Teen Mom 2’s Adam Lind is in jail

Adam Lind jail

Any South Dakota readers who’ve been worried about driving around lest they encounter Teen Mom 2‘s Adam Lind on the roads are in the clear for the next week: According to Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office records, the father of two showed up for his scheduled jail time a bit after 10 on Sunday night.

Adam is set to serve a 10-day sentence for his arrest for driving with a revoked license, Radar Online reports.

Based on previews for tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea Houska is shocked to learn her ex-boyfriend might be heading to jail for time related to his February crash. Those charges are still pending, so Adam better be on his best behavior in jail… He might be seeing those guards again before too long.

Sources close to the situation tell us Chelsea is actively working to remove Adam’s visitation rights because she believes he still drives with Aubree in the car.

Teen Mom 2 airs on MTV tonight at 10/9c.

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  • Hollywoodpecker

    Drop the soap, Dirtbag.

  • throw away the key!

    Good! But it’s depressing that he won’t do any real jail time until he kills someone. That’s how it works with drunk/reckless drivers.
    He drives on a suspended license, he still drinks even though he’s not supposed to, he DGAF. His family , MTV and whom ever is allowing him to afford all of these cars should be disgusted with themselves. If you know someone has a drinking problem and has had their license taken away and you continue to help them buy cars or drive yours then you’ll be at fault as well when he injures/kills someone. Driving is privilege, not a right. And of course he drives with his kids! Aubree spilled the beans on that a few episodes ago! Chelsea and Taylor are idiots, I’d have my lawyer file a motion for supervised visitation (and NOT with his family who obviously enable him) ASAP. He has a long enough rap sheet that any reasonable custody court would agree that he and his family just aren’t trustworthy when it comes to visitation. Then again both of them seem pathetically stuck on him and getting him back which I will never understand. Adam is unattractive in every way possible. I usually defend Chelsea but in this case she looks ridiculous. She should have filed papers to change the visitation as soon as that accident with the elderly couple happened. Or once his many DUIs happened. I don’t get what she has to “look into” here, it’s pretty cut and dry, their daughter is not safe with him. Case closed. Protect your kid idiot. Find a new guy to obsess over. It’s like she and Taylor are afraid to upset him.

    • BreeMorey

      Well said!

    • spottedgiraffe

      Lol Taylor actually has a new boyfriend. She broke free of the hypnotic recede hawk. Hopefully Chelsea is next.

      • pmo

        heard this idiot has a hot new girl, #3

        • sara

          Yea and she is the definition of white trash. Baby mama number 3!

    • Hannah

      How do you know she didn’t? She already has it written into the visitation that he is not allowed to drive with her in the car. She has to be able to PROVE that he is driving with her in the car to be able to change the visitation. It isn’t as easy as her just saying that’s what he does. There needs to be evidence.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    was is a 10 day sentence? Give me a break, it is a total joke!

  • spottedgiraffe

    Children are being gunned down on the streets by cops for not walking on a sidewalk yet adumb gets ten measly days for driving illegally. The justice system proves to be effective once again.

    • glk900

      this analogy makes no sense..one has nothing to do with the other..you should have said AND not YET

      • spottedgiraffe

        They have everything to do with each other. Moron Adam continues to be a danger to society and is constantly breaking the law, while innocent civilians are being killed by police. The police need to be focusing on losers like Adam

        • Josie

          No, it really doesn’t make sense. DUI driving isn’t a killing offense either. A corrupt police force is not the same as a lenient judicial system. It sounds like Adam is receiving the same sort of penalties as most people do. Just because he’s visible on a t.v. show doesn’t mean he deserves to be dealt with harder than anyone else. If you disagree with how the justice system works, write letters to your congressmen and participate in elections for judges. That would be much more effective than whining about it on a celeb gossip site.