VIDEO Man pranks wife by pretending to throw child over a balcony

Roman Atwood pranks wife, throws child over a balcony in Youtube video

In Douchebag Dad of the Year news, serial prankster Roman Atwood decided it would be hilarious to fool his wife into thinking he threw their toddler son over a second-story balcony and post the video on Youtube.

I don’t think the clip needs anything else in the way of introduction.

Here’s the dialogue after Roman’s wife Brittney realizes it was just a prank:

Brittney: I f***ing hate you. Why would you do that?!?

Roman: It was just for fun. Are you that mad?

Brittney: Yeah, I’m that f***ing mad!

Roman: Whoah! It’s just a dummy! It’s just a little joke!

Brittney: No, it’s not! Get away from me!

Roman: Now what?

Brittney: You’re sleeping on the couch.

If that was my spouse and my child the last line would be, “You’re sleeping in another house… from now on.”

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  • LaLa84

    She’s a lot nicer about that than I would have been! He would have to sleep in his car or a hotel for an extended period of time!

  • Beatriz

    Not sure if her reaction was real or not but you know when you are married to a douchtard anything can happen.

  • twelfthnight

    Roman Atwood is not a douche bag dad. He’s actually an amazing dad, he has two sons who he obviously loves more than anything. His girlfriend (not wife) Brit is the victim of some of his pranks but she has a good spirit about all of them, he would never actually put his children in danger. And if she wasn’t okay with this, he would NOT have posted it on youtube. She’s obviously shaken up, but her kid is fine, and anybody in a similar situation would have the same reaction.

    Their son, Kane, was part of the prank. Nobody got hurt, and Brit was only mad for a little while. How exactly is he a douchebag? It was just a prank.

    You should go watch his vlogs on youtube, he’s a genuinely sweet guy and it’s SO obvious he loves his girlfriend and his kids and would never do anything to hurt them.

    • Regina

      I agree! I love them.

      Also their house is amazing… why do I not have a house like this. Even just a house.

      • IHaveNoName

        Seriously… Their house is amazing.

    • Emily

      Let me guess you know this douche bag? Because why else would you defend him.. and he was stupid if he thought he could post this video on YouTube and not have any backlash there was NOTHING funny about this video I don’t care if it was supposed to be a joke you don’t joke about your kid getting hurt period!!

      • twelfthnight

        No, I don’t personally know him. I watch his videos, though.

        If you can’t joke about something happening where the child ‘involved’ has ABSOLUTELY no damage done to him mentally or physically, what can you joke about?

        I found it funny, because not only was an actual child never in danger, it would go against absolutely everything Roman does as a person if you watch his videos. He LOVES those kids so much, he would never ever put them in harm’s way. He would never involve them in anything where they could actually get hurt.

        • LaLa84

          Ummm whaattt.. I can joke about a LOT of things but I would never joke about accidentally killing my kid!

          • NE1BUTU

            You’re internalizing this way too much. Do you seriously believe that you’re the only person in the room that cares about the welfare of children? The only harm done was that an adult woman was momentarily completely freaked out… as intended. I know it touches a nerve with neurotic mommies who keep their children safe by never letting them outdoors, hovering over them, and practically encasing them in bubble wrap, but this was totally harmless. Obviously.

            • LaLa84

              Alright troll.

              • NE1BUTU

                Alright indeed, uptight hag.

        • Emily

          He pretended to throw his kid over a balcony which could seriously injure a child so please tell me what is funny about that?? I know he didn’t actually hurt his son but you just don’t joke about something like that he went too far

          • twelfthnight

            Except he didn’t throw his kid over a balcony. His child was nowhere remotely close to the balcony.

            He ‘accidentally’ flung a dummy over a railing. There are so many horrible, nasty, violating ‘pranks’ on youtube and people are ACTUALLY getting worked up about this one? The key word is PRETENDED. That’s what EVERY prank is, PRETENDING to do something that isn’t actually happening.

            Jesus. There are dozens of pranks where guys harass girls for a laugh and someone actually IS getting hurt and nobody says anything, but a guy launching a dummy over a railing to scare his girlfriend makes him dbag of the year?

        • deb

          If you have to joke about killing your son then YOU SHOULD NOT BE JOKING PERIOD. Nobody said he was a bad dad just bad judgements in the pranking.

      • rebecca

        it’s easy to point out fingers but it was just a joke! i wish people weren’t such up tight twits about a stupid prank.

    • Lyra

      Little kids love following their Mom and Dad around and copying them. The father was obviously trying to do a joke, but he also taught the kid to play near and toss things over the railing, and to pretend he’s hurt with his Mom. All of those things are not good ideas, especially in a very impressionable two year old that doesn’t fully grasp cause and effect.

  • kt

    I don’t care how “okay” with it she is, her reaction seemed pretty visceral to me and (IMO) pretending you harmed your child, even labeling it as “killing”, is deplorable and extremely unfunny.

  • Rob Ford (CRACK MAYOR)

    Lmao you horrible horrible man ha!


    Looks like they have a lively marriage. I’m sure she laughed about it once she cooled off. Just because you have children doesn’t mean you can’t have fun once in awhile.

  • Tinashe

    Roman’s prank videos bring in the $$$$ so I’m sure she got over it quickly and is now used to it.

  • shebee

    I’m all for a good laugh but at what age do pranks become juvenile and plain stupid? I think it’s kind of sad to see these dads, some who are in their 30s or older, who still want to live like some teenage frat boy. Grow up. Having kids is not the end of fun. Just let it be age appropriate fun. I mean seriously I wonder if his kids know the difference between daddy is having fun vs. someone could really get hurt.