Maci Bookout discusses son Bentley’s TV retirement

Teen Mom Maci Bookout son bentley and boyfriend Kyle King

While Season 3 of Teen Mom plays out with Maci Bookout dealing with the relationship between her baby-daddy Ryan and boyfriend Kyle King it looks like she’s also been thinking about her son Bentley’s TV future.

In statements made to Life and Style the young mother who has had her son grow up in front of the cameras, from birth with her 16 & Pregnant episode to this day, knows that one day she’ll take him out of the spotlight so that he can have as normal a life as possible. Right now Bentley eats it up (as fans of the show know he’s a budding little tyke-star 🙂 ) and likes to see himself on TV but she knows one day things will be different.

“I think there’ll come a time when he’ll be like, ‘Mom, we’re not normal! Why does everyone want to take my picture? Why does everyone know my name, but I don’t know them?'”

She is concerned about stealing his childhood from him while at the same time she’s appreciative of the opportunities that the show has provided her family. She knows that without her money from the show that she would have to work full-time as well as be in school full-time and that she’d be missing out on many special moments with her son.

It’s good to hear Maci is already thinking about what the show means not just for hers but Bentley’s future as well.