PHOTOS Phaedra Parks shows off weight loss, is now hiring for intern position(s)

Phaedra Parks swimsuit weight loss

It looks like the combination of Xenadrine supplements and the Donkey Booty Workout are doing wonders for The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Phaedra Parks!

The 43-year-old reality star and mother of two looked downright “mmmmmm hmmmmm” as she posed with celebrity stylist Shun Melson (above) wearing a belly bandtacular swimsuit. (No prayer cloths here boys!)

Since been announced as a spokesperson for Xenadrine last March, Phaedra has been diligent about promoting the weight loss supplements via social media, but a picture is worth a thousand words right?

In addition to Xenadrine, Phaedra’s weight loss success may also be attributed in part to frequenting Gym Juice in Atlanta. In addition to posing for the photo above at the business’s “Spin Juice” spinning studio, Phaedra also likes to look damn good and drink their juices:

Forget the funeral home, Phaedra may soon be launching The Phaedra Agency School of Fashion! Look out Cynthia Bailey! 😉

Losing weight, being an attorney, mothering two children while dad’s in prison, being a reality star, and selling pink stun guns and “Fix It Jesus” t-shirts is clearly too much for one person to handle, so it only makes sense that Phaedra is following in the heelsteps of Sonja Morgan and hiring herself an intern! (Or maybe interns?) Phaedra made the announcement earlier today on Facebook and Twitter. Here is what she is looking for and how to apply:

Are you smart? A quick learner? Great communicator? Enthusiastic? Motivated? If you answered yes to these questions, apply today for Phaedra’s summer internship program. Send your resume and cover letter to ‪#‎InternWithPhaedra‬

Everybody knows… interning with Phaedra would be a crazy blast! (I can’t even imagine.) I’m thinking there may be a concept for a new Bravo reality series here. The Real Housewives Interns. It could star interns from multiple franchises who communicate via text, phone, email and skype sharing all kinds of dirty deets and secrets about their bosses and each other. I confess I’d be glued to the premiere.

Meanwhile, we will have to make do with The Real Housewives, including Phaedra and her RHOA costars airing new episodes every Sunday night at 8/7c on Bravo.

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  • In both pictures it looks like she’s sucking it in really hard. Or her head is just really that big.

    • Drbzy

      I was just about to comment that. Especially in the first one, the poor thing doesn’t even look like she can breathe!

    • ameliaBedelia76

      sucking in her belly doesnt make her body look at good.

  • Stacey J

    You would think with all these jobs/businesses, etc. she would be able to give a business email address that isn’t a gmail account.

  • jerseygirl

    2nd pic is photoshopped very poorly. Added shadows under her arms to try and mask the editing

  • ameliaBedelia76

    is she serious? Her body is awesome!

    • Linda Blansky

      Phaedra looks better than that Toxic zit faced extension wearing dog killer.

  • momoffourkids

    When people really suck it in, their shoulders appear to be wider, and the wide shoulder look isn’t that pretty either.

  • Yup, I said it

    The thirsty is real. Nobody wants to see short stumpy phaedra in a swimsuit. Even if her body is photoshopped beyond recognition.

  • Linda Blansky

    Funny how Phaedra got a fitness gig and Toxic Trick neither has a man or a gig.

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  • Nita Hill-Young


  • Dud Mammen

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  • beebee biggs

    Congrats Phaedra!! do your thing!!