Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra set new wedding date

The well-loved reality television couple was originally supposed to walk down the aisle July, 2013, but that got derailed after Tyler got cold feet. Now, with Catelynn expecting a baby, the couple have set a new wedding date.

“They’ve rescheduled the wedding for next spring, after the baby comes,” a source told In Touch. Part of the strain on the young couple’s relationship came from giving their first daughter Carly up for adoption in 209. That’s still painful, but Catelynn told InTouch “this time, we’re ready to be parents. We’re 22, have full-time jobs, a four-bedroom house and a sold relationship. There’s no doubt in our minds that it will still be hard— but we’re ready.”

“I was so sad knowing that I wouldn’t be Carly’s mom on a day-to-day basis,” she said, recalling the difficult times. “But I’m excited to be pregnant [now] and to go pick out baby clothes and do everything I couldn’t do last time!”

We’ll be able to follow Tyler and Catelynn as they cope with raising a child and planning a wedding on a new, rebooted version of MTV’s hit show Teen Mom.

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