MUG SHOTS Courtland Rogers arrested again

Courtland Rogers mug shot photo from arrest on March 30 2014

According to online booking records, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’ estranged husband Courtland Rogers is back in Brunswick County Jail again. The 28-year-old Rogers was booked at 5:39 PM on Sunday and posed for the two mug shot photos above and below. It is unknown what he has been charged with, though it is assumed he was picked up on the outstanding warrant issued last month after he allegedly stole some jewelry from Katie McMillan of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina and then pawned it using his ID.

Courtland Rogers mugshot March 2014 profile

This is merely the speculation of a seasoned Courtlandologist, but I’m guessing Courtland did not turn himself in this time around because normally when he does that he gives his Twitter followers a heads up. His last tweet today (at 2:09 PM) was the rather cryptic “My bum is on ur lips my bum is on ur lips….. Lmfao”

Yesterday he tweeted a photo of his daughter Jordan and wrote, “my little angel… <3 JaJa" That was preceded by "I got a secret....." and "bout to get tatted upppppp !!!!!!" Apparently that last tweet should have read, "bout to get locked upppppp !!!!!!" We will update s soon as we're able to confirm the charges. UPDATE – Courtland’s charges have now shown up and they include a misdemeanor count for failure to appear and felony larceny, which I assume is for the jewelry. The bond for the misdemeanor charge is $2,000 and the felony charge has a bond of $10,000. The arresting agency is listed as Caswell Beach Police Department.

UPDATE – On Monday an additional count of probation violation was tacked on to Courtland’s charges, as was an additional $50,000 bond!

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  • mean girl

    Trashy hillbilly

  • Erica

    No surprise here thats for sure….

  • Krispy Kreme McDonalds

    Is it too soon to say that I hope he gets shanked!

  • Courtney

    The way he tilts his head back with his chin up says A LOT about his personality. It gives the impression that he thinks this is a joke and that he’s too important to be dealing with this. It also shows he has no respect for authority and has a HUGE attitude/ego.
    Please dear God don’t let his secret be that he has another baby on the way!!! Getting some girl pregnant seems like the kind of game he’d play to irritate Jenelle. I also think Jenelle got pregnant right away (before she’s even divorced) to irritate Courtland. These two are VERY vengeful people that always want to get the last word in and “win”! Always trying to one up each other to prove they’re better than the other. These two are demented!

    • Red

      I think I read somewhere that this is his 4th felony, and in NC your 4th felony is an automatic 20 years. If that is correct, his head won’t be that high for much longer, don’t worry :)

  • shebee

    I am not being naive when I ask this question but how do these people function in society? They don’t work, they are in and out of jail, they seem to live with no real consequences for their actions. Jenelle, Courtland, and all their ex’s, siblings, friends, etc. amaze me at how careless they live their lives. The sad part is their are children who are being “raised” by these irresponsible individuals. At what point does someone say “enough is enough”, I am done with craziness?

  • Jenn_Renee2014

    courty can live with me when he gets out…. im really not as fat as they say…. my car does lean to the left when i drive though

    • Red


      Four for you Glen Coco!!

  • Red

    Can his wife go with him??

  • amanda

    They’re still married?