasperis

            Fourscore, your reply was spot on! I’m SO sick of libtards thinking they’re the only ones who can have an opinion!

        • Slim

          No, u must mean he is beautiful the way she is.

    • Nevetineé

      Didnt know you were a model recruit!!

    • Gary Czerny

      Are you even at all serious? Jazz is SUCH a pretty girl. She is just so soft and so pretty and so very feminine. You are so NOT at all paying attention here. Is it your truly bizarre bigotry and utter ignorance that would lead you to say such a thing?

      • fourscoreandseven

        Jaron Bloshinsky is NOT a girl. He is a BOY until he has surgery to have his “handle” removed.

        Bigotry and ignorance does NOT pretend that a boy is a girl. He/she sounds mental.

        • Dragyn

          And you play with the proverbial full deck. Have you ANY IDEA WHATSOEVER why they use the name “Jennings”? ANONYMINITY… ENOUGH people know their true info, listen to the messages they get! She is in process of transgendering, hence, estrogen, testosterone blocker, and so on. In my day, this would never have been discussed. I’m so glad we have the open minds, the intelligence, to discuss this openly nowadays.

  • NorCal Native

    This society is now one endless freak show.

    • Dizzy_D

      Agree to you too.

    • Teresa Welby

      grow up

  • Doris Martin

    I support Jazz in her journey. Good that her parents do too..

    • Leah Frame

      I support her too…I just know it’s going to be a tough road…she will have fake friends because of the show and fake boyfriends too…and in high school it will be even tougher

      • Leah Frame

        I do worry about the effects of the hormones they give her will have…

  • Ron Corey

    She’s got a bright future in tranny porn.

  • cjs

    i am not opposed to jazz as a transgender person and wanting surgery.what concerns me are some articles i have read about the surgery. it hurts just to read it and lots of people regret it i think jazz need more time and information before making such a life changing decision. also it would probably very hard to say i changed my mind at this point. jazz is 15 now and for 10 of those years has been accepted. and now has a tv program, commercial, books lots of attention both good and bad

  • Sherry Selby

    Nothing can change the fact that she is biologically male. I think her parents are exploiting Jazz and the rest of those children. It’s child abuse. Who in their right mind lets a 5 year old child make such an important decision. My God, the brain isn’t fully developed until the mid twenties. It’s all about fame and fortune.

  • fourscoreandseven

    Jaron Bloshinsky is Jazz’s real name. Any guess why hey tried to pass themselves off as Jennings? And, his name is NOT Jared.

  • Janelle Hounsom

    HER birth name WAS Jaron NOT Jared.

  • Sookie1984

    What sane adult listens to a two year old about his/her sexuality?

  • Slim

    She can have a good interpersonal romantic relationship either with another girl with a male appendage, like her; or, a boy with a female external anatomy.