E! announces Stewarts & Hamiltons featuring Rod Stewart and George Hamilton’s blended families

Rod Stewart and George Hamilton

This summer, the blended families of Rod Stewart and George Hamilton are coming to TV with E!’s Stewarts and Hamiltons.

“The eight, one-hour episode season will follow the busy lives and one-of-a-kind family dynamics in the Brady Bunch-esque households of Alana Stewart, George Hamilton, Kimberly Stewart, Ashley Hamiton, Sean Stewart and George Hamilton Jr.,” the network said in a press release. “Climb into this complicated family tree when Stewarts & Hamiltons premieres.”

Stewarts and Hamiltons Reality Show

Here’s more from the network on the new reality stars…

Kimberly Stewart

Kimberly Stewart - Stewarts and Hamiltons

Daughter of Rod and Alana, the beautiful blonde grew up in the spotlight, launching her own fashion label, and was working extensively as a successful model. However, her priorities quickly changed with the arrival of her daughter Delilah. Now that her baby girl is in school, Kimberly is ready to refocus on her love life and her pursuit of a career in fashion while simultaneously actively giving back to the community and proving to be the anti-socialite.

Alana Stewart

From rags to riches, Alana Stewart has a life story fitting of the Silver Screen. After leaving behind her modest Texas upbringing, she began modeling and acting in New York and Los Angeles. She was swept off her feet not once, but twice by industry legends, Rod Stewart and George Hamilton, but ultimately weathered the fallout from two very public divorces. Now a celebrated author and philanthropist, she’s committed to doing the best to keep her blended families close, grounded and untainted by Hollywood’s temptations.

George Hamilton

George is a renowned actor from Hollywood’s Golden Age, a notorious ladies’ man, and a father of two polar opposite sons, George Jr. and Ashley. In addition, he also serves as a second father figure for Alana’s children with Rod with whom he is close friends. While trying to settle down with the right woman is one of George’s top priorities, he is also working on his relationship with his son Ashley, and considers raising 15 year-old George Jr. as his second shot at parenting.

Ashley Hamilton

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This reformed bad boy, son of George Hamilton and Alana Stewart, rose to fame straight out of high school in the early 90’s with a budding music career that resulted in two hit singles and acting in several hit movies and television projects. He was also briefly married to…when you ask him he can’t remember. After falling off the grid as a victim to addiction, Ashley has slowly returned to his entertainment roots, one cautious step at a time, and recently made his first major movie appearance in years in the blockbuster hit Iron Man 3. In addition, Ashley worked with Warren Beatty in legendary actor/writer/director’s latest film project. Ashley has also found resurgence in his passion for music and is working on signing to a new label. With his entertainment career revived, Ashley is now faced with mending his relationship with his father and dealing with the mounting pressures of success.

Sean Stewart

Sean Stewart

Rock heir and son of Rod Stewart and Alana Stewart, Sean boasts an impressive history of Infamous romances and scandals. Now, with his life back on track, Sean is creating a life for himself outside of his famous father’s shadow with several entrepreneurial projects including his Dirty Weekend clothing line as well as a budding romance with pro surfer Anastasia Ashley.

George Hamilton Jr.

Ashley’s half-brother, George Jr., is his polar opposite. Refined, focused and ambitious, 15 year-old George has set his sights on politics. Enrolled in military school, George Jr., tries to balance his studies with his love of the ladies. Despite the extreme age difference with his father, the two have a special bond and are completely (and hilariously) open about everything.

Stewarts & Hamiltons premieres on E! on Sunday, July 26 at 10/9c.

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  • festie

    Are they desparate for money? Why subject themselves to this?

    • Ashley

      I think the show is a million times funnier and interesting. It’s nice to watch “actual” celebrities then the Kardashian’s!

  • bestfriend


  • Matthew

    Went to high school with Ashley thought he was all that because of famous parents. I punched him in the face….he didn’t punch back

  • Cindy

    Really? Ugh I hate stuck up people regardless of who they are. Yes it’s good to be proud of accomplishments your parents or family or you’ve done but not to the point where you come off as arrogant. But it is Hollywood and people get swept in such things quickly they forget who they were. Some not all.

    • Tbastian

      I say brag away and be proud of yourself. People who care about you will be happy for you. The others are just jealous and who cares about them?

  • Bob Jones

    illuminati cabal want to keep humanity dumbed down while they poison our food with gmo and chemicals to give people cancer for their depopulation agenda. They hide the fact that there is human life on other planets so that we don’t realize as a human race that we are slaves to a demonic race mentioned in ancient texts. Look on youtube how gmo is poisoning the population and look up whistleblowers like Jordan Maxwell and David Icke. See how many people are being abducted on youtube by an off planet race. Find out who really controlls our reality to turn us into dumbed down zombie who worship idols like celebrities and think it’s normal to have to work our entire lives as slaves only to die in the end.

  • sookiestAckhouse

    Was George Jr raised in Europe or something? He sounds like a guy from Holland doing a Christopher Walken impression…so creepy, I love it.