PHOTOS Farrah Abraham’s lip injections go wrong… VERY wrong

Farrah Abraham lips swollen

Farrah Abraham is famously not averse to surgical and other artificial enhancements to her appearance, but with her most recent trip for lip injections she apparently got a little more enhancement than she bargained for. A LOT more!

Farrah Abraham plastic surgery lips

Farrah posted the photos above and below online and captioned them on Facebook with, “Monday just got ‪#‎Botched‬ …. Oh boy never again La Jolla need a better doc like NOW ‪#‎plasticsurgery‬ girlsfriends don’t say I didn’t warn ya.”

Farrah Abraham lips

As you probably surmised from the La Jolla mention, Farrah is currently out in California. It’s unclear what project she is working on out there, and if having an overly swollen lip will be a huge detriment, but she will need to be back to a somewhat normal appearance at least by January 17 when she is scheduled to make an appearance at The Scene in Commack, NY.

Here are a couple of zoomed-in side-by-side photos:

Farrah Abraham lip injections

I’m thinking that Farrah might want to consider expanding her already sizable reality show resume and give Botched costars Dr. Paul Nassif and/or Dr. Terry Dubrow a call in time to make it on Season 2! (Hmmm.. Could that have been Farrah’s plan all along?)

Hang in there Farrah, I’m sure things will be back to normal soon. You just need to keep a stiff upper lip! 😉

UPDATE – Apparently we weren’t the only ones able to have a sense of humor abot the whole thing. Farrah just tweeted these side-by-side photos of herself and Futurama star Leela for comparison:

UPDATE – TMZ has now picked up the story and they are reporting that “Farrah got a new procedure, where the doctor puts an implant in the patients lip.” The site adds, “Farrah says she researched the doctor and the procedure and decided it was a safe bet. She was wrong. She says the doctors are trying to figure out if her body had an allergic reaction or if the implant itself was defective.”

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  • Jessica

    LOL! She deserves it.

    • gofyourself

      No one deserves that. She’s a idiot for continuing to do it, but she doesn’t “deserve” it for being stupid. Have a little compassion.

      • DubWhat Dubwhat

        Yes she does. It’s called Karma.

        • gofyourself

          She deserves to be disfigured? That’s a bit much for her transgressions.

          • Trey

            I agree with goforyourself. Nobody deserves that. I am also speaking from experience. I had botched breast implants. I spent two years recovering from the complications I had. It was embarrassing having people point it out all the time. It was a tough time for me. No matter how vile someone is (I don’t know her), they don’t deserve that. Nobody does.

      • oh please

        She’s known to be a nasty, mean, entitled person to people that have encountered her in real life. There have been many people for years that have said how nasty she and her family is in real life. Especially service workers in restaurants and stores. It’s not just the show, she always ends up with a really bad reputation wherever she moves to. She also keeps her daugher away from the other side of her family out of spite while also using their son’s death to make money via books and horrible music and lying on reality TV about them. She’s a nasty piece of work who needs psychiatric help ASAP.
        She’s not going to die of a botched lip job that she chose to have and was unnecessary. Part of the deal of having elective surgery is the risk of it not working out. Didn’t work out of her. Oh well. There are kids dying of cancer right now. Save your compassion for them. Not this idiot who posted these pics herself for attention and is probably excited she’ll get to appear on Botched now.

        • Reality

          I agree with all. The fact that she has posted this goes to show what lengths she will go to for attention. So crazed, that all she does is seek out train wreck attention.

        • gofyourself

          Disfigurement is a high price for your listed transgressions.

      • Jessica

        I have compassion, but Farrah gets no sympathy from me. She is a vile, rude gross human being. The way she talks to to people is absolutely horrendous. It’s not like Farrah has some dying disease at the moment, because no she wouldn’t deserve that, but this, karma is a b!! t c h. She deserved this.

        • gofyourself

          I do not wish pain and disfigurement on any human, regardless of the words they say.

      • ScrappieONE

        It’s called Karma…… After the way she treats and talks to people, I say this fits….

        • gofyourself

          Disfigurement for the way she acts? That’s funny, I don’t see people disfiguring murderers….that would be considered inhumane.

          • yasma

            I dont wish it on her but i sure dont feel sorry for her… she gross and all i can say is i feel sorry for her daughter for have her as a mother… she going to get pick on so bad kids are going to read everything and be like ur mom a porn star eww how trashy… your mom took you in a sex shop when you where 4 wow.. i hope she does not get beat up for who her mom is poor lil girl…

  • Jamie

    If I was Farrah, I would kill whoever leaked these photos. However, as a reader, I think it’s hilarious!

    • Jamie

      Looking again, maybe no one leaked them. They look like selfies.

    • sany

      read the article, she posted the photos herself…

    • Brandy Nicole

      Lol right. Nothing of hers gets leaked, she’s posts it all herself.

      • Bec

        Not her homemade sex tape though Brandy. She had no control over that personal intimate moment with her boyfriend at the time.

        • Bfirexx

          Wasn’t her boyfriend. It was a famous porn star, who then she even thought she might have been pregnant from afterwards.

          • gofyourself

            Um….everything Bec wrote was sarcastic.

            • Brandy Nicole

              Life is so difficult for some people lol

          • Bec

            I know. It was sarcasm 🙂

        • Brandy Nicole

          Lol you’re so right. The camera crew must have snuck in.

          • Bec

            They do that sometimes. Poor droopy eyed Farrah

        • omg

          I will never get over reading the James Deen interview after all of the insanity went down and he was basically like “… What the hell just happened.” He had no idea who she was beforehand, thought she was some random girl trying to get into the p.orn industry and was all confused when paparazzi kept showing up. And then she started calling him her ex boyfriend and saying they were in a relationship and that he broke her heart and had her mother saying publicly that he must have set up cameras to record her without her knowing. Even though it was obviously professionally filmed. Insane. And she still claims it was a “private home movie”! Delusional beyond words. How does MTV find these people!?

  • sara

    I’m laughing so hard omg

  • muci

    Ouch, it looks so painful!
    Anyway her dream has come true.

    • Brandy Nicole

      Looks like her lip is ready to pop.

  • theblacklilith

    Attention! Duh…HAHA!

  • muci

    And now she needs a bigger chin implant!!!

  • Selena’s Ankle

    This is botched? I thought that was the look she wanted.

    • Mia003

      Everybody wants Angelina Jolie big fat lips now a days. Even Kylie Jenner who says her lips are “Everything” and life. lmao

  • A.C.C

    I’ve never had plastic surgery or injections but is this necessarily botched? I’m sure she has to sign some kind of papers stating side effect like this could happen before it is done.

    • Lyra

      It is botched because that is obviously not what they were trying for. Side effects, and whether she can recoup losses from it are a different subject. They do run through a list of side effects/risks for medical procedures before performing them, even necessary procedures. I had to have emergency surgery, and before going under general anesthesia I remember I had to sign a form saying they could break my tooth, I could have an allergic reaction, and some other scary stuff I blocked out, from being intubated.

      • A.C.C

        Okay, thank you. But I guess what I’m getting at is did the doctor actually do a mess up or could this be a reaction from getting it done? Because I always thought botched meant whatever you were getting done, the doctor or whoever messed up? Sorry if that was cleared up and I’m just not understanding.

        But I do understand having the emergency surgery or a needed surgery in general! Like as in your case, that is a necessary procedure.

  • Nicole Juarez

    Awwww, she should have asked the Kartrashians where they go….

  • Josie

    LOL. This really tickled me for some reason. Funny! At least she is having fun with it.

  • Vegasmomma

    She looks like an anteater. Wtf

  • Wtf

    Jar Jar Binks?? Is that you?!

  • kissmyashhole

    What a great role model she is for her daughter.

  • Brandy Nicole

    I just lost it lol I find this hilarious.

  • Babs

    Farrah totally had another nose job!

  • gaylar60

    She keeps going shes gonna look like Big Ang on Mob Wives!!!

    • Reality

      She’ll be worse. How many have started as early as she did?

  • lol

    Farrah Superstar: QUACKdoor Teen Mom

  • em


  • ohmygeez

    Mess with your face and suffer the consequences.

  • ballhair696987

    Maybe she has a nut allergy. That’s why her lips are swollen.. from guys nutting on them

    • Brandy Nicole

      You win!

      • ballhair696987

        Thanks. I couldn’t have done it without Farrah’s lips

        • Brandy Nicole

          Funny I don’t think your the first to say that lol

    • Posh☮

      comment of the year!

  • Iysis

    I can’t help but laugh at this idiot lol.

  • Bec

    I love it. See people? There is totally a God

  • TA

    she’s an idiot. her lips were too big already, why get more injections??

  • twelfthnight

    She actually looks…. better. Less horsey.

  • Jenn


  • bfirex

    It is sad that everyone was putting down Catelynn and Tyler’s situation when they are probably the only normal/decent ones. See, this is the teen mom who deserves the media circus and negativity comments.

    • Guest

      No one is putting down Catelynn and Tyler. It’s their child’s name people don’t like.

  • WTF

    Sorry not sorry. Literally LMAO right now.

    • hahaha

      I mean not literally. That would be nice though. Maybe I can go to Farrah’s plastic surgeon for help with that.

  • bfirex3

    Ducking gross.

    • Reality

      Good one!

  • WTF

    I can’t even… LOL forever.

  • Kay

    I’m actually dying laughing at this and didn’t think it was serious at first. Thank you for brightening my day, starcasm! LOL

  • jlo27916

    Thank god. I don’t know why she doesn’t stop injecting her lips. They are way too big and fake already- this is what she gets. She looks absolutely terrible. I don’t know what she doesn’t seem to understand but she looked WAY prettier prior to all these surgeries!

  • ….

    And somewhere out there Maci, Cate/Tyler baby Carly 2.0 and Jenelle (and her sister) are cursing Farrah for taking attention away from their recent news. I bet Leah’s cooking up some drama as we speak to get attention back to her. Unless she’s pregnant again this will be hard to top. Honestly it’s the funniest thing to happen in the Teen Mom universe in a while. Sophia’s off living life, doing her own thing so she’ll be fine. Michael’s probably getting yelled at as we speak and Deb’s off giving more money to random men on the internet so she can write a sequel to her genius book that no one asked for. I hope Sophia has the best nanny on earth. At least her mother plans to keep a copy of her “personal se,x tape” for her to own in a hope chest. Yes, Farrah said this in an interview and I will keep repeating it forever because it’s disturbing and lots of people aren’t aware of exactly how sick this girl is. It goes farrrrr beyond bad plastic surgery. That entire family is Flowers in the Attic whacked.

  • Rachaele

    At first glance I thought this was fake news. So satisfying when stories like this turn out to be real! Who gets IMPLANTS in their LIP??? So awesome.

  • 900009

    she did it on purpose to get on Botched…just wait

  • DubWhat Dubwhat

    Just like a simpsons character.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Farrah has self esteem, self-respect & mental issues too many to name. To cut & reshape her face & body or many times, so badly I might add, is the sign of real mental illness.

    • Guest

      No woman with self-respect would sell her body for money.

  • savannah

    Leave your f’ing face ALONE! My goodness she’s just so awful and mindless it makes my head hurt!!

  • Not Lenny!

    Lenny from the Simpsons.

  • Tiffany

    Lmao I love this. Please God let her face stay like this forever so i can block out her idiotic ramblings with my laughter.

  • xKb

    Dumbass -.- deserves it

  • BEBE

    Yikes. At least she’s laughing about it…..I guess?

  • Ashley

    That’s good for her stupid ass

  • A

    Lol… Now THAT is a duck face! :). She looks ridiculous with all those stupid enhancements she keeps getting. She’s just giving sophia the wrong impression of how she should look by getting all of that stuff done… Just saying

  • sammi

    Looks like her lips were slammed shut in that backdoor of hers lol

  • Oh geez

    I bet she went off on that doctor. It must have been hilarious to see duck faced Farrah try to tell the doctor what a moron he is… I’m picturing daffy duck

  • Tamtam

    Ew. Just stop.

  • spottedgiraffe

    At least she can laugh at herself

  • BadGalMeMe

    Oh Farrah stop it already. You have had how many surgeries already. Too young for so many nips and tucks. She is teaching her daughter not to be happy with yourself. Not to mention how to be a p orn star and stripper. Really? Wow Teen Mom you really know how to pick them. She has an ugly attitude towards everyone including her family. She deserves more than just a fat lip. Lol.

    • sammi

      I hope its permanent

      • BadGalMeMe

        Me too

        • sammi

          I hope they stay phfucked up just like Lisa Rinna’s lips never went back to normal. Lisa is a sweetheart and didnt deserve for her lips to stay botched forever but Farrah sure deserves it. Thats what she gets for getting that mess injected in her at such a young age. Farrah isnt even 25 and has had more surgeries than someone in their 40’s.

  • Ida Morrison

    This hoe makes me want to throw up everytime I hear her name or see her pic. Such a waste of human flesh. No offense to her momma who tryed to help her. Dig a hole an fall in it Farrah! Nobody cares about your nasty Ass!! Poor Sophia, her daddy if he was alive I bet wouldn’t put up with your shit now. He would have left you and got custody as soon as you gave birth. I would have.

  • Adam

    O kurwa !

  • Icke

    self guilty

  • Karra Brown

    Girl You Look so good Oh LA La

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